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Odeon Cinema (Nuneaton)

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2 Reviews

Address: Bermuda Park / St David's Way / Nuneaton / CV10 7SD / Warwickshire / England

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    2 Reviews
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      07.09.2010 09:25



      good cinema will use on Tuesdays again

      As far as cinemas go this is a modern well established cinema, it is situated next to a Frankie & Bennys, KFC & MacDonalds so you have no worries if you fancy a bite to eat after. There is also a bowling alley next to it so you could spend most of the day around it. There is plenty of parking spaces and the cinema is easily accessed from the A444.

      The entrance lobby is spacious with the paying kiosks to your left and also self service machines.

      You have the option of 2 seats there are some more luxury bigger seat near the front which you can pay a bit extra for, but to be honest the standard seats are perfectly fine!

      The food is overpriced but nice, they sell popcorn (obviously) icecream crisps etc. But I tend to take my own in my bag!

      The picture and sound quality in the cinema is amazing and I would say it is better than other cinemas I have been to.

      The toilets are ok but I have been in a few times when they could do with a bit of a clean!

      In general it is a very good cinema it only got built approx 10 - 15 years ago, they have a cheaper night on a Tuesday which we tend to go on that day as it is getting very expensive now a days to go to the cinema!


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      03.08.2009 16:20
      Very helpful



      See review.

      This review is being written due to the wonderful service myself, my children and her friends have received today.

      Today was special as it was my daughters 8th birthday party, well celebrations anyway, I decided after last years exhausting birthday party that this year I would make things easier on myself by taking Kaitlin and her friends to the pictures then to McDonalds afterwards.

      Our nearest cinema is the Odeon, this situated in Nuneaton and is literally 5minutes up the road for us.

      This cinema complex houses 8 screens, at present most of these are being taken up with showings of "Harry Potter and the half blood prince", the others a combination of new and what we came to watch "Kids club films"

      Firstly I will explain about the prices, I have never been someone who is an avid cinema go-er, well not since having the kids anyway, but after the couple of times I have visited before I was struck dumb by how much it costs to view the film itself, let alone purchase food and drinks to accompany the experience.

      Adults and children's tickets are not much difference in price around £5.80 for adults and around £5.20 for kids,
      There are subsidies for senior citizens, but again by pence rather than pounds.
      To add insult to injury if you wish to purchase a luxury ticket, this in layman's terms means you get a seat with more leg room and a slightly more soft seat, these will set you back £6.80 with an added £1.00 charge if you book your ticket in advance, this was what I had to pay to see Harry Potter the other night, scandalous.....ok, rant over now onto why I wanted to write a positive review on them!

      As mentioned earlier there is a kids club feature that runs every weekend, and also for a few days a week.
      This in a nut shell is where they show films that have been on previously, taken off after running there course then shown again, once a day at 11.30 and on pre-stated days for the price of £2.50, this is not the only clincher, you can also have one adult per paying child admitted for free, this is of course the thing I decided to take my kids to, for Kaitlins birthday treat.

      After first actually going there and checking that it would be running on the day I was to take Kaitlin and friends, then getting a printed flyer to pick the film, in this case "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", and checking again with another attendant, I was advised to come in the Saturday before to pre book the tickets....this is where the initial problem occurred!

      Due to a flyer (the one I had!), being printed wrong, the afore mentioned film (the one we were coming to watch!), had been taken off and replaced by Advanced showings of "The proposal" (Sandra Bullock film), so of course when I went in to book the tickets they had no intention of being able to sell me tickets and I had an impending bill of around £50 (full price for 8 kids) instead of £20 (how much it eventually cost me for said 8 kids!).

      After much talking and much arm gesturing (yes that was done by me!), we came to the conclusion that this was a fault on there side, so the manager disappears to see what he can do to make up for the mistake.

      So after 10 minutes the wonderful man ( I wish I could remember his name!), returned with a once in a lifetime offer for me and the rest of the party, to make up for the fact that the kids were coming to watch this particular film and faced with the chance they might not get to, he had arranged with the projectionist to have a private screening just for us, bearing in mind it only cost me £20 for the entire party......blown away was not the word!

