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Playdale Farm Park (Cayton)

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2 Reviews

Address: Killerby Grange / Station Road / Cayton / Scarborough YO11 3TL / England

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    2 Reviews
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      09.08.2009 08:51
      Very helpful



      A good day out, especially if you have young children

      We had 5 people in our party - 3 adults and 2 under 2's so right from the start it wasnt expensive £15 for all of us and 50p for a bag if animal feed as under 2's are free.

      Eldest child thought it was fantastic, he was nervous at first when feeding the animals but quickly started laughing when they were eating out of his his hand!

      There are a few animals such as sheep, alpaca's, goats, donkey, pigs etc and in a small holding there are rabbits, rats, owls, chincillas and more but can't quite remember what.

      There is a picnic area so you can bring your own food or you can purchase food from the cafe, we found the prices a little expensive but for kids you could get a pack with a sandwich, drink, fruit, yougurt, crisps and chocolate bar for £2.95 which ours shared with each other.

      There is a straw barn which the kids (and adults) can run around, a large outdoor slide and active play area which you can see on their website and also another barn with soft play area, mini tractors and diggers - all different sizes for children, slides and chairs for parents/carers to sit down around the side.


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      04.07.2009 09:15
      Very helpful



      A great place to take children

      I visited Playdale Farm Park with my two year old toddler and my sister while on holiday in Scarborough.

      Where is it?
      It is located in Cayton on the outskirts of Scarborough.

      Opening times
      Daily from 10am 28th March till 20th September 2009
      From September 20th weekends only and daily throughout October half term holidays (24th October - 1st November).
      It is closed for winter from 2nd November 2009 and will reopen at Easter 2010.

      Admission prices
      Adults - £5.00,
      Senior Citizens - £4.50
      Children - £4.50
      Children under 2 - free

      It has its own car park which is free

      What is here?

      There are two specific areas one is the animals and the other is the play areas.

      The play areas.

      Straw barn - this is a barn simply filled with bales of hay to climb on with a tree man at the top and a small tunnel to climb along then upwards. This was actually a lot more fun than I expected it to be. My son loves to climb on anything but was a little small to get up without help to where ever he climbed I climbed too much to his delight. There was a row of chairs at the bottom for parents who had the chance could sit down and relax for a while.

      The sand pit- This was a covered sand pit with plenty of buckets and spades, a tunnel to climb through. My only criticism is that the diggers which were designed to scoop up the sand would have been much more effective if they had been attached to the ground as I have seen at other play centres.

      There is a large indoor play area which as you enters has picnic tables and then there is a large area for riding toy tractors a wooden climbing area which is a little likes a Childs agility course. At the top end there is a climbing area similar to most soft play centres with ropes to climb, a ball pool and slide. I did really like the fact that there were tractors in various scales and suitable for all ages but unfortunately my son wanted to ride on the big ones so required been pushed around. Fortunately my sister was ready to give him a little helping hand.

      There is a full size tractor outside which he absolutely loved the chance to have a play drive. Although it doesn't move he could steer the wheel and the gear levers.

      There are two outside play areas which both have climbing area. The smaller one was quieter but both were a stretch for my son to manage but as he has practising climbing before he could walk he managed but I think that it would be better for a three year old. The largest climbing area has various slides, methods of climbing up and down, wheels to steer and hidey areas inside. I found it quite difficult to follow my son from the ground as if he came down a slide he would not be able to find me. As they are quite a few school groups around it was the most stressful part of the day for me. However my son happily ran around trying to copy and join in with the bigger boys and girls.

      The other activity was coin operated tractors for the youngsters to drive around but my son was too young for them. This cost £1

      One thing that I didn't like was quite a lot of the outside areas were covered in pebbles which made pushing a buggy of pram around these areas extremely difficult a path would of made this so much easier

      The animals

      The main animal barn housed sheep, goats, donkeys, ponies, alpacas, and pigs. You could buy bags of food for £1 to feed the animals. My son enjoyed stroking them more than feeding them. I was surprised how soft the alpacas were. Despite visiting a few farms this is an animal I have never seen before. Within the barn were a couple donkeys that it stated were nervous and one who kicked the gate due to this. One ignorant visitor starting kicking the wall back which I am sure will not help the donkey's confidence. I was unsure whether such an animal should be housed there. There was also in the animal barn a full size model of a cow which had a bucket and rubber udders where you can milk a cow. My son enjoyed this. This was particularly useful for me as my son still thinks that is something that I alone made for him and a skill that no other person has in the world never mind any other animal. He also has a sit on the cow which was more of a photo opportunity than anything else.

      There was a section for the small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas and chipmunks. There was also an incubator which housed some eggs and some newborn chicks. The staff got the chicks out for the children to hold but they could only stay out for a short while as they needed to keep warm. This was a real hit for my son as some of you will know that he has an obsession with eggs and chicks and screamed with excitement.

      There is also a bird section which houses various kinds of birds including parrots, budgies and various types of owls. While we were there was a member of staff cleaning out an owl but the owl was flapping and quite upset. He did explain that these birds used to be handled and flown but now they don't get any human contact so are very territorial about there cages.

      There are also outside paddocks where there were a variety of animals grazing. We walked around this to get my son to sleep but we were the only people in this area. It seemed like a relaxation area from all the hustle and bustle of the farm.


      All around the farm are picnic benches some covered and some outdoors which gives plenty of choice of location of where to eat.
      There is also a café which serves jacket potatoes, toasted sandwiches and normal sandwiches, scampi and chips or beans on toast. The children's menu includes the usual fish finger, chicken nuggets and chips, a cold packed lunch and beans on toast.
      They also do sell jars of baby food. Puddings include muffins, scones and cakes.

      We ventured down to the café while my son was taking a nap so I may be able to eat in peace for once. We had a toasted sandwich and I ordered a sandwich for my son to take away. There were adequate and presented with a salad. The takeout sandwich was also strangely presented on a paper plate and I am not sure how I would have carried it around without having a paper bag with me. We also ordered a couple of millionaire shortbreads which were very sickly but delicious.

      We had a great time here and would highly recommend it if you have young school children and near by. There is plenty to do no matter what the weather.

      For more information see www.playdalefarmpark.co.uk


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