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Park Resorts Cayton Bay Caravan Park (Scarborough)

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3 Reviews

Address: Cayton Bay Holiday Centre / Scarborough / North Yorkshire / YO11 3NJ / England

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    3 Reviews
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      03.06.2010 17:15
      Very helpful



      Park itself is OK but not fantastic, but it makes a great base.

      I've just come back from a midweek break at Cayton Bay with my partner and nearly 2 year old son, and we've had a fantastic holiday.

      I planned the trip around visiting Bempton Cliffs (between Filey and Bridlington) to see the seabirds and was looking for somewhere in the area to stay. I had some Tesco Clubcard vouchers and saw they could be used at Park Resorts which was how I ended up booking a caravan here as a base.

      The park is very easy to find, just off the A165, the main coastal road. Upon arrival it was not so easy to find the check-in, as I went to reception, got directed to the entertainment centre, only to find that the road was blocked by a static caravan being unloaded so then had to find another way round to it. When I walked into the bar (leaving my partner and son parked outside) my heart sank at the sight of about 100 people sat around with forms and two staff at a desk with no customers. After a minute I realised that I had arrived at 3.50 and check-in for the standard (bronze) accommodation starts at 4pm. As i had booked the silver accommodation I was able to check-in from 2.30 so fortunately I was able to walk past all these people (now glaring daggers at me) to check-in, then walk past them all stood in a long queue again on my way out with a tremendous sense of relief that we hadn't arrived ten minutes later - I would definitely advise you to consider the various check-in times when planning your arrival.

      We then went to our caravan which was easy to find and there seemed to be plenty of space for parking. Luckily we were on the edge of a block so could park right next to the caravan to unload, but if you are in the middle you will have to carry stuff a bit further from the car - only a minute's walk. Unless, of course, you consider yourself to be too important to abide by the rules of no cars on the grass and just drive right up to your caravan's door and continue to park there for the rest of your stay because walking a few metres is beyond you.

      The caravan was nicer than I remember them being when I was a kid. It was dated and not the height of luxury or comfort but it was OK for a few days and more spacious than I expected. It was fairly well-equipped but you have to bring your own bath, swimming and tea towels (I think I took 20 towels in total!) and washing up stuff. We also found that there were no baking trays when we came to cook our supermarket Chinese and were a bit worried about the plastic trays near the open flame of the gas oven but we lived to tell the tale.

      We didn't get too much use out of the entertainment centre. The outside playground was nice and had a variety of climbing frames etc for younger and older children. The indoor soft play area was nice too and larger than I expected (remember your little one's socks) and was just off the restaurant bar so the children can entertain themselves while you're waiting for your food. The menu was typical of a chain pub where everything has been heated up from the freezer and not very impressive or very cheap but was OK for one night. There were the typical choices for kids of fishfingers or pizza and chips and also a choice of Annabel Karmel meals, we went for the fish pie for my son which he devoured.

      We didn't partake of the amusement arcade at all, we went in the showbar for 10 minutes just after 6 for the little kids disco but nothing was happening (it was the week before half term so will probaby be different in school holidays. We went in the pool one day, it was full of sand, kids and inflatable balls and rings, changing facilities are just a few cubicles around the side with no proper seat, shelf or hooks, so incredibly difficult to get changed in without getting all your belongings wet and dirty especially with a toddler in tow. Maybe I shouldn't have expected anymore from a caravan park swimming pool, but it rendered it pretty much unusable for us.

      There is a shop which sells some gifts and very basic groceries and is priced at typical corner shop prices. I think there is a Morrisons and Tesco not too far away (by car) and we drove to Sainsburys in Scarborough to get our shopping.

      Venturing out of the park (which we did a lot) there is a lovely bay a few minutes walk away, Scarborough is 10-15 minutes drive in one direction, and Filey about the same in the other direction. Flamborough and Bridlington are also easy drives away so there is certainly no shortage of things to do. Although they are all seaside places there are lots of other attractions to visit if its not quite the weather for the beach all day, especially if you like animals.


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        17.12.2009 23:27
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        well worth a sun holiday

        We stayed at cayton bay late october this year for 3 night weekend break using the sun holiday deal.

        We hadn't stayed with park resorts before but thought we'd give it a go considering we only paid £54 for three adults (taking our own linen and not paying for entertainment passes).

        Our drive up from sheffield went smoothly with no problems. The only problem arriving to the park we had was we almost missed the turn off from the main road to the holiday park as the sign was so small.

        Upon arrival we were directed to the entertainment hall to collect our keys. However the staff were very strict on not giving us our keys till 4pm, so we had a walk on the beach which is across the road from the site. When 4pm arrived we were suprised as we collected our keys to be given entertainment passes as well as we had not paid for these.
        Now that we had our keys we followed the directions given to us to our caravan. Everyone got a parking spot although there wasn't much choice.

        Our caravan was well worn but very clean and for the price we couldn't complain. Even though there was only three of us we were given a three bedroomed caravan. Our only issue was that the grill wouldn't light on the cooker and the maintence man was very helpful even though the problem couldn't be fixed.