      We are advised to arrive dead on time due to the fact they are showing our film inbetween two showings of Harry and gang, we arrive early and instead of having to wait until 11.30, the pre arranged time we got started 10 minutes early.

      The staff were fully aware of our impending arrival, we were sorted out straight away, this entailed paying for the tickets, rescuing the only two boys at my daughters party, (they had discovered the area with all the arcade and grabber machines, they were literally screaming when we dragged them out!), and taken through to the admission area, this is effectively the area just past the ticket collectors and just in front of the food and drink bar, this is again extortionate prices but at this point I don't care!

      Food available includes popcorn, hotdogs, bagged sweets, bagged crisps, there are also a selection of fizzy drinks. At first glance they do seem very pricy, but after ordering a "small" Pepsi Max for £2.50, I was handed a pint sized cup, so maybe not so bad after all, I could have done with a drink half the size though, as after drinking half of it I had to keep dashing to the little girls room!

      Thankfully we were whizzed past the pick and mix area, which is a designated area with a selection of what I first assumed to be hundreds of sweets...actually it's more like around fifty but they are repeated again in the second and third units, this gives you more room to peruse and means you are less likely to fall over some over zealous child trying to get his strawberry shoelaces before the film starts!
      This is actually not to extortionate, but it is still more than you would spend in a supermarket.

      The room we were shown to (screen 5), was clean, spacious and cool, fabulous due to the stormy/muggy weather we have been experiencing here for a week.
      The doors were closed and the room taken of limits to other mere mortals, though I have to say I really wouldn't have minded sharing with a few others.

      Just before the film began the manager came into us again to make sure we had everyone in there that was expected before starting the film, I cannot state how much I rate the staff that wok there, pleasant, helpful and with a welcoming smile, It almost cancels out the prices when you feel that welcome somewhere!

      Well needless to say the kids were over the moon, and there was not a single seat in there that hadn't been sat on during the performance!

      On the way out I was surprised to see how many people had suddenly arrived there, I had of course forgotten about Orange Wednesday, this (if you are not aware) is for Orange network users, you text of for a code and you get to see a film as a BOGOF offer, very good deal, unfortunately I don't really rate the Orange network so am with O2! Lol!

      I cannot rate this place highly enough, I suppose I should mark them down for the cock up with the printed leaflets, but they are actually changed weekly and due to me not visiting in the three weeks prior I suppose I should shoulder some responsibility!

      A few more things I should mention are these -

      Every screen has disabled access including an infra-red hearing system, there is even an induction loop system in all the retail areas.
      Alongside the four able bodied toilets there are also two disabled toilets too.

      There the facilities for business' to hold conferences there also, the room is stated to hold up to 50 delegates.

      Unlike some of the bigger cinemas this doesn't have a "Newbie" facility, this is where parents with newborn children can go and view a film without the worry of keeping there baby quiet....why? My kids are far from being babies and I have no chance, let alone with a newborn, not really sure of the point of this feature but hey ho, who am I to judge!

      Alongside the Kids club mentioned earlier, there is also a Senior screen, there is again a subsidy, charging only £3.20 for the viewing of a selected film, at the moment it's young Victoria, you also get a hot drink and a biscuit.

      Price list -

      Adults - £6.80, Under 15's - £5.20, Students - £5.20, Seniors - £5.20, there are of course variations on prices, booking methods and gift certificates available,

      for more information visit - http://www.odeon.co.uk/fanatic/film_times/s114/nuneaton/

      Film line - 0871 2244007

      Odeon Nuneaton,
      Bermuda Park,
      St Davids way
      Cv10 7sd

      This particular cinema is situated 2.5 miles from junction 3 off M6 motorway, being on the A444 Nuneaton to Coventry road.
      There are 500 car park spaces available and I have yet to struggle to park.
      Within the area, like many other "out of town/city" cinemas, there is an array of eateries and entertainment areas, these include Frankie and Benny's, KFC, McDonalds and a bowling alley. I don't know whether it is just us or everywhere has a twisted sense of humour but also included in the list of amenities is a huge gym, you can actually stand with a drink and a cigarette outside the Lakeside bowling alley and watch the "fitties!" running on their machines!

      Thanks very much for the read and congratulations if you made it to the end!


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