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Redline Indoor Karting (Caernarfon)

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Address: Eryri Leisure Cyf / cibyn Industrial Estate / Caernarfon / Gwynedd / Wales

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2009 00:30
      Very helpful



      A wonderful experience, entertaining and thrilling.

      As strange as it may sound to you, on a recent weekend in Llandudno I went Go Karting for the first time in almost a lifetime! Yes, at my age I squeezed myself into racing overalls and popped a silly looking helmet on my head before jumping into a tiny little open car and positively flying around the track.

      Yes, I felt silly..... for about two minutes until I realised what fun this experience was going to be!

      It was quite by accident that we came across Redline Indoor Karting. We were heading to Caernarfon Castle when my son in law recognised the name of the street we were on from a pamphlet he picked up on his last trip to Wales, some months earlier. So we pulled in and next thing I knew I was being urged to have a go myself rather than offering to mind the baby as I usually do!

      What a fantastic time I had! For £10 we had twelve minutes around the circuit, before which we were shown a video explaining about the various flags we would see and general rules and safety instructions. It's all very basic and to be honest I promptly forgot much of the content as soon as I sat down in my Go Kart!

      After this we were shown to the Go Karts, then I realised the small point I had forgotten all about. I am less than upwardly mobile, how on earth was I supposed to get into a Go Kart that stands about six inches from the floor? I awkwardly clambered in, thankful for once for the unflattering trousers we had to wear in the Go Kart as my dignity could not have been preserved if wearing a skirt. At the end of the circuit my two strapping sons in law hoisted me unceremoniously out of the Go Kart, saving me the embarrassment of trying to get out myself!

      Driving the circuit was so funny! In our party there were four adults, two pensioners and two children - of course the men showed off but I didn't shy from putting my foot down and trying to overtake either! What these youngsters forget is that I'm one of the youngest of eight children with six brothers so I can certainly hold my own in a Go Kart!

      These are pretty powerful Go Karts though and I felt I had to keep my wits about me even as the excitement was making rational though difficult! The Go Karts are obviously well maintained; they looked cleaned and dirt free and the steering and brakes were responsive. My ten year old granddaughter was given special instructions as she had never been on a Go Kart before and I noticed while the rules were being explained myself and my son in laws mother (us two pensioners) were being looked at again and again by the instructors!

      The track is indoor and built into a rather small space, although the twists and turns of the circuit made the track length much longer. None of the turns are overly difficult even though there are a couple of rather sharp ones that I struggled with for the first few laps. It was surprising how quickly the twelve minutes went by and I was surprisingly disappointed when we were shown the chequered flag and told to leave our Go Karts at the end of our lap.

      Although we had a fantastic time, I don't think our party really took full advantage of the track. This wasn't our fault, but such a wide range of ages and differing abilities did take away some of the excitement for the two extremely competent drivers amongst us. Yes, my competitive sons in law were weaving and cussing their way around the track - I deliberately crashed into the side to get out of my daughter's way at one point too for fear of being a victim of matricide unless I allowed her to pass!

      It was a nice touch of Redline to give us all an A4 printout of our lap times, mine is up on my fridge because (surprisingly) I didn't come last or even second last - in actual fact I came fifth out of eight which I was rather impressed about even if I do say so myself!

      We encountered six members of staff during our visit and they were all great. Happy to answer any questions and keen to ensure you understood the safety aspects of Go Karting, particular attention was given to the ten year old and the most vocal instructor explained the rules to her in a friendly yet decisive way which really put her at her ease.

      The Indoor Karting centre is located on an industrial estate in Caernarfon, there is ample parking at the front of the building and the unit is clearly signposted once you enter the area. Once inside everything is on one level so there are no obstacles for disabled visitors - unless of course you would struggle getting in and out of the blasted things!

      I really cannot think of a more fun way to spend £10. The enjoyment factor alone made it worth the money, and the excitement of taking part in what is for me an extreme sport was something I will always remember.

      If you would like more information Redline have a website you can visit, the address is www. redlineindoorkarting.co.uk Their address should you want to look it up on the map is below, along with their phone number in case you want to ring and book a place - after all, if I can do it and come out laughing then I'm sure most people will love it.

      Redline Indoor Karting
      Stad Ddiwydiannol
      Cibyn Industrial Estate
      LL55 2BD

      Telephone: 01286 669515


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