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Nethercourt Touring Park (Ramsgate)

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Address: Nethercourt Hill / Ramsgate / Kent / CT11 0RX

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    1 Review
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      01.06.2009 21:37
      Very helpful



      A fantastic break and my first time camping was made very enjoyable by the staff & the site.

      Nethercourt Touring Park is located in Ramsgate, Kent and the grounds originally formed part of the gardens for the grand Nethercourt house. The land is now divided in to several sections, one containing a park (more on that later) and several fields (one of which is the camping/touring park).

      The site welcomes backpackers, campers & tourers alike and offers a warm welcome to everyone and a variety of rates depending on how many of you there are and how much space your tent/vehicle takes up. There are quite a few different facilities on site and this was my first site camping so I will give you a little information on everything available to help you decide if this is the park for you.

      Tom & I (my fiancé) arrived on Friday lunchtime and left on Monday morning (departures before 12pm except by prior arrangement which may incur additional costs) so stayed for four nights and as we had a small tent and required no electricity we paid the small sum of just £31.50 for a pitch for three nights for both of us. I don't think you'd find many bargains like this for your holidays!

      Service Pitches: These areas are available for people who are travelling in a camper van, caravan etc and require the use of electric. The larger spaces are a maximum of 7.9m so should be accommodating to most vehicle sizes. The electric hook-ups are provided in conjunction with you having a RCD protected cable. There were quite a few different people who came and went during out stay and all of them seemed very well equipped with us gazing wistfully at some of the televisions as we strolled past at 1am on our way to the toilets.

      Tenting Area: For tents & tourers who do not require electricity, such as us, this area was very well laid out with lots of space left for each pitch. As we were also travelling with my Mum & her boyfriend we had been left a fairly large space under the shade of the trees and we decided to have the front of our tents facing each other so that we could lay in the warmth of our tents at night and still be able to chat easily and cook dinner etc. The shade in which we pitched our tents meant that we did not swelter in the fairly warm summer days we were blessed with and we got to hear lots of birds & wildlife throughout the day. We found that we had the full sun from around 10:30am and this did not disappear until 8 or 9pm meaning that our tents had time to cool down just enough before bedtime without becoming too cold & we were not woken up in the morning because of the heat and on one occasion I even managed to lie in bed until after 11am!

      The service pitches run towards the main camp building (toilets, showers, TV room, Games room, shop, washing up area etc) and the tenting area is in the middle of some of the service pitches so most areas are very close to the camp building so it's usually only 1 or 2 minutes walk to any of the facilities.

      Toilets: This facility is in one large block and contains the showers etc as well. The female toilets contained around 8 cubicles which each had a small flip top bin (clean & tidy at all times) and were always kept stocked with toilet rolls. The sinks were cleaned very regular and there was a soap dispenser which was well stocked as well as a hand dryer which was completely automatic and used by simply placing your hands underneath (great for preventing the spread of germs). There was a baby changing area in the female toilets & whilst our group did not have to use it I did notice it looked clean & tidy with a changing mate and lots of lovely stickers up (I think they were ducks) so nice and welcoming for mother & baby. Tom advised that the male toilets were laid out pretty much the same with urinals in addition to the cubicles and we both felt that everything was kept very clean & tidy at all times and the floors were clean & tidy as well as the toilets being kept well stocked & very clean. I felt very comfortable visiting these toilets and there was a mop & bucket on hand by the showers to give the floor a quick wipe over if I'd made a mess so that made me feel nice knowing I was helping to keep it clean & tidy and I didn't need to use my towel to clean the floor after using the shower and traipsing back and forth like I usually do! There was also lots of mirrors & a big shelf running along the entire length of the sinks which meant that there was lots of space for my washbag, toothbrush etc when getting ready in the mornings/evenings. Tom advised me that there was a disabled toilet available with ramp access but because I do not need this facility I am not able to provide further information on this the male & female toilets themselves had just two steps for access.

