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    12 Reviews
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      05.01.2017 11:42


      • "Nice cinema"


      • "Poor movie "

      Our Idiot Brother - a film I saw here

      This inane comedy lives up to its title

      Star – Paul Rudd
      Genre – Comedy
      Run Time – 90 minutes
      Certificate – 18
      Country – USA
      Awards – Nominations & Wins
      Amazon – £2.85 DVD £7.07Blue Ray
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      So the joke goes that the comedian is stood on the stage and does his routine only to be greeted by silence. Finally he hears a clapping sound. Squinting through the glare of the spotlight, cigarette smoke and the dark he thanks the person applauding, only to be greeted by the chap responding saying he was ‘hitting the bottom of the sauce bottle’. I know how both parties feel watching movies like this. It was one of those films that only got made because a big star (in this case Paul Rudd) agreed to do it because its one of his mates is directing and their comedian mates want to be in it. Without names a script like this doesn’t even get used to light studio executive cigars. There are one too many of these films around in America right now. I have watched most of them.

      There is no doubt Paul Rudd is positioning himself as the next Owen Wilson/ Ben Stiller type comedic leading man and has done his time with the Seth Rogen-Judd Apatow universe and trying to make it on his own the way in the way Steve Carrell did doing mildly intelligent romcom movies. All have tried to move away from comedy and do more serious melancholic stuff but sure to be back with their tail between their legs, as will Rudd if he over complicates and gets rather too subtle with what he is good at.


      Paul Rudd ... Ned
      Francesca Papalia ... Sadie
      Elizabeth Banks ... Miranda
      Peter Hermann ... Terry
      Adam Scott ... Jeremy
      Rashida Jones ... Cindy
      Zooey Deschanel ... Natalie
      Emily Mortimer ... Liz
      Steve Coogan ... Dylan
      Kathryn Hahn ... Janet
      T.J. Miller ... Billy
      Shirley Knight ... Ilene


      Ned (Paul Rudd), a biodynamic farmer (organic with a twist), lives with his girlfriend Janet (Kathryn Hahn) in rustic upstate New Hampshire. While selling produce at a local market, the rather happy-go-lucky and extremely gullible Ned sells marijuana to a uniformed police officer who spins him a yarn about being overworked and so what have you got’ under the counter’ to combat stress. Ned is then arrested on a charge of selling drugs, for which he does 12 months.

      Ned has three sisters. Pretty Miranda (Elizabeth Banks) is a journalist for Vanity Fair trying to get a breakthrough article published. She is hopeless at finding a man to keep her interest but her neighbor, Jeremy (Adam Scott), has secret feelings for her and vice versa. His second sister Natalie (Zooey Deschanel) is an independent, bisexual hipster living with her girlfriend, Cindy (Rashida Jones), and a hippy pad full of roomies. Liz (Emily Mortimer), the oldest sister, is married to Dylan (Steve Coogan), a snobby documentary filmmaker. Their marriage is failing because Dylan likes to bonk his female subjects. Their son River (Matthew Mindler) is extremely unhappy and unable to express himself because of mum and dads marriage issues.

      Ned is released from jail and returns home to his girl and his dog ("Willie Nelson"). But she has moved on and living with Billy (T. J. Miller), and no longer wishes allow Ned to work at the farm, and keeping the dog. Billy gives Ned a ride into town and tells him that if he can scrape together $500, Janet ‘may’ let him stay in the goat barn for rent on the farm. Ned is up for that and stays at his mother's which he is less than enthusiastic about, soon asking to stay at Liz's house. He is put in River's room and told that he must chuck in around the house and work with Dylan on his newest documentary about pretty Russian ballerina named Tatiana (Lydia Haug), which Dylan is sleeping with.

      Once Ned is unleashed into his sister’s world the chaos ensues and his very honest persona and the fact he is unable to keep a secret sees all the relationships around him quickly under strain. He seems to have a history of this and soon the sisters turning on him for spoiling everything with some home truths. But how can he make it right and more importantly, how to get Willie Nelson back?