        That night we had a walk to the entertainment centre using our free passes. There was security on the door but didn't look at our passes. Straight as you walk in is the amusement area containg all the usual stuff. To the right is a bar with sports tv and there is also a fast food place. To the left was the main entertainment area. I have to say I was not impressed with this. The music as too loud so couldn't have a conversation. Then as I wasled upto the bar I found the choices poor and the prices expensive. When I ordered our round my dad had a cafferys but it was full of foam, I asked the lass serving if it was going to settle down and she replied yeah but it takes a while. It didn't and tasted horrible so did mine and mums grolsch. We left it (I've never left alcohol before!) and walke across the road to the local pub. This pub was intresting to say the least but beer was great and not overpriced. It certainly livened our evening up when a drunk guy decided to push a woman off her bar stool and the reaction he got back made it better than an episode of eastenders. Oh and not forgetting you have to obey total scilence for bingo (but this is a great time to go to the bar). The other nights we stayed in and had a box of wine (between us) and watched a couple of dvd's (we took our own dvd player with us).

        We found that the lighting on sight was poor so used a torch, it can also get very muddy when raining.

        I can't comment about the activites on site as we visited whitby and bridlington during the day.

        Overall for the money the holiday was well worth it and gave us a good break away.


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          22.11.2009 21:34
          Very helpful



          Holiday park

          oCayton Bay

          We had already been on a Haven holiday, (although this is Park Resorts and similar), so, when the vouchers in the newspaper once again became available, we once again collected the vouchers to get a caravan!
          We had to chose 5 dates and 5 parks and within a few weeks, were allocated Cayton Bay. We once again chose the Scarborough area because we wanted somewhere close enough so that the journey wasn't arduous but far enough away so that Little Miss felt as though she was off on some adventure. There were also a couple of places we wanted to visit (Eden Camp and The Deep), so we decided to use the campsite as a base.

          Mill Ln
          Cayton Bay, Scarborough, YO11
          01723 583 111


          We had the tom tom set with the post code so it was easy to find and about 20 miles from Eden camp where we had visited on the way from Newcastle. Situated between Scarborough and Whitby and only 100 yards from the beach, it is ideally situated to do a spot of sight seeing. There are lots of caravan parks on the stretch of road but all well sign posted so it's easy to find the one you are looking for.


          Having been on this kind of holiday before, we felt like old hands and had a good idea of what to expect. The site was well signposted from the road and when we drove through the large gates, things looked clean and tidy and everything was well sign posted. We drove to the admission hut where we had been given our key on a previous caravan holiday, but were directed to the entertainment area. Here we were given our key, and park information, the route to our designated caravan was explained and off we went.
          Once again, and as we expected, the number of caravans made it quite tricky at first but we did find our way to the caravan. Once we had parked (plenty of marked spaces) it was a short walk along a paved path to the caravan. It did take some finding because the numbers on the caravans weren't clear so if looking for a caravan at night a torch is recommended.

          THE CARAVAN
          The caravan itself was in a row of caravans, with grass surrounding the caravans and paths leading from the parking bays to the caravans. Unfortunately there was no path from the caravan to the main path so when it rained on the Sunday it was like a bog!!
          Two doors led into the caravan, unfortunately both opening outwards so they were quite awkward to open once standing on the steps., Once inside there was a sitting room with a large sofa, wall cupboards, a table with chairs and a fire with a large mirror above it. The kitchen was to the back of this area and was well kitted out with units, oven and gas hob, fridge, cd player, crockery, cutlery, glasses etc, even a corkscrew which came in handy later on!
          Inside the caravan were three bedrooms, so it must sleep 6 very comfortable with each other and patient people. There were only three of us,so we had one double room, a room with bunk beds and one with two single beds.

          , The double room had a double bed with duvet, pillowcases and although we had the option of hiring bed linen, we did actually take all of our own, which was just as well because the fitted sheet on the double bed was torn and had clearly seen better days. A built in wardrobe and small unit completed the room, and left just enough room to walk around the room. The two small rooms very tiny with hardly any room between the beds but Little Miss thought her chosen room was cosy and did actually sleep like the proverbial log for the two nights.

          A toilet and shower room completed the caravan- all clean and functional although the water wasn't very fast flowing, and there was some mildew on the bathroom bline which was a tad off putting.

          A short walk along the paths brought us to the entertainment area. There were security people at the doors but entertainment passes didn't have to be shown. The area we entered was full of gambling and quiz machines. with everyone having a great time spending their money. There were plenty of coin machines so no excuse not to spend- the 1p and 2p machines seemed to be the best and most popular option.
          One of the doors to the side led us to the main entertainment area which is open every evening throughout the season; this being Halloween weekend there were plenty of Halloween themed sketches and parades! The cabaret and disco were loud but lively and although some of the sketches were above the heads of children, it's definitely not a place where children are seen and not heard! There is also a bar called the Boathouse which is open lunchtimes and evenings and had a large tv screen showing mainly football.
          General swimming in the pool is included in the entertainment pass, although some of the other entertainments have to be paid for. We didn't partake of any additional activities as we travelled around the area.

          We had booked for a three night stay but because of work on Monday, we stayed for only two nights and left the park on Sunday evening.
          The caravan was clean and well equipped although there were small things I could grumble about, such as the mildew on the bathroom blind. Not nice but bearable for two nights. There was also a lack of paths so when the heavens opened on the Sunday morning the lack of drainage was noticeable, and we had to plough through puddles.
          The shop on the site was clean and well stocked and unusually for somewhere like this, it wasn't over priced.
          There was plenty of entertainment at night and all of the entertainment was well planned and organised. The staff are friendly and helpful and more showed more enthusiasm than i could muster given that they had to be full of beans every night.
          For the money we paid, which was £70 for the three of us and then about another £4 more for the entertainment passes, this was a good value holiday and Little Miss had a great time!

          Thanks for reading.

          Daniela x


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