      Showers: There were three cubicles in the male toilet area & three in the female toilet area and these were lockable cubicles which had hooks on the back of the door as well as a little square table to hold my clean washing and toiletries. The shower itself was partitioned off within the cubicle by a shower curtain which was very clean (it looked almost brand new to me!) and there was a small area in each shower to hold soap, razor, shower gel etc and this was very useful as I didn't have to worry about dropping my soap and it disappearing through in to the next shower. The showers were very simple to use with a simple hot & cold tap and I could just turn both of them until I reached my desired temperature. The shower head itself was fixed to the wall and tall enough even for Tom (6' 2") so no complaints there either. Everything was kept very clean and I found myself spending more and more time in the shower each day trying to soothe away the aches from all the long walks that we went on. There is a hairdryer provided free of charge in both male & female toilets and this was a fantastic additional touch although as the weather was so warm I just let the sun dry my hair naturally. (I did miss my hair straighteners though!).

      Both the showers & the toilets are open 24 hours a day and I visited at miscellaneous times throughout the day and night and always found everything to be very clean & satisfactory and I had no issues here at all (I was a little sceptical before we went camping and thought it may be a communal affair but thankfully not, although I'm sure Tom wouldn't have complained!).

      Utility Room: This room contained a washing machine & tumble drier that were available for use for a small fee as well as a payphone, sink, draining area for washing up & lots of useful tourist information. We picked up several brochures here on Ramsgate, Margate and the surrounding areas and because I did most of the cooking I did not have to do much washing up which was a right result! There were a couple of sinks here so there was never any queue at busy times and this was kept clean and tidy and open from 9am-10:30pm. I did not visit this room much (except for some brochures) but I did notice a book exchange area which I think is a fantastic idea as you just leave your old book and swap it for a different one or visit reception and make a small donation and you can pick yourself up a new holiday read for when you visit the beach.

      Reception/Shop: Here you are welcomed upon arrival (time dependant) by Mark & Emma and you can make payment for your pitch for the duration of your stay and you will be informed what area has been set aside for you or even offered from a variety of available pitches so you can choose whether you can more sun/more shade etc and this is fantastic as they seemed to be very flexible about this (depending on the number of campers they had of course). Within the shop you can pick up lots of different items such as cold drinks, sweets, crisps, chocolate etc & essential toiletry items such as sachets of shampoo, feminine hygiene products, tissues etc and this is great if you've run out of anything or just want something to satisfy your sweet tooth and have already eaten all of your suppliers. There is a fridge with a large selection of cold soft drinks & they also have an ice pack exchange where you can freeze your ice packs for just 10p (bargain!) and this is great if you are storing your own food for cooking and don't have electricity or a car (as we didn't). I only realised this service was available on the last day and will definitely use it during my next stay. The shop is well stocked & has lots of toys & souvenirs available at reasonable prices, it seems to be open for most of the day (between 9am & 10:30pm) and on a couple of occasions when it was closed I simply waited until Mark or Emma popped out of their on site accommodation and asked them if it was ok to purchase something or get change for the pool machine etc and they were always very happy to oblige. There is also tea & coffee & hot food available (see below for prices/further information) and although the four of us only ate from here once (our last day - trying to conserve funds throughout our break by cooking ourselves!) we were very pleased with the food that we had and everything was well cooked and piping hot.

      Game/TV Room: There is quite a lot of entertainment within the game room and there is a TV room located to one side which contains a well sized TV, several chairs and some tables. The TV room is lovely and cool and is ideal for sitting to escape the sun and catch up with your favourite TV shows or just to read the paper in peace and quiet. The game room itself contains a full sized pool table (50p), quiz machine (Cludeo, WWTBAM, Weakest Link and several others 50p with cash payout for winning), pinball machine (50p), skill based fruit machine (various stakes from 10p - 50p) and another game machine (50p with lots of games available). This room provided lots of entertainment for us and there was lots of information on offer there such as local restaurants, special offers in pubs etc and this gave us a few good (and cheap) ideas of places to visit and pubs to eat in. We spent quite a few hours here over the 3 nights we stayed there and Tom & I thoroughly enjoyed being able to just turn up and play pool whenever we wanted. Most of the time this was very quiet and when there were people playing it was very simple to just put our 50p on the table and wait for our turn on the pool table.

      BBQ/Seating Area: There was an area available for BBQ's or you could just collect some breeze blocks from the recycling/refuse area and build your own BBQ near your tent (these are provided to prevent any burning of the grass). There was several picnic benches and a long bench by the BBQ area so that there was lots of space to sit and eat as a family but we took advantage of the blocks and built our BBQ by out tent.

