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Planet Happy (Ripley)

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Address Heage Road Industrial Estate, / Ripley / Derbyshire / DE5 3GH

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2009 16:34
      Very helpful



      Ideal for toddlers

      I wanted to write a review as it is the location for my son's second birthday party.

      Planet happy is located on Heage industrial estate just outside Ripley town centre

      Opening times

      Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 to 6pm
      Sunday and Monday 9.30 to 4pm

      Cost of entrance

      £3.60 during term time (includes free cup of squash and snack, up to 2pm)
      £4.50 Weekends and holidays
      £5.75 Wacky Wednesdays (includes meal, games and activity.

      You can get books of vouchers also:
      5 vouchers cost £18 for peak time and £16 for off peak.

      This is for two hours but my son is always ready to leave after two hours.

      Entrance your child is signed in at the entrance where you pay and you receive a ticket to get your Childs shoes back at the end.

      You are let in through an electronic gate which is security to stop little ones escaping.

      The play area has a large climbing frame area which is divided onto two areas a toddler area and the normal play area which the younger ones can use but really need parents with them at least until they are competent enough to climb and find there was round.

      The toddler area has a square soft ground floor area with soft rocking animals but theses are not very stable and my son needs hand to not roll over but then he is happy to fall as it is on mats but for a nervous child I would think it would be quite scary. They do have cushions and cubes that they love using to build a tower.

      They do have one of the best small climbing areas I know it has the small bumpy coloured steps with long punch bags hanging at the top. A walkway which my son can walk along but I have to crawl then a slide which I will say is definitely wide enough for toddler and children's bottoms which slides into a ball pool. The only difficulty with this area is that there is a big soft step which most toddlers seem to have trouble climbing out of.

      The main area has two levels. The lower level has quite a few mini rooms one has a basket ball net and a couple of balls for playing football in. There are poles to stand on and spin around on.
      There are a few ways up to the top level including bumpy cushioned steps and a cargo net. The main area has more climbing and crawling areas which do require more coordination. There is a crawl in area with huge balls and two slides one large wavy slide with two lanes and a small tube slide. The tubes slide ends in a ball pool and the wavy slide lands on soft mats.

      There is a large seated area mostly dining tables and chairs but there are a couple of comfy sofa's near the toddler area.

      The café area serves both hot and colds meals. Like most soft play areas you can only consume food and drink served on the premises but my son only drinks water in a beaker so I take it with me that way he gets filtered water.

      The food is freshly prepared and I have never had food we are not happy with although I don't buy large meals here as we live near by but my son loves the garlic bread.

      My son's party

      I did not have a party arranged by Planet Happy as it is £9.25 per child with an extra 50p per child if you want ice cream. I did however pre book places and they said I could bring my own cake in for my son

      My son was for a group of 9 including him but we had 3 cancellations one due to car problems and two due to chicken pox. So I paid for entrance for 6 people. I bought a book of 5 vouchers and paid for an extra child so it cost me £22.50 entrance.

      The children aged from 21 months to 5 years but most were just turned 3. All the children and parents seemed to enjoy themselves.

      There was an organised party running at the same time and they had balloons on the table but my friend bought one for my son.

      I ordered sandwich platter and bowls of chips and a jug of squash for the children which meant the food came to about £14.

      They bought the cake out and lit the candle for us while everyone sang happy birthday and my son blew out the candle which I didn't know he knew how to do. I personally found this the most emotional part of the day seeing all his friends around knowing last year we weren't even allowed visitors where we were living. They cut the cake up and all the parents and children had a slice.

      From what I saw of the organised party there was a lot of food left over and they received a apart bag with 3 items in which I made mine up and felt that I got much better value for money that way.

      After lunch everyone got to have another play before it was time to go.

      My son was not interested in his presents there as there was so much going on.

      He came home and was asleep within 5 minutes which is the measure of success in my eyes.

      Planet Happy does have a height restriction of 4ft TT0inches.
      I would not recommend planet happy for pre walkers as there isn't much for them to do but this is definitely my favourite for pre school children. I think as they get older they would benefit from a larger climbing area but my opinion is reflected in the age of those attending.
      The fact that it is a bit small for older children means there are less chance of your little one been shoved out of the way.

      A great place to entertain toddlers on a miserable day or just let them burn off energy.


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      Indoor children's play centre.

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