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Saltmarshe Castle Caravan Park (Herefordshire)

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Address: Stourport Road / Bromyard / Herefordshire / HR7 4PN / Tel: 01885 483207

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    1 Review
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      26.07.2010 13:00
      Very helpful



      A wonderful caravan park

      As stated in my last review I had a short break away last week in my parent's static caravan. The caravan is located in Bromyard a quiet little town near Great Whitley Herefordshire. I thought it would be a nice idea to review the caravan park itself.

      My parents have owned this caravan for about seven/eight years now they love the getaway and spend every weekend down there and a few weeks throughout the year. They like the idea they can just pack up and head away for the peace and quiet from work and not to mention the grand children! All this in a forty minute drive!

      Saltmarshe Castle Caravan Park:


      Saltmarshe is a secluded holiday park for static caravans, wood cabins (they are new to the site, and look amazing) and shalay's. The park is home to a round six hundred caravans where some people have made it there permanent residence.

      Reading about the park I found it to have a great history behind it. In the 18th century the Higginson family purchased the site from the Earl of Essex, once they died Edmund Barnaby inherited. He then built Saltmarshe Castle out of the stone/brick/materials from the Saltmarshe house.

      Sadly the castle is no longer standing today but the castle had Victorian towers some of which can still be seen. As with time and money running out, the estate was later then sold in separate lots in 1955. I found out why the castle is not longer standing; due to post war liability the castle was pulled down, hence no longer standing. Shame a part of history was destroyed!

      All plots within the park have individual landscape areas, which when everything is blooming looks wonderfully attractive. They have tarmac driveways which are always kept clean; each area connects to the reception, the small shop on site and launderette. They also have a club on site which has selected groups, guest etc on throughout the year.
      Saltmarshe is in a secluded area, perfect for quiet holidays and day trips out as it close to many places like Stratford, Hereford, Evesham, Worcester, Leominster, Malvern, and Stourport.

      All the plots within the park are connected to water, electricity and drainage, gas however you will need a gas canister that connects to your plot. (Which is easily done, they are just very heavy)
      Saltmarshe is quiet strict and do not hesitate in telling you if your being to loud or if you have children and they are playing up on the site (I've known people been kicked off the site because of this) Pets are also welcome as long as you clean up after them.

      They also have a large fishing lake which is well stocked for people that enjoy there fishing, personally I'm not a fan of fishing but do like feeding the wildlife along the lake.

      My Findings and Opinion:

      I think Saltmarshe is in a great location whilst you're in the peace and quiet of the near woods you're not far from towns and places of interest to visit, a car I think is essential though!

      I love how I can sit in the caravan and watch outside, occasional you seen rabbits/hares hop passed, then squirrels that come along and pinch the food from the bird feeders and what I love most is the huge selection of birds you see. On a night you can hear lots of owls I've only ever seen one though fly past.

      As some of you know I have mobility problems as I have problems with both knees so I have to be careful where I chose to go as walking on uneven areas and hills are very hard for me. Saltmarshe does have its fair share of hills and uneven areas but the ground is laid out well and I still managed the walk round the park and loved every minute of it. (Especially feeding the birds!)

      Around the caravan park there is some amazing scenery to be seen, also the park is next a field of sheep with the near by farm where you can purchase fresh eggs from 'Happy Meat Farm' eggs cost £1.20 for six, great value. However there are several farms and tea room within the side roads, just look out for signpost as you're driving.

      The peace and quiet is a wonderful thing and you sure do get plenty of that on the site, great for me just wanting a break from my busy over populated town. Also I find the air there so much better, I don't know why maybe because it is less pollution being out in the sticks. It's fresh and clean I love the smell of greenery!

      The Lake on the site is just a short walk from my parent caravan, to find it you go through and small woody path then it opens up into a large field and lake. The lake has a little island in the middle were the birds have a little hutch if they want to sleep or shelter from the rain in there. Recently there were two large geese and four Canadian geese along with a verity of ducks which when I was down there I enjoyed my daily walks to give them a feed (softy that I am) I'm not one for fishing, however but did see a few people sitting on the lake fishing. What I found interesting is when throwing the bread into the water you can see the fish come and nibble away at it making lots of ripples in the water.

      The Lake can get rather muddle walking round in the cold wet months so good walking boots or wellies are a must! The forest and walk ways round the lake can get muddy too, thought what you might think is mud could turn out to be something else, be warned!

      Now sadly this is were I minus some point for the club on the site, many years ago the meals they were out of this world and I'm a fussy eater and I loved them. But then they had a refurbishment within the club and kitchen, the meals were never as good after then. On Sundays you could get a three course meal for £4.99 person (bargain), oh the roasters were to die for! Shame it's not as good.

      Entertainment at the club, well again maybe it's me being picky again as in my family I have some great musicians, singers, Djs maybe I've been spoilt over the years but the acts just don't seem to cut it with me or my family and talking to the people on the site they've being thinking the same; its just the same old tired acts, the music get puts on to loud so the sound distorts and there is way to much base spoiling it even more!

      Now what bugs me is that for having a caravan you have to pay site fees which I'll go into shortly and they have now started charging for the club on site; even though if there is a good act on (like New years Eve etc) you still have to pay another charge at the door! I personally think that's just wrong, so we don't end up going to the ones you have to pay extra for.

      On the site they have clean well presented toilets in the club and outside near to the club on the grounds. Personally I don't tend to use them; I just go back to the comfort of the caravan as I don't tend to like public toilets.

      Site Costings/Fees:

      Please note these fees are based for a twelve foot wide caravan and may vary for other sized caravans, wood cabins etc.

      Site Fee - £789.00 plus 17.5% VAT
      Availability of electricity - £53.00 plus 17.5% VAT
      Provision of water services - £125.00 no VAT
      Provision of sewage waste - £125.00 no VAT
      12ft rates - £70.79 no VAT
      12ft service charge - £180.50 plus 17.5% VAT
      Amenity charge - £50.00 plus 17.5% VAT
      Electricity units used - £27.84 plus 17.5% VAT (this will change depending on how much you use in the year)

      Giving you an approximant cost of £1604.23 per year.

      If I'm honest I'm not sure if this is good or bad, talking to my dad he said for the size of the plot and where the caravan is located, it's about the going rate.

      I would give Saltmarshe Castle 4 out of 5 stars clean site, not over packed, great location just in need of better entertain and food!

      Thanks for reading :o)

      Additional Information:

      If you know someone that has a caravan on the site you can stay and visit, but because you're not a club member there will be a small club fee if you wish to use the facilities.

      Saltmarshe Castle Caravan Park
      Stourport Road
      HR7 4PN
      TEL : 01885 483207
      FAX : 01885 488436
      EMAIL : weekers@tiscali.co.uk

      Office Opening Times
      MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10.00 AM TO 4.00PM
      SATURDAY 10.00 AM TO 4.00 PM
      SUNDAY 11.00 AM TO 4.00 PM

      Saltmarshe Leisure Club
      Stourport Road
      HR7 4PN
      TEL : 01885 489195

      Club Opening Times 2010
      FRIDAY 7.00 PM TO 1.30 AM
      SATURDAY 12.00 PM TO 1.30 AM
      SUNDAY 12.00 PM TO 11.30 PM


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