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The Raceway (Bristol)

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The Raceway Bristol is the leading indoor karting arena in the South West and Wales.

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2009 23:27
      Very helpful



      Can be fun

      We went here for my stag do. They organise pretty big events comprising of about 40 odd people. here were about 10 of us, and mixed in with about 4 other groups to make the 40 odd.

      We all had to sign in, and sign a liability waiver (always amazes me that businesses offering risky things aren;t confident in themselves they need you to sign a liability waiver).

      We all went up to a room where the rules and the programme were discussed. We were going to all have a warm up drive of 4 laps to get usd to it, then we woudl proceed to have 4 heats. After this we would be put into semi finals where all would race, the winners of each race would then be raced at the end and the winner would emerge victorious.

      Ok so we all are going to drive atleast 6 times.

      We then went down to get the 1 piece racing suits. I wasnl;t entirely thrilled here as being an afternoon party the mornin group came out took them off and they were handed to us. You would have thought they could afford 80 sets, so that those first 40 could be washed for the follwing group, rather than handed out all sweaty and damp.

      We put them on, I had a great crotchless set (well if there was one part I didn't want to protect it was my..... wait a minute....surely this is going to increase my wind resistance.....and I certainly didn;t notice this being Ann Summers.....Maybe it was a hint at what I was going to be wearing that night????)

      Anyway we all then went to the race. It was a good course, with a good ramp, quite a few left and right turns and a small straight. The only problem with this track was that with only 4 or 5 laps there is very little chance of overtaking after the initial pile up at the first corner. This did detract a bit from the thrill of a race, but it was still excellent fun.

      We had a good race around, I am not so sure about the observation of the officials. We were told if you overtook on the orange flashing light you would forfeit your points of that race. I got over taken by someone on an orange light and he didn't loose any points. A few times after a good crash the officials told off the wrong people so it does make you wonder how observant they were.

      The karts are good, 45mph is their top speed, slicks for tyres and a surrounding bumper. Although you do have to wonder about your safety, when a few of a cars have split metal bars, so a good whack....... hmmmmm

      Overall this was a good race, and good fun. Not so sure about the sweaty hygene of the clothes you have to sit in for 5 hours after someone else has been in them 5 hours. So if your going go for a morning session, although I don't know if that means they'd have been washed after us.

      They do company competitions, for a set fee, they let you register teams, maybe compete against a variety of other companies in the same field, accountants, enginners, as they are job based for that extra bit of fun.

      I can certainly see the fun in organising a few endurance team races to compete against your competitors for that extra bit of fun, as well as it being a good laught for those just after a karting session.


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