      Funny this comedy is not. I chuckled once or twice but the whole thing too subtle and light for me. Rudd creates this likeable and naïve idiot character and then wastes him. It feels like the script has been altered to cater for all the bigger comedy stars in the film and the better jokes ripped out. Its nota stoner comedy though so don’t expect that annoying drugs are cool Judd Atapow thing here.
      Director Jessie Peretz is from TV and this only his fifth movie in 20-years and so the TV approach maybe restricting him. It feels like a sitcom at times. But he worked on successful shows ‘Girls’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ and Nurse Jackie.

      It cost $5 million to make and did $25 million back so a decent returns for mid budget grown up comedy. But it’s nothing special and dare I say boring, which is annoying, considering the cast and set up. The producers would have been better off spraying the DVD cover pink and have Rudd lean on a lamppost with a female lead to sell this. I was hoping for a bit of Dumb and Dumber but instead we got that tired American sitcom feel with a bland script and a lost premise. There is no sense of irony here and you are expected to laugh at the set up, and Rudd’s distinct lack of material to work with shows early on. He wanders through this movie and picks up the paycheck. The whole thing is unmemorable, unsophisticated and all rather tedious and one you will be reaching for the remote control on.


      Imdb.com – 6.4 /10.0 (76,245votes)
      Rottentomatos.com – 68% critic’s approval
      Metacritic.com – 60% critic’s approval



      ===Special Features===

      -Deleted Scenes –

      Quite a few

      -Extended Scenes-

      Quite a few

      -Behind the scenes-

      Cast & Crew talk up their dull movie.


      Globe & Mail –‘Strange, then, how Our Idiot Brother wastes its lone asset -- there's not enough idiot, and far too many boring savants’.

      The Independent –‘Lugubrious, bumbling and sit-com predictable, Our Idiot Brother has a couple of good ideas, no style, an episodic structure and some charming incidental pleasures, not the least of which are the performances, which are good’.

      The Tribune –‘Rudd can play the innocent as well as the snarky cynic, and that serves him wonderfully here.

      The Mail –‘The sometimes mediocre and rote script never falls too far in quality because of the charm of the cast’..

      New York Post –‘The film goes far on its good nature, though it is never more than gently funny’.

      Washington Post –‘Rudd has created a genuinely engaging character in the Candide-like Ned, but "Our Idiot Brother" gives him very little garden to cultivate’.

      Salon.com –‘.It's a warm, intelligent and highly contemporary comedy with just the right amount of edge, a terrific ensemble cast and a big, fuzzy golden retriever ready to knock you down and lick you like a giant lollipop/

      The NY Times –‘'Cute' is probably not the word one would expect to attach to a film with this title, but there is no more apropos term for its gentle comic charm.’



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      21.08.2010 18:49
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      The Vue at Leeds is my local cinema and as I've been at least twice this month, with a third trip planned on Wednesday it's time to review!

      The Vue is situated in The Light complex on The Headrow in Leeds. There are a number of bus stops around and it's only down the road from the train station so it's easily accessible for out of town visitors. The complex itself hosts a number of restaurants, a few boutique shops and the Radision Hotel. It's also next door to the Art Gallery and Library so it's in a prime culture spot of the city.

      But onto the cinema itself, you enter the Light and travel up a set of escalators (or lift for those with pushchairs/wheelchairs etc) to get to the ticketing office. There's the obligatory roped line system that's found in a lot of places (commercialised movement I call it). Once you've waited there's at least six to seven tills ready to accept customers. They take your choice of movie and time and it's also where you purchase pop corn. There's also the option to purchase ice cream or pix and mix as you exit the ticketing system.

      Once you've got your ticket, huzzah! You can now find where your screen is. There's thirteen screens in total and 2,890 seats but I would certainly recommend getting their early as popular films that don't have many screenings during the day fill up quickly and if you arrive late you might not get a seat where you want or with who you want to sit with.

