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Valley Caravan Park (Polzeath)

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3 Reviews

Address: Old Polzeath / North Cornwall / PL27 6SS / England

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    3 Reviews
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      15.07.2009 12:20
      Very helpful



      A holiday experience to be avoided.

      Dawlish Sand Holiday Park, Dawlish, Devon. Following a weeks stay at this holiday park I would like to inform any person thinking of staying there of what we found in our so called 'Silver Plus' rental caravan.

      The lights in the main circulation area consisted of one light only with none of the others working at all, this was rectified 3 days after complaining.
      Electric kettle with a defective switch.
      Portable Appliance Testing labels not on various electrical items including the defective kettle so I assume no testing carried out.
      Dining table only sat 4 in an 8 berth caravan.
      Double mattress threadbare, worn and dirty, springs were only covered by the mattres lining as all padding had long disappeared.
      Bedding dirty and old.
      Insufficient crockery for 8 people.
      Seating and carpets dirty, stained, old and dingy.
      Decor old, dirty, dingy.
      Curtains did not meet in the middle.
      Blind would not adjust, broken.
      Shelving trims, some missing allowing bare MDF to show through.
      Bathroom cupboard door missing.
      Stools unstable resulting in children and adults overbalancing on them.
      Shower drain hole blocked and when I cleared it as the staff did not a bad smell emitted from the drains.
      Gas boiler gave insufficient hot water.
      No toaster, received one on the 3rd day of the stay.
      Waste bin suitable for 2 people but not for 8, constantly overflowing.
      Wad of chewing gum found stuck beneath the food preparation area.
      Caravan door locks on both doors not working correctly giving rise to concerns regarding their operation in case of a fire in the caravan, would they work or not?
      Power points in the childrens bedroom at waist height with no blanks fitted in to prevent inquisitive children poking their fingers or other foreign objects in.
      Handle of the bedroom window came off leaving the window locked and unable to open.
      The club house was very crowded with the tables and chairs just pushed together blocking access to move around the seating area easily
      and in an emergency would prove difficult to evacuate.

      All of these points reported and some were dealt with but not satisfactorily, complained to the site manageress at the time and in writing to the head off ice but no reply. The caravan bore no resemblance to that shown in the on site brochure and I would warn anybody to be on their guard concerning the brochure and what is actually provided.

      For the price charged we expected a caravan fit for use, clean and in good order but actually received a sub standard caravan with the attitude of ' we have your money now take it or leave it'. I will never take my family to Dawlish Sands Holiday Park again nor any venues run by Park Holidays.


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        13.07.2009 21:56



        Very Disatisfied

        We recently stayed at Valley Caravan Park in Polzeath, Which we were very disatisfied with. It was the most expensive site we have ever stayed on and by far the worst. We took our touring caravan, there was no water tap to serve our area , I asked where the grey water went, and was told to put it in the river nearby. The toilet block on the field although nicely tiled needed a good clean (cobwebs, spiders, dead daddy longlegs etc.,) were around the lights, on the ceiling and walls etc. The soap dispenser was empty when we arrived on the sunday, and although the staff were told this, it was still empty a week later when we left. We had to pay extra for the awning and extra for electric, and had to pay in full two weeks before we went. Luckily the weather was good, but I would certainly never recommend this site to anyone.


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        13.08.2008 22:42
        Very helpful



        A reasonably priced holiday but would have been better if it was sunny!

        We have just returned, albeit slightly earlier than expected due to the worst wather ever, from our holiday at Valley Caravan Park in Polzeath, Cornwall. It's a really well situated site right in the centre of Polzeath and one of the few places that you do not have to walk up a very steep hill to get to! It's a site that offers quite luxurious static caravans as well as pitches for touring caravans and tents and we were very glad, due to all the rain, that we were staying in one of the static caravans.

