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Oddballs Crazy Golf (Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire)

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Oddballs Crazy Golf - Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire.

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2012 00:46
      Very helpful



      £2 worth spending

      Cruising around Cleethorpes with a mate the other week, we decided to take a walk along the promenade as there's lots of arcades, food stalls and other things to do down here, we came across the oddballs mini golf area which I always knew was there but haven't ever played on it. This about in the middle of the sea front located right at the bottom of the grassy hill next to the water falls. This is really easy to find as it is in quite a large area. There is plenty of parking around this area, there are parking spaces located all along the sea front with you do have to pay and display.

      When we went here it was a sunny Saturday day so we expected a lot of people to be out, surprisingly there were a lot of people on the mini golf set mainly big families letting their children have fun and playing which was fine by us, we were allowed to pay and go on straight away as you don't have to do the courses in order. The price is £2 for adults and £1.50 for children, you get a coloured golf ball each and a club each, my friends was pink and my ball was green so it was always easy to tell whose ball belonged to who.

      There are 12 holes to play on in this mini golf course which isn't bad for paying with spare change. We skipped the first course as a big family was playing with children and they just couldn't pot the ball bless them! Moving to the second hole which was clearly marked on the ground as were all the courses which is handy because them you can go in order around them all. The ground was made of that coloured tarmac you find in play areas and parks. The courses varied from each other, some had windmills and the pier, others you had to get up hills, miss out objects and all sorts of crazy items! The layout of the holes was easy to follow, the numbers were clearly marked on the ground. There was a circle on the ground where you put your ball to start, on some of them this was uneven so it rolled away but there is thick rope around each course so you won't interfere with other people's games

      We got around this full mini golf course in about 45 minutes which isn't a large amount of time to be playing, but it's really funny to play just because of how bad we were playing, just basically whacking the ball and see how far it goes (often off the course despite the ropes) there is one course that gets you a hole in one which is purposely set out like that so everyone seems like a winner, one of the funny things about are day was that it was sunny but it was really windy too, so our balls kept moving so we had to hit them even more but for £2 and 45 minutes of laughing and having a good time it was really worth it.


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