      Ticket prices are fairly reasonable and there's three variations:

      Adult £5.40 £6.45 £7.20
      Child £4.10 £4.85 £5.40
      Teen 13-18 NEW!
      £4.35 £5.20 £5.75
      Student £4.60 £5.50 £6.15
      Senior £4.10 £4.85 £5.40
      Family £16.40 £19.40 £21.60

      The three categories are: 1) Super Saver (up to 25% off) Mon - Thurs before 5pm. 2) Saver (up to 10% off) Fri before 5pm. Mon - Thur 5pm and after. 3) Peak. Sat and Sun. Fri 5pm and after.

      Leeds also partakes in Orange Wednesday which I've found a great way to see some top films this summer. I tend to split the cost of the one ticket you pay for with a friend so normally the price doesn't come above £3!

      The One Problem With Vue:
      Yes there is a fault with this otherwise okay cinema, and it's their VIP seating. I went to see Inception recently with my brother, we made sure to arrive early so that we could sit together and I could get an aisle seat, however, several rows behind us were cornered off for VIP seating only which you have to pay a bit extra for. Now with Inception being a popular film there was a lot of people who wanted to see it but there was only one midday showing. This meant the cinema was packed full and people were being turned away from sitting in the VIP area because they hadn't paid for the tickets.

      I personally don't see the benefit of VIP seating. From all I could see you just got a slightly bigger and comfy seat and a place to put your drink! If it was only a couple rows it wouldn't be so bad but to take up half the seating area is a joke.

      Overall though the Vue is a pleasant experience. The screening areas are clean and not a bad place to spend a few hours of your life to engage in the movie world. I would recommend utilizing the Orange Wednesday offer if you can if not go when it's cheapest because it's not worth spending a fortune on unless you are looking for a treat.

      All in all, not a bad place but I imagine there's better companies.


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        07.02.2010 15:35
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great way to use your Nectar points

        Please note that this review is of the Vue cinema in Meadowhall, Sheffield. But seeing as that one's not on dooyoo, I'll have to post it under the L**ds one... (sorry)

        The wife and I used to have the Cineworld Unlimited cards but gave them up around 18 months ago when it became more of a chore than a pleasure to go to the cinema. We've probably only been to see a couple of films since we gave the cards up, but we both wanted to see the latest blockbuster on the big screen.

        There's plenty of cinemas near to us, but we decided to head over to the Vue cinema at Meadowhall - partly because the wife wanted to go shopping and partly because the Vue at Meadowhall accepts Nectar points as payment for tickets. 1,000 points gives you a free adult ticket which seems pretty good value to me as 1,000 points in Argos would be £5 off your shopping so that makes a cinema ticket £5 - not bad value in my opinion, especially when a normal adult ticket is £5.95 at Vue and a whopping £6.90 at Cineworld!

        One thing I don't like about Vue is that the ticket queue and the confectionery queue are one and the same - you have to queue up at the pick n mix bit to buy your actual cinema tickets. Now I can see why Vue do this (to tempt you to buy sweets whilst you buy your tickets) and I can see why it'd be good for people who want tickets and some food, but for people like myself who don't like to ripped off by paying £3.50 for a bag of Minstrels it can be quite annoying.

        Y'see the confectionery queue moves a heck of a lot slower than a normal ticket queue and this can be quite annoying if you're in a rush to get your tickets and your film is about to start! To be fair to Vue they do have some automatic machines that allow you to purchase tickets from a machine, but these machines don't accept the Nectar card and so we had to queue.

        Once you're actually in the cinema you're treated to the usual half an hour of adverts and trailers before the film actually starts, but this isn't too bad as the seats are just so comfy!

        Overall, Vue is pretty much the same as every other cinema out there, but one major pulling point is the fact that they accept Nectar points making your cinema visit much cheaper!


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          18.10.2009 17:24
          Very helpful



          4 stars

          The Vue cinema, located in Leeds Light shopping centre is a massive multiplex cinema which shows all the newest, and some older films at all times of the day.

          I recently went to see madagascar 2 there and really enjoyed the whole experience, i would recommend it to anyone as it has many different advantages and few disadvantages.

