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Mini and Maxi Moos Adventure Land (Edmonsdley, County Durham)

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Address: Mini Moos Farm / Holmside Park Arena / Edmondsley DH7 6EY

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2012 21:47
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      Mini and Maxi Moos

      We recently visited this attraction with Little Miss and our grandson. This review is written from the viewpoint of visiting during the Christmas holidays so obviously at a time when something like this would be busy.


      The attraction is situated in Edmonsley, Durham in a very rural location. We found it quite easily with the help of the sat nav but without it, it would have been very tricky although as I often find, it was sign posted once we were practically there.
      --The attraction...--

      When we got the Mini and Maxi Moos, it was, as expected, busy but fortunately there is a large car park so we had no trouble parking.
      Once inside, we paid at the desk which is located inside a large room with many trestle tables and chairs, and in here is also a serving area where visitors can buy drinks and food. The place was packed and made even more noise because inside this large and very cold room is a hard and bouncy and very high slide so children were whizzing around all over the place while the parents ate.

      We went straight outside where there is a small open barn featuring a rope swing and a large sand pit, as well as an outdoor castle and some slides and swings. All the kind of thing children enjoy but these just looked a bit worn and tired, and the whole place was like a mud bath! Inside one of the barns were a couple of pigs and some hens and lots and lots of rabbits all in cages situated along one wall. The website advertises a miniature donkey from Texas, reindeer and birds of prey but we certainly saw none of these and even when we tried to get out of the muddy area and into the field, following the map we had been given, there seemed to be no way out.

      What we had actually come here for was the ice skating so it was back into the main eating area, and into a further large barn, freezing cold but there was a small heater giving off some heat. Here we saw the "skating rink" which wasn't ice but those kind of tiles which you skate on, so it was very slippy. The children enjoyed this and the staff here were very helpful, helping with boots and even given young grandson a sliding penguin to help him balance on the ice.

      There are also several high bouncy slides which the children insisted on trying out several times but these didn't leave me filled with faith in their safety. There was no member of staff supervising so no limit to the number or size of people on the slide, and the bottom of the slide ran straight into the walkway past the ice rink so to me they were an accident waiting to happen.

      Also advertised is an animal show which is situated in a small corner right next to the ice rink and consisted of a man bringing on some pigs and talking about them. I didn't see more than this as I had begun to wonder why we were staying in the place.

      At the back of the large barn with the skating rink, slides and animal talk is an indoor laser battlefield. I cant comment on this as we didn't even enter the place.

      --Opening hours...--

      The place is open 7 days a week, from 10am until 5pm. I think this is a bit unusual because places are usually open for longer hours during holidays and weekends.
      --How much does it cost?...--

      I think we paid around £10an adult so its not especially cheap and then if you factor in much needed hot drinks it's not a cheap day out.


      Address: Holmside Park Arena, Edmonsley, Co Durham. DH7 6EY
      Telephone: 0191 3710466
      E mail: minimoosfarm@btinternet.com
      Website: http://www.minimoosfarm.co.uk/


      When reading the website, although it's not the most sophisticated website, it appears that there are lots and lots of things to do at this place. There are indeed several activities but the place just didn't appeal to me. The place is quite unkempt, and needs a complete overhaul. I found all of the rabbits in cages quite upsetting and the animals in the small pens didn't look as though they were well cared for; usually when we go to farms, there are members of staff in the animal barns and the conditions in which the animals are kept are much better than this.
      The inside barn with the skating and slides was again unmanned apart from the staff at the rink .

      In short, I found the place very uninspiring and don't think we will be visiting again.
      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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