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Showcase Cinema Coventry

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    3 Reviews
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      09.01.2017 13:46


      • "Good cinema"


      • "OK film"

      Don Jon - a film I saw here

      Star – Joseph Gordon - Levitt
      Genre – Adult Comedy
      Run Time – 102 minutes
      Certificate – 18R
      Country – USA
      Awards – 28 Nominations & 1 Win
      Amazon – £2.85 DVD £8.19 Blue Ray
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      So ‘Don Jon’, the directorial and screenplay debut of Joseph Gordon Levitt, he of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Looper and Inception, and my favorite ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’.

      Don Jon is the tale of a Brooklyn ladies man who is addicted to most things young men are but especially porn. That’s an eye catching first film from such a talented actor, especially for female and gay fans as he gets his shirt off and does the shuffle in this quirky adult comedy. Write what you know, they say. Well everyman knows about porn and pretty much every guy looks at it, and stuff we would never admit to, not what their wives, partners and girlfriends want to hear. What guys don’t know is 32% of women, when surveyed, said they looked at porn every week and another 30% said a few times per month, and a hardcore 15% get a daily fix. Check those cookies boys! If we guys catch our partners looking at porn it’s generally a turn on and time to join in whereas the other way around we guys get it in the neck. It’s OK for women to get off on an unrealistically sexy men online but not guys with girl porn? The thing is girls, the reason we like porn is because it isn’t realistic and we know we are probably not giving you the same amount of sexual pleasure doing the real thing as we get from porn. Sex is often awkward and more about cuddles and kisses than orgasms and passion. The films message is the correct one. Sex is really good when you love the person as you don’t care if you get it wrong.

      As it was, Levitt’s first movie was/is a decent effort on a rather tricky subject and it garnered 28 nominations from all manner of minor film festivals around the world, perhaps in the hope he would actually show up and glamorize their events. The fact he only won once from those 28 suggests he didn’t show up to many of those events and his film was just OK. It was certainly a spectacular and brave debut topic. I’m sure his mates rib him.


      • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jon Martello, Jr.
      • Scarlett Johansson as Barbara Sugarman
      • Julianne Moore as Esther
      • Tony Danza as Jon Martello, Sr.
      • Glenne Headly as Angela Martello
      • Brie Larson as Monica Martello
      • Rob Brown as Bobby
      • Jeremy Luke as Danny
      • Paul Ben-Victor as Priest
      • Lindsey Broad as Lauren
      • Anne Hathaway as Emily Lombardo
      • Channing Tatum as Conner Verreaux
      • Meagan Good as Hollywood Actress #2
      • Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Hollywood Actor #2
      • Sarah Dumont as Sequins


      There are few things vain and cocky Brooklyn ‘playa’ Jon Martello, Jr (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) really cares about in life - his boys, his body, the pad, the ride, family, church… and porn: In fact he is addicted to them all and not about to give any of them up, absolving himself in confession once a week for his carnal sins to start all over again the next week. It’s a numbers game with the girls and porn fills the gaps. But when he meets super sexy and sassy Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) in a local club he is soon off the dating scene and falling in love. But Don Jon has never been serious about a girl before and commitment is cramping his style, especially his porn addiction. Dad Martello (Tony Danza) and mom Martello (Glenne Headly) and Jon’s sister Monica (Brie Larson) are very impressed with Barbara and not surprised he is committed to such a stunner.

      When Barbara discovers him watching porn on his laptop she warns him that he does it again they are finished. He promises not to do it again. But Jonny loves his porn and a twice a day guy. It’s an uncomplicated sexual thrill for him - no pressure, no performance issues, no stress. Just get lost in the moment. But Miss Sugarman wants her to be his everything and not spending time on Pornhub desiring other women. This is not going to work.