          1. Massive amount of films on - Theres always a film you want to see on. The fact there are about 12 screens really means that you have variety in what you see, which is always useful because going to the cinema is a great social occasion and should not be stopped through lack of film options.

          2. Easy to get to - The fact that the Vue is located in the light shopping centre could not be any more ideal. It makes it extremely easy to both find and get too. Parking in Leeds city centre is relatively easy and getting to the cinema is only a very short walk.

          3. Student rates - This is why i love the place. Just £5 with a student card makes films affordable again. My cinema back at home charges £7 for some showings, and i really think this is extortionate, therefore i was well chuffed by this price.

          1. The only disadvantage with this place is something that you are guaranteed to find in virtually every cinema that you visit across the entire country. The food and drinks are pricey. This is a problem with all cinemas and i really disagree with it. They take advantage of you because they know they have you confined to their premises for anything up to 3 hours. It is inevitable that you are going to want a drink during this time.

          Thus, if you fancy a film and are in the Leeds area, then check out this cinema. I guarantee there will be something on that you want to watch, just watch out for the food prices! Sneak your own in if you can!!!


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          13.10.2009 19:29
          Very helpful



          My cinema of choice, Great times

          I've been visiting the Vue Cinema in Leeds for a good few years now and I have always found it to be a great experience! I used to live about 12 miles away and I had a local Odeon but I always came to Leeds to go to this cinema as it is just so much better than was offered at the much smaller Odeon.

          The cinema itself is located inside The Light shopping centre and it is very easy to find as it is right in the centre of Leeds. There is plenty of parking around the city centre but this can be quite pricey during the day. After 6pm most streets are free to park on so if you are visiting the cinema in the evening, parking nearby shouldn't be a problem.

          Upon entering the shopping centre there are some escalators and Vue is upstairs. The first thing in from of you is the queuing system which can look very long at times, but there are also a lot of till points so don't worry, the queue will move very fast!
          The staff are always very friendly and helpful and as usual in a cinema there are a lot of snacks and refreshments to choose from.

          Here's a Big reason I visit Vue... Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream! This Vue cinema in The Light has a big Ben & Jerry's counter and this can be my biggest downfall! I can never choose what to have because it is so so delicious!
          Mmmmm, anyways, back to the point, the cinema!

          This Vue has 13 screens in total spread over 2 main floors, the 1st and the 3rd. All the screens I have been in are huge and the seating is very stadium like so you could have the world's tallest man in front of you and you would still be able to see the film perfectly!
          The seats are all leather with cup holders and they are so so comfy! I want one in my living room! There is also plenty of leg room for the taller customers.

          All the screens are of great quality and the sound is superb. They also have at least one 3D screens so you can rest assured that you'll be able to see all the latest 3D releases without having to travel further away!

          I find the pricing at Vue a lot cheaper than some other cinemas too and they offer cheaper tickets off-peak during the day so this always encourages me to visit early one my days off, it's much quieter then too!
          And don't forget that if you are an Orange customer, you can use you 2-4-1 vouchers on Orange Wednesdays! What a great saving!

          The screens are well cleaned after each showing and I honestly can never fault my experience at this cinema. I definitely recommend Vue in The Light, Leeds, to everyone!
          Well worth the visit.



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            05.10.2009 12:42
            Very helpful



            An easily accessable and great all round cinema experience

            Having two Vue cinema complexes in Leeds and noting that most people choose the Light; I have chosen to review the Vue at Kirstall Road. The simple reason why we choose this cinema is that it is the most convenient for us to get to and use. Not the closest, but the quickest.

            If I had to pick one I would say that the Light is probably a better complex than Kirstall, having more screens and its just a little more modern and glitzy experience. But to get to the light I have to get into the centre of Leeds and pay to park. At Kirkstall parking is free at the Cardigan Fields Leisure Park.

            The cinema itself is virtually unchanged from when it was a Warner Village, just a few years ago. Through the main doors, you are presented with several pay kiosks which are open at peak times only. At off peak times tickets can be purchased only at the food areas inside the main foyer. This can be a little frustrating at times as long queues can form as obviously those purchasing food and tickets will slow proceedings down. I guess it does make sense though as most people will buy some sort of food or drink while treating themselves at the pictures.

