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Vue Cinema (Merthyr Tydfil)

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  • Basic multiplex and a likewise film
  • Not cheap place
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    2 Reviews
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      15.12.2016 12:04


      • "Basic multiplex and a likewise film"


      • "Not cheap place"

      Deadpool - a film I saw here

      Star – Ryan Reynolds
      Genre – Action > Comic Book
      Run Time – 104 minutes
      Certificate – 18
      Country – USA
      Amazon – £ DVD £Blue Ray
      Golden Globe – 2 Nominations
      Awards – 6 Wins & 8 Nominations
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      So Deadpool, the seventh highest grossing film of the year so far and the highest R Rated (the old X rated) world-wide take of all time at $786 million, toping Matrix Reloaded (2003). For American only R18 sales it’s the second highest behind the Passion of the Christ (2004). Amazingly they put it together for just $58 million dollars, extremely cheap for a superhero action movie. It was a huge Marvel Universe hit as it was a surprising one for Fox as R rated movies don’t allow kids in, of course, and so no family groups driving up the final numbers. Its Fox’s second biggest gross of all time behind Star Wars Episode 111: Revenge of the Sith. It’s a good job 20th Century Fox didn’t sell the Marvel Universe to another studio (Disney) like they did Star Wars! In fact the film broke a host of opening weekend records all around the world. Sadly the film doesn’t quite live up to those numbers forme.

      It’s from Tim Miller of Thor (2013) and Scott Pilgrim Vs the World (2010) fame and of a similar knowing humor there. In fact this director only does comic book movies. The film has a non linear narrative and along with it’s breaking the fourth wall taboo of talking to the audience and buckets and buckets of sardonic humor its not your normal comic book movie.
      Ryan Reynolds ( BT broadband ad with the helicopter) was the perfect casting to play one of Marvel Comics lesser known but big mouthed superheroes and signed up for the next two Deadpool movies because of the success here. He is the first actor to be Golden Globe nominated to play a Marvel character.


      Ryan Reynolds ... Wade / Deadpool
      Karan Soni ... Dopinder
      Ed Skrein ... Ajax
      Michael Benyaer ... Warlord
      Morena Baccarin ... Vanessa
      Gina Carano ... Angel Dust
      Stefan Kapicic ... Colossus (voice)
      Brianna Hildebrand ... Negasonic Teenage Warhead
      Kyle Cassie ... Gavin Merchant
      Taylor Hickson ... Meghan Orlovsky
      Randal Reeder ... Buck
      Leslie Uggams …Blind Al
      T.J. Miller ... Weasel
      Isaac C. Singleton Jr. ... Boothe
      Jed Rees ... Recruiter
      Hugh Scott ... David Cunningham


      Wade Wilson (Reynolds), a former Special Forces operative working as a mercenary, meets a gorgeous young escort named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) at a local bar and falls madly in love. A year later, Wilson proposes to her, but he is then diagnosed with the ‘Full English’ of cancers and inoperable. Wade detests the thought of her watching him waste away to nothing and legs it.

      His only option is a recruiter (Jed Rees) from a covert organization who approaches Wade in the shadows and promises him a cure for his cancer but conditions attached. Wilson reluctantly agrees. He is taken to a seedy laboratory where he meets Ajax (Ed Skrein) and Angel Dust (Gina Carano). Ajax straps him down and injects a mutation-activating serum into Wilson and subjects him to daily torture, the idea to activate his mutant gene by teasing his tolerances to the max. When Wilson's body fails to respond, Ajax lock shim up in an oxygen chamber, causing him to develop at a worryingly accelerated healing rate that cures him of cancer but leaves him disfigured from head to toe.

      Wilson, extremely pissed off that his beautiful face now looks like pittabread, escapes from his binds and destroys the lab in the process, other men like him still strapped down. He battles Ajax, but relents when Ajax promises a cure. Bad idea as Ajax impales him with a bar and the building burns down to the ground. But the gene therapy has worked and Wade now