      Jonny is soon changing his ways around her and going to college to improve himself. There he meets intrusive older woman Esther (Julianne Moore), who wants to know his business, far more open-minded and less judgmental around his porn viewing habits. To Jonny she is just enough potential screw down the line, but soon more than that when her accrued experience in love and relationships and her tragic back story begins to get through to Jonny that there is more to life than just sex and cars.


      Don Jon: Money shot? There is no real life money shot. Real girls won't do that sh*t. You just gotta c*m into the f**king condom.


      There are certainly thought provoking ideas going on in this movie - and no doubt after this movie in conversation about men’s unspoken attitudes towards sex and women. Whisper it quietly but sex isn’t that satisfying for men and it’s simply a numbers game when you are young. It isn’t like the movies, specially those naughty ones. We are all about the ego when we are young, than the loving. Sorry girls it’s the way we are built. Reproduction just wouldn’t happen on Earth if we were both from Mars. If it’s any conciliation some of us make sure we do it in equal measure. For guys sex is all about giving, than receiving.

      With Levitt’s slightly seedy Goodfellas style narration to his masturbatory habits and women in general the film is very adult in its approach although not much nudity. Levitt doesn’t do the deed on screen and cartoon like simulation. He wrote the part specifically for Scarlett Johansson and was really happy when Johansson agreed to star in the movie but there is little chemistry between the two on screen and they look like the mates they are in real life although her Jewish Brooklyn accent is fabulous. It feels like a sympathetic performance towards Levitt to sell his movie. It was great to see Tony ‘Taxi’ Danza back on our screens to. But the jokes are few and far between and the porn Jonny watches is not the sort of porn men would watch, a deal clearly done here to promote the featured Pornhub website as, dare I say it, respectable.

      The Philadelphia Weekly movie reviewer had the best line on the film that it was –‘A barn-door broad burlesque of ‘Joisey’ stereotypes and holy-cannoli accents. It's Saturday Night Fever drawn in crayon’. Levitt is John Travolta in all but name on screen. Nothing wrong with drawing from previous films but this whole masturbation and porn theme feels a bit icky. I would have made a tongue-in-cheek comedy about it rather than some sort of point.

      It’s OK but nothing more. It’s up and down as far as the plot and humor goes and the sex scenes are perfunctory over remotely erotic. The film cost just $4 million to make and did $45 million back so someone liked it more than I did. Fair enough, guys jerk off a lot and the elephant in the room when it comes to relationships in the modern world, the internet increasing consumption of porn exponentially, so much so that some very young people are getting addicted to it, very worrying. But is there a film her? No. Women are increasingly single these days and it’s because young men have high expectations of sex because of porn and most women simply don’t have those bodies and sexual perversions. I don’t buy the argument that most women are exploited in the porn industry as they earn a lot of money from it and get to see a big willy or two and some hot guys. It’s far more exciting than being an admin clerk at Swinton Insurance.


      Imdb.com – 6.6/10.0 (195,438votes)
      Rottentomatos.com – 81% critic’s approval
      Metacritic.com – 66% critic’s approval


      ===Special Features===


      Philadelphia Weekly –‘A barn-door broad burlesque of Joisey stereotypes and holy-cannoli accents. It's Saturday Night Fever drawn in crayon’.

      Guardian –‘’Despite a contrived and sentimental ending, this is an entertaining riff on men and fantasy’.

      Little White Lives –‘A minor triumph that manages to raise some big laughs while delivering a thought-provoking message’.

      The NY Times –‘There's just enough charm and poignancy here to make it worth a watch. Not a bad start for any first-time filmmaker’.

      The Mail –‘The only trouble with Don Jon is the film's comfort level with the kind of material that holds its hero enslaved.

      Daily Telegraph –‘These are caricatures rather than characters, and neither Levitt nor Moore ever quite lock step with the film's snappy sitcom tone’.

      Bangkok Post –‘In this raunchy, foul-mouthed and candid comedy about male narcissism, Gordon-Levitt _ perhaps best remembered as Leonardo DiCaprio's sidekick in Inception _ gives us a sure-footed directorial debut’.

