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Tan Y Bryn Farm Campsite (Llandudno)

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Address: Bryn Pydew / Llandudno / Conwy / LL31 9JZ / Wales

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2009 14:19
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      A nice enough campsite in Llandudno, but not really the kind of thing we were looking for,

      When we decided to have a weekend in Llandudno last month I set about looking for reasonably priced campsites, between us there were two camper vans and as we had left it until pretty much the last minute most of the sites in the area were booked up.

      I came across Tan Y Bryn Farm Campsite through a website which specialises more in smaller campsites, I gave them a ring assuming they would be fully booked but as luck would have it they had a couple of spaces available which I grabbed immediately.

      On the day of our arrival we were booked in; this was a very simple process and basically involved giving in our names and paying for the two nights we had previously booked over the phone. The lady who owns the Farm (as it is a working farm, not primarily a campsite) then showed us where we were to pitch and explained the few rules; these are basically common sense rules such as not having wild parties after 11pm, not leaving hot cooking equipment on the dry grass etc. She quickly realised that we are all seasoned campers and then left the explanations to a minimum!

      I found the campsite to be adequate for our needs, although personally I thought it was too small a site for all seven of us. I felt that we were taking over the entire section of field meant for camper vans and when the kids were playing we were all constantly worrying that they were making too much noise for our older (and much less tolerant judging by the dirty looks being thrown at us!) neighbours. Not that such a thing would usually bother me too much, but when you're on holiday you do try so much harder to ingratiate yourselves, don't you?

      We had paid for electric hook-up so the first thing we did was get all our electrics sorted out and then settled down to have a fry up before jumping in the car to explore the local area. Upon our return I we were pleased to find that although the site had filled up somewhat the space we had left for the car was still available and nothing had been moved from outside our camper vans - we had craftily left our fold up table poking out so that no-one would put their van too close as my son in law was hoping to erect his brand new two man tent for the girls' to play in! Unfortunately this didn't happen as we were hit by the most tremendous storm that night and watching the poor families who were in tents made me feel so sorry for them as they wandered around in the wet hammering tent pegs back in and attempting to repair guy ropes!

      There are toilets and a shower room at Tan Y Bryn Farm; the toilet block is at the end of the camper van field (tents have their own field just below) just opposite the farm house itself. I was a little annoyed to discover that after paying to 'rent' the ground for our camper vans we were now obliged to pay £1 for a shower. Each £1 gave enough water for a 15 minute shower and you were advised that this was ample time for two people, although this wasn't of use to us as we are a rather shy family and it didn't cross our minds to be wandering around the single shower room naked in front of one another so in the end we all had to pay the fee in order to shower which bumped up the price of this campsite somewhat.

      The shower and toilets were very clean and well maintained, the block appeared to have been created from a disused farm building so the ceilings were very high with plenty of bugs and spiders - being someone who quite LIKES bugs and spiders I wasn't concerned in the slightest about this, but my arachnophobic granddaughter went into fits every time she realised she would have to visit the toilet! That's the problem with visiting such a small site really, there isn't the comparative luxury of a large toilet block or high hygiene standards that you'd find in a larger more commercial site.

      This really came out on the second morning we stayed when my son in law went to the men's toilet only to come back down and make his way into the nearby woodland. When he returned we were all obviously curious as to what he had been doing, until he told us that he'd had to 'go for a wee' (only he didn't use the word wee!) because he had gone into the toilet immediately after a large man had been in there for five minutes - well, he said the smell was horrendous! This is the problem of having just one toilet for each sex, with twenty or so families on the site the loo is obviously going to stink under such high traffic!

      The views from Tan Y Bryn Farm are amazing. From where we were pitched we could see the huge hills North Wales is famed for, woodland, a small and very quaint looking village in the distance and during the day could even glimpse the bay which glimmered in the sunshine. The most wonderful part was the sunset however which hung red and full in the sky for hours and made for an extremely relaxing backdrop to our impromptu barbeque.

      We paid £48 for our two pitches for two nights, this included electric hook-up for both vans and also the fact that we were also parking a car on the site. It was explained that sometimes it's not always possible to park your car next to your van as it gets busy during the summer, but frankly if we couldn't have done this then we would have to have found another site as I keep my oxygen bottle in the car and therefore need it close by.

      I would hesitatingly recommend Tan Y Bryn Farm, although personally I cannot envisage us using the site again. Not just because for us all to shower on both mornings added almost an extra night's charge onto our bill but also because there was so little to do on the site once you had hunkered down for the night. There is a small and beautifully maintained children's play area across the road, but the road you need to cross is extremely narrow and cars travel along it very speedily so we didn't feel comfortable sending the girls' to play. It would have seen far more use had the play area been built on the same side of the road as the farm as despite how good it looked, the area was deserted every time we passed.


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