      Water: There was a fire hose in the middle of the tent area which I noticed one couple using or there was drinking water available by the BBQ/Seating area (near the main camp building) and this was very convenient to use to get water for cooking or just for drinking purposes and we took a 10 litre container with us to keep water by our tent at night (a bargain for £1.00 from Poundland and it folded down in to our case when we left).

      Refuse Area: Here you can recycle bottles, cans etc or simple dump your standard refuse. The area is well partitioned away from the main campsite and was kept clean and tidy. I was very pleased that you could recycle here as I like to do this at home and help do my bit for the environment.

      Park: The park is just opposite the camp site and is well fenced off, for security. There are slides, swings, baby swings, climbing frames etc and one evening (when all the other children had left for the evening) Tom & I visited and just spent lots of time swinging away and chatting about things. It was really enjoyable and took me right back to my childhood!

      Pitch Prices:

      Backpacker (up to 2.0m x 3.0m - small tent, 2 people, no vehicle) £9.50 (O/Peak) £10.50 (Peak)

      Standard Tent (up to 2.5m x 4.5m - includes 2 adults & 1 car) £12.50 (O/Peak) £13.50 (Peak)

      Large Tent (up to 4.5m x 6.5m - includes 2 adults, 2 children & 1 car) £15.50 (O/Peak) £18.00 (Peak)

      Super Size Tent (over 4.5m x 6.5m - includes 2 adults & 1 car) £18.00 (O/Peak) £24.00 (Peak)

      Motor Home (up to 6.5m - no attachments - includes 2 adults) £12.50 (O/Peak) £13.50 (Peak)

      Service Pitch (up to 7.2m - includes 2 adults, electric & awning) £15.00 (O/Peak) £16.00 (Peak)

      Large Service Pitch (maximum 7.9m - includes 2 adults, electric & awning) £16.00 (O/Peak) £17.00 (Peak)

      Additional Adults £2.50

      Additional Child £1.50

      Dogs £0.50 (Must be kept on a lead at all times within the campsite and being walked in the park).

      Additional cars can be taken but must be pre-booked, arrivals from midday (unless previously arranged) & departures by midday (unless previously arranged).

      Restaurant Prices: There are miscellaneous items available from the restaurant such as toasties from £2.50, all day breakfast for £4.50, toast 90p, tea or coffee 75p and I think that these items are very well priced and between the four of us we sampled the butties, toasties, breakfasts & chips on offer (all on our last day) and was very pleased with everything.

      We thoroughly enjoyed our break and spent most of the days exploring and the evenings around a BBQ or just chatting outside the entrance to our tents. There was lots of wildlife around (birds, squirrels etc) and several times I noticed a bird (unsure of the type) that was particularly bold and kept flying over when we were making our BBQ! I relished watching all the wildlife around while sitting around and got some very nice photographs of some butterflies in the hedges and trees around the site.

      We did not feel crowded at all and had lots of space. The noise was kept to a minimum and on the second and third night I slept so well that I actually woke up wondering where I was and gave Tom quite a laugh when I kept saying 'how long have we been here' at miscellaneous times throughout the night!

      Children are very welcome at the site and there was quite a few of them for the first two nights as it was the half term holiday and therefore lots of families were away. I was very surprised at how little noise I heard and I was awake long before most of the children on the nights we stayed because I am quite a light sleeper so Tom tossing & turning woke me up!

      Overall Tom & I really enjoyed the camping experience and we will definitely be returning to this particular park later in the year, the couple who run the park (Emma & Mark) are very friendly and made us feel very welcome. I would thoroughly recommend the site for first time campers or seasoned campers alike, there really is something to keep most people entertained and there is lots of space around as well as lots of things to do in the surrounding areas such as restaurants, pubs, beaches etc and we found lots to keep us entertained the whole time we were there.

      The park is currently open from 1st April - 31st October but they may have a year round license in the future.

      Contact Information:

      01843 595485

      Nethercourt Touring Park
      Nethercourt Hill
      CT11 0RX

      I am rating this park 5/5 as I could not find a single fault with the whole place. The staff are very polite & helpful at all times, our pitch was very well spaced, and there were lovely birds around & a park for entertaining the children. We enjoyed playing pool most nights and the shop, although small, was very well stocked and there was lots of choices of drinks, sweets etc.


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