      The L Magazine –‘In terms of disposable, enjoyable entertainment, you could do much worse than this’.



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      03.11.2009 00:39
      Very helpful



      Pricy but nice for a treat

      Showcase Coventry is in a brilliant location, very close the the M6 and M69 motorways in fact it's on a minute drive from the junction. It's also easy to get to from most of Coventry using the Easter Bypass.

      Showcase has a massive car park and plenty of eating shopping places, Taybarns is close by - I've reviewed that for you on this site! There is also Nandos which is fairly new I've not been in there myself, Frankie and Benny's (fab), Burger King, There's also Tesco's extremely close and a Pizza place.

      As for the Showcase cinema I've always found the staff helpful and friendly and the cinema it's self is well looked after. The auditoriums are comfortable and I love the slightly reclining seats!

      However I have to say that personally I find the whole going to the cinema so expensive now I only do it if got a deal on orange or something similar because at £6.50 (I think it is now) per person that's extrotionate. I never buy food because it's too expensive I usually sneak a few chocolates in my bag in!!

      Wednesdays are a nightmare to go on especially if there's a new film out as everyones using their orange wednesdays! so if you don't like ques avoid Wednesdays.


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      14.06.2009 16:25
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good place to watch a film if the price is right!

      Living less than half a mile from the Showcase Cinema in Coventry it's no surprise that it gets pretty much all of my cinema going money.

      Showcase in Coventry is well located being close to the M6 (junction 2) as well as numerous restaurants (Nandos & Frankie and Bennies), fast food joints (Burger King, Pizza hut and McDonalds isn't far away) and there is also a Megabowl walking distance away. There's also a Tesco's if you want to combine the pictures with a bit of shopping!

      I was at the cinema last night (saw Terminator Salvation - good film) and was unpleasantly surprised to see the prices had gone up to £7 per adult (£5.10 for a child's and senior citizen's ticket). When put into perspective I can't believe how expensive it is. When I go it's usually just with my girlfriend or with my dad so the most is usually £14. I would really have to question whether the costs present value to money for a family of four who would have to pay £24.20 before paying over the odds for the popcorn, drinks and confectionary!

      As mentioned, the cinema does have the usual popcorn etc to buy but because of the costs I rarely make a purchase. I believe the price the last time I bought popcorn it was about £3 - £4 for a large. Although I can't say exact prices, I can say they're more than you should be paying!

      The car park at the cinema is extremely large and I have never had a problem finding a spot to park. If this was the case there are so many facilities with large car parks within a 5 minute walk from the cinema that I would just park there.

      The cinema has two cashier desks on the left and right as you enter. At peak times you are looking at a 5 minute wait at most (usually). Staff at these desks are usually cheery and efficient getting you sorted quickly. The cinema has 14 screens and will have a good number of daily screenings of new releases as well as those that have been out for a while.

      The auditoriums are large and relatively comfortable. The rows are spaced far enough apart so that anybody sitting behind you shouldn't disturb you, as long as they have some degree of consideration. The screens themselves are large enough and the sound quality has always been good. You can sometimes here the sound from neighbouring screens but I've never found this to be so loud as to be a distraction.

      One problem with the cinema is the air conditioning. I prefer temperatures to be cool rather than warm but it does get cold in the auditoriums and my girlfriend often has to put her jacket back on because of it. This is also something I've seen other people doing throughout films. Personally it has never affected my enjoyment of films but I can appreciate how it would bother other people.

      What I do thinks good about this showcase (I'm not sure if it's applicable at others) is the live comedy that they have in one of the auditoriums on a Saturday night. This is very good and offers an alternative to the films that are on.

      As far as cinemas go with regards to watching and enjoying films, Showcase Coventry is pretty good. However it is expensive so I think I'll be limiting myself to films I really want to see or be making the most of Orange Wednesdays which this cinema participates in. There is also the issue of it being cold in the auditorium which would affect some peoples experience at the cinema.


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