            The other thing worth mentioning is the automatic ticket machines. There are two of these in the reception area and these are for pre-booked tickets only. Now I used to like the idea of pre-booking my tickets; by phone originally and then through the Vue website as the process evolved. My one gripe with this process is that there is a booking fee (called a card handling fee) for online purchases. Now of course this is relevant to all sorts of other websites from theatre to flights, but it still winds me up somewhat that I am being charged a fee for something that actually saves that company money. Anyway, mini rant over, what is the rest of the place like?

            The main foyer has a modern and airy feel about it. There are lots of TV screens high above projecting the same images of whatever film trailer happens to be on. These can be a welcome distraction while queuing for your food, drink or tickets. The number of staff on duty varies greatly depending on peak or off peak times, but there are the usual selection of popcorn hot dogs and Nacho type snacks, complemented with large bags of sweets, chocolates and the ever popular pic n mix. From the ice cream stand there is a good selection of ices, with cold drinks and a range of hot beverages too. My wife and I particularly enjoy a large Latte while at the pictures, as I have noticed of late a tendency to want to fall asleep as soon as I sit down in my seat (I am sure it is a sign of age creeping up on me).

            There is a small selection of amusement arcade type machines in the corner; I have no interest in such things and so cannot comment on this area. Apart from the toilets, which are usually clean and fresh smelling, there is one other item of interest in the foyer; that is a machine which sells and dispenses films in various formats. I have noticed these sprouting up recently in various places. The idea seems to be that you can select from a list of films on a touch screen and purchase in whatever format from DVD to memory stick or media card download. Again I have never tried this, or in fact seen anyone use this facility.

            There are nine screens in the complex and I think numbers one and nine are the biggest. Screens 1 to 5 are accessible to the right and 5 to 9 to the left (5 is therefore accessible from both sides). We try to arrive early if we are seeing a popular film as it can get very busy, and being set in our ways we like to get a particular seat.

            The actual theatres are comfortable and spacious. All are air-conditioned, and in fact sometimes can be a little cold because of this. The sound is of course excellent stereo, if perhaps a little loud, especially during the adverts for some reason. Each theatre is cleaned after every performance and I have never been bothered by someone else's rubbish. The seats all have hinged armrests with the essential cup holder and of course they all fold upwards in the usual fashion. As for the viewing itself, the main feature will never start at the allotted time, instead the adverts and trailers will begin at this time. I find that up to half an hour can pass from the ticketed start time to the actual main performance.

            Ticket prices are as follows:

            Off Peak:

            Adult - £5.10
            Senior - £3.85
            Student - £4.35
            Teen - £4.10


            Adult - £6.10
            Senior - £4.60
            Student - £5.20
            Teen - £4.90

            If booking on line then there is of course that dreaded card handling fee of £0.60.

            For those of you with an Orange phone then consider the Orange Wednesday deal which basically gets you two tickets for the price of one. I am not on Orange but I believe it is a very popular offer.

            As I mentioned in opening, we usually choose this cinema complex as it is convenient (and free) for parking; but to be fair the whole experience is usually very enjoyable. The food and drink is expensive, but then that has always been the case for every cinema I have ever been to since a kid, so you just accept this. In the rest Cardigan Fields Park there are plenty of restaurants such as Frankie and Bennys, Nandos and Pizza Hut. If you like bowling then Hollywood Bowl is next door, and if you are feeling really energetic then pop into Virgin Active for a work out and swim. So all in all I can thoroughly recommend a trip to the Vue at Leeds Kirkstall for a great all round cinema experience.


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              17.09.2009 15:29
              Very helpful



              Definitely recommended for a visit if you have never been.

              I have been visiting the VUE at The Light in Leeds for a good few years now. I now live in Leeds City Centre, therefore its my local cinema and very easy to get to. Even when i lived outside the city with another cinema much closer, most of the time i ended up at the VUE due to it being that much better.