        We booked our holiday quite a few months ago after my sister had found the detaikls on their website. It was a large family holiday so we needed to book three caravans in order to accomodate fourteen of us. The website -


        - was very informative although we were a little bit put off by the owner's attitude to teenagers. All teenagers and their parents had to sign a good behaviour form promising not to do anything unacceptable. It seemed a bit over the top when we first read this but it did go on to explain that they had had a lot of trouble from noisy teenagers over the years and it seemed as if this was a last resort. Anyway, forms were dutifully signed and the caravans were booked. Our caravan cost about £650 for the week in August and we had a two bedroomed one. My parents, sister and her children booked a three bedroomed one which was slightly more expensive. Also if you have more than two adults in a caravan you have to pay extra!

        We arrived at the campsite on saturday afternoon and it was absolutely pouring down with rain so we were not seeing the place in its best light. My first reaction was that everything was so muddy mainly because there are only dirt tracks as oppose to tramac to walk and drive along. I also felt that everywhere all the tents and mobile caravans were really packed in which gave the whole place a slightly messy chaotic feel.

        It was easy to find reception which was part of a two storey building which housed all the other main facilities such as a bar, a cafe, a games room, launderette and shower block. I was really surprised at how easy it was to check in and it seemed almost lax. We didn't have to fill in any details and I was particularly surprised that we didn't have to give our car details. I also expected to have to pay a small deposit in case of breakages but we didn't have to do that either. In fact all that happened was that we gave our name and we were supplied with our key!

        Free coffee and tea was available on arrival in the bar and we thought that as that was a nice gesture we would give it a go! The coffee was fine but I did feel that the bar was in need of a major overhaul. It was quite dark and dingy and did not appear to have been decorated for years. However it was home to a pool table and a table tennis table and also a reasonably sized television. The other good thing was that you could pay to be given a code for internet access and you could use laptops in the bar. This was only £5 for the whole week which I thought was excellent value!

        After our coffee we went to find our caravan which we had to drive to up a mud track which really looked as if it was going nowhere. We really liked the position of our caravan though as it with two others (one used by my other sister) was actually away from the main site and gave us a lot more privacy and space. The caravean my parents had was much more surrounded by others and there was not really a lot of space to sit outside.

        I was really impressed with our caravan. It was really well fitted out and pretty much had ecerything you wanted - a good seating/ dining area, a good kitchen, a spacious shower room and two bedrooms - one with a double bed and one with two very thin singles! You had to supply your own bedding and towels but that was OK. It was also a little hit and miss what utensils and equipment you had in your caravan and there was no inventory. We didn't get a corkscrew or any wooden spoons but my sister did - but she didn't get a chopping board and we did. Neither of us got an ironing board but my parents did but no iron! It was all very haphazard!

        The facilities for cooking was very good and we were able to cook proper meals on a gas cooker with no problem. There was also a microwave and a fridge with a small freezer compartment.

        Sleeping in the caravan did not give us the best nights ever. Because the rain was so heavy it was very noisy drumming down on the roof all night. Added to that our double bed had the sort of matress that as soon as one person moved ever so slightly, the other one felt as though they were being tossed by waves. Even worse was on our second night we were woken by three incredibly loud explosions which plunged the caravan into darkness and we discovered that the electricity transformer just outside had exploded. It all flared up and then went out but caused all the power to go off. Then our whole night was interupted by people driving up to sort it out! It just went from bad to worse but that wasn't the campsite's fault!

        Because the weather was so bad we spent more time than we would have liked inside so we were glad to have a decent television to watch the Olympics. However, most nights there was entertainment on such as a bingo night, quiz night, karaoke and a band. These were all a bit of fun and it was amazing how packed out the bar was for the bingo! Bar prices were really cheap - at least compared to the prices we are used to paying in Berkshire! Next to the bar was a very garish loud games room - the sort of place that is every parent's nightmare as all these machines just swallow up money!

        Overall I felt that this was a reasonable campsite which had just about enough going on. Staff were friendly and helpful and we had agood time. However, who wants to be anywhere but home whenh there is constant rain! Maybe I need to go again on adry week to really see it's potential!


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