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Rayleigh Megazone (Essex)

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Address: 7 Brook Road / Rayleigh / Essex / SS6 7UT England

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    1 Review
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      10.11.2008 17:21
      Very helpful



      A great place to go on a rainy day

      Raleigh Megazone

      What is Megazone?

      Megazone is a laser game where you sneak around, shooting the enemies while avoiding being shot yourself. It is really fun and is never gets boring. It is a bit like paintball but instead of anything actually being fired at you in reality you have a gun which shoots lasers and is recorded on your pack so you cannot get hurt.


      You each have different names to avoid confusion and at the end of a twenty or thirty minute game you get a little printed sheet telling you how well you did and how well compared to your friends and opponents and it also tells you where you got shoot, who shoot you there, who you shot, where and which team and player won.


      You are either in teams or on your own and shoot everyone who is against you and capture all the bases. There are three different bases red, yellow and blue and each player can only capture each one once.


      There are many different game types but the best one is where you are on a team with your friends and run around capturing all the bases or shooting anyone in your way and you get more points for shooting someone in the front rather than the back as it is harder.
      The lasers work because they hit your laser vest which records this and at the end of the game you get a sheet saying that you shoot and who shoot you and what bases you captured. They also tell you who won.
      This may sound really complicated but it is really fun for everyone over about five. Not younger because you might get confused and find the pack too heavy for your shoulders. You can play as seriously or just try to have as much fun as possible. If you are shoot you cannot fire your gun for six seconds but no one can shoot you either.


      This is fantastic for parties and costs about £11 for each person which includes one game then hot food (burgers, chicken nuggets) e.t.c and a drink and then another game. This lasts for about two hours in length and everyone has great fun.
      There are more than one Megazone zone arenas but I have only been to the Raleigh one.


      The official website for the Raleigh one is http://www.rayleighmegazone.co.uk/
      Go on check it out!


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    The laser game experts. Hosting Birthday Parties, Casual and Group Bookings, as well as providing for Corporate Team Building Exclusive Events.

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