              Entry is through the shopping centre 'The Light' itself. The Light is airy, open, spacious with plenty of other outlets. Very often we head for a drink before or after the movie, and there are plenty of places here such as Browns and Tiger Tiger. There are plenty of restuarants, snack places and a good few shops too.

              But wait! You came here to go to the cinema? Remember?
              Climbing up the escalators you can hear the music from the dance mat machine. You then join the queue directly in front of you which in my experience is never too bad. The only time to make sure you get there very early is on a Wednesday evening due to the massive success of 2 for 1 Orange Wednesdays.

              The staff have a big part to play in keeping the queue down and they do well. They are all usually friendly, helpful and know exactly what they are doing. Buying food and drinks is also done at this point. This is a little bit of a negative as if you had bought your tickets before, the queue can be fairly large.
              They have the usual cinema selection going on. Popcorn, chocolate, hot dogs, fizzy drinks etc. plus they also sell plastic bottles of beer and alcopops which is quite a good idea... although pricey along with everything else they sell. I have been known, however, to swear im not buying cinema food, to only get a craving in the queue and end up paying the money.
              Beside this main ticket desk is a Ben & Jerrys counter selling some amazing flavours of ice cream and some awesome sundaes. Again these are quite pricey, but we normally end up buying some as its that good (and the queue is only occasionally very long!)
              Tip: You can actually buy tickets at this desk, even without buying ice cream. If its empty here and busy at the main desk, just buy from here!

              There are ticket machines in the main lobby area too, which means you can buy your tickets online beforehand and not have to queue up. Although this means you miss out on any potential voucher offers or Orange Wednesdays. Its good for premier nights and new opening films as you can buy days in advance without having to go to the cinema.

              So, to the actual cinema screen themselves! Theres 13 in total, spread over the 1st and 3rd floors of the Light. All are very large, with some being bigger than others. Wherever i have sat though, i havent had much to complain about. (Although front row in the bigger screens can do your neck in a bit after 2 hours!)

              The seats are all arranged in stadium set up, meaning they are all raised higher than those in front of them. Means youill never struggle to see if someone very tall or with massive hair sits down in front of you! All the seats are large, comfortable, have tons of legroom and have a drinks holder.

              The screens are all excellent quality, with great picture and amazing sound. Outside of the IMax, possibly the best cinema setup i have been to, which is one of the main reasons why i keep going back. For big movies such as District 9 or Star Trek, there isnt much better.
              They have also recently installed a digital 3D setup meaning 3D movies such as Pixars Up will be shown in Leeds. Very excited!

              The screens are always well cleaned after each showing, and the rest of the cinema is well kept and always looks clean and tidy.

              The location is good, right in the city centre, so its ideal for getting food or drinks before or after, and therefore its obviously right by all the shops too!
              Another disadvantage though is the parking if you dont live nearby. After about 6pm on an evening, much of the parking in Leeds is free. However, before this it will cost, and the parking in the Light complex itself can get even more expensive, starting at £2.70 per hour!

              Overall, its my favourite cinema in the area, with fantastic facilities and plenty to do round and about. Its just the costs of food, tickets and parking that can make it an expensive trip.


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                06.08.2009 15:39
                Very helpful



                A good cinema experience, but dont bother with the food and drinks.

                The Vue cinema on The Headrow, Leeds is housed within The Light, a rather posh indoor shopping centre in the centre of the city and is located on the first floor being accessible by both escalator and lift. It has a whopping thirteen screens, and the seats are comfortable and have a fair amount of leg room. As with every Vue cinema I've been to, the theatres, reception area and facilities are uniformly tidy and clean, whereas the staff are polite and helpful. A ticket will set you back about seven and a half quid, but there are sizable discounts available to students (with an NUS card), children and OAPs, plus you get a voucher for a couple of quid off your next visit so long as you come back within a couple of weeks. You can also check showing times and book tickets online if you wish, which is straightforward to do and very handy.

                The only downside to the cinema (and indeed Vue cinemas in general) is the prohibitive cost of food and drink, with a large bag of popcorn and a couple of drinks setting you back over twelve pounds, whilst nachos, hotdogs and sweets are even more extortionately priced. Given this, you might want to smuggle in some supermarket-bought canned drinks and snacks of your own instead, as this will dramatically reduce the cost of your visit.

                The cinema's large number of screens and big theatre capacity means that its more than likely that they will be showing the film you are wanting to see and that you will be able to get a seat for the showing you want even at the last minute, but the downside to its size and central location is the long queues that often form in front of the ticket booths.

                There is another Vue cinema located on the outskirts of the city on Kirkstall Road, and though this made national news recently when a group of teenagers poured bleach over a woman after being asked to quieten down during a showing of the new Harry potter film, I have been there numerous times and can report that it is normally trouble-free and just as good as the Headrow premises, apart from the smaller number of screens.

                Despite being a lover of film I dont frequent either complex that often due to the fact that much of their showings seem to consist of derivative, cgi snoozefests and modern american "comedies", but this is hardly Vue's fault, and aside from the outrageous food and drink prices the overall experience is a very good one, assuming you can find a film thats actually worth going to see.


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                07.07.2009 13:31
                Very helpful



                A great movie place which is complimented and thrawted by its location.

                There are two Vue cinemas in Leeds: The Light and Kirkstall. Although Kirkstall is closer to me I normally use the Light due to the good transport links.

                Opening Hours: Films currently run from around mid-day (with the cinema opening half an hour before the first film).

                Last Film: On peak days (Wed-Sat) there are late showings starting at around 22:00-23:00, with new popular releases being shown at 00:01.

                Films shoiwng:
                They have a good range of shows which can be found here: http:// www.myvue.com /cinemas/index.asp? SessionID=F175A3FD63434457 A0CC28616CEC96E3&cn =1&ci=62&ln=1

                The best thing is that starting times are often staggered so firstly not everyone is decending on the 13 screens at once and also if you just pop in there is often a film showing soon that you would like.

                The ticket prices are shown here: http:// www.myvue.com /cinemas/facilities_detail.asp? SessionID= F175A3FD63434457A0 CC28616CEC96 E3&cn=1&ci= 62&ln=1&did=3822

                With an adult at peak times ( after 5pm and all day Sat and Sun) being £6.65. However do remember that there are special discounts avalible (see website and hot offers), as well as student prices and 2:1 orange Wednesdays.

                You can buy your tickets in advance and pick them up at the place (by machine) -although there is a smallo £0.60 card handelling fee. Or you can buy the tickets in person either just before you want to go or in advance.

                All screens are large, with very comfy chairs which all have a drinks holder. At busy times they will allocate you seats so that you don't have to split up to see the movie.
                The main screens (for new realeases) are up stairs, however they do have a lift to make it easier.

                The staff are either friendly or functional. Usually the former, but sometimes you get one which doesn't smile. They are very strict about id and consession cards.

                You can get a host of food icluding nachos, ice cream, beer and the usual pick and mix, soft drinks and popcorn. Like every cinema the main source of income is the food so it is expensive and like every other cinema then they do not allow other food. The reason why they are stricter in some of there searches is that it is in a very busy fast food place so it would be very easy to sneak something in. Although if you can't go 2 hours without a Big Mac/ Subway then you probably have a medical reason.

                There are buses that stop in front of the Light/St john's center (including the 56/95/92/1/51/51A). There are also a lot of Taxi's

                When to avoid the light.
                Friday night at around 7/8 is when the teenages decend and a film we wanted to see at 9 was booked out by 8:30. Plus the line is usaully around 20minutes long at these peak times. Also orange wednesday makes wednesdays exceptionally busy.

                If you are seeing a movie which will end late (11 onwards /10 onwards for Fri and Sat). Then make sure you are comfatable walking around clubbers. Walking from the cinema to the front to get the bus means that you have to walk past Tiger Tiger (a popular club), and you have to wait for your bus around drunken people. This being said however it means that it is actually a very safe place to get a bus home from as there is a high amount of police and general public.

                Things to do with the movie.
                The lights central position means that there is lots to do in town with a movie. My favorites include getting dinner at a local slug and lettice (about 7 minutes walk away), or getting a drink on a sunday night at Tiger Tiger (when Tiger Tiger turns into a rather nice bar). There is of cource shopping to do.


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                23.05.2009 21:34



                As a paying customer you are valued

                I have watched many a film at Vue and have always found the experience to be a good one. The seats are comfortable, but, as is my nature, I like my home comforts, so would appreciate more of a recliner chair, but methinks that may be wishful thinking. I had one incident whereby kids had somehow made their way into an 18 certified movie and were basically making a nusiance of themselves. I allowed them time to behave themselves, but this did not happen. I resorted to alerting a member of staff to the problem. The member of staff assured me this would be dealt with and he promptly came into the viewing area, warned the youths, and left. He returned a few minutes later, to find they were still disrupting the film for others, and immediately removed them. This experience restored my faith in people. Excellent customer care. Go


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                13.02.2009 11:03
                Very helpful



                Prefer out of town cinemas!

                As far as comfort goes, the Vue Cinema at The Light in Leeds is probably up there with the best. The screens have big comfy seats with plenty of leg room meaning that you don't have to spend an hour or so shuffling about to get comfy!

                The picture quality and surround sound is as good as at any other cinema as well and it has adequate toilet facilities.

                The downsides are as follows:

                - Its expensive, its nearly £7 for a ticket, which for one film is quite a lot.

                - They no longer have just ticket counters, you have to queue and get your tickets from where they serve food, on busy nights, like Wednesdays, this can lead to lengthly waiting times. I guess if you want food it means that you don't have to queue twice, but I don't regulary buy food from the cinema.

                - The food is extortionately price, the drinks are watered down and filled with ice to give you even less value for money.

                - Unless you can get free street parking (after 6pm) in the surrounding area's, the parking at The Light is not cheap, so unlike most out of town cinema's you cannot easily park up for free, all adding to the expense....


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                10.09.2008 15:32
                Very helpful



                Good for the cinema but dont buy into the food section

                I have visited VUE cinema in the Light in Leeds many times now. It is in a great location right in the centre of town, and the Light also has shops and resturants so you can really make going to the cinema a whole afternoon/evening out.
                VUE is a chain of nationwide cinemas, but I have only been to the one in the Light so my review is only of that branch.

                The entrance of the cinema bit is quite shabby, there are a few games machines like a dance mat that are frequently played on by kids who after a time get moved on if they do not have cinema tickets.
                There are a few self service machines that are always out of order. One has been bleeping for the last 6 months and they dont seem to have got it sorted. Very annoying if your waiting around in the foyer for your film to start.

                There is a long desk where you can buy your tickets, popcorn, nachos and drinks. There are several tills so even when theres a long queue you dont have to wait too long.
                Theres also an icecream counter of Ben and Jerrys, you can also get coffee here. Ive never actually bought any food from VUE as the prices are so high! For only £8 you can get a large popcorn and drink. Thats nearly as much as 2 cinema tickets! I always pop into morrisons on the way to get sweets or popcorn.

                The staff on the counters are quite helpful and friendly most of the time. If you are a student remember to show your student card for a cheaper ticket.
                There are 13 screens, and most are absolutely massive. Some are slightly smaller but still huge in my eyes!
                Theres no seat reservation so get there a bit early to make sure you can sit where you want to.
                You have to show a ticket to get through to the actual screens, and they will show you where your screen is.
                The sound quality is amazing, and the surround sound makes it a great audio experience. The screens are huge, and often they are quite grainy with normal films without loads of special effects. So a film like Angus, thongs and perfect snogging was quite grainy and didnt work so well on the big screen. However the new Mummy film was great, as was the Forbidden Kingdom.

                Its a great experience, and although you get a lot of kids scared by the loud volume and pitch black darkness its still a great experience.
                The seats are very comfortable and you have loads of legroom.
                The only bad thing is the ticket prices (£6.95 adult) and the food prices (over £3 for a bag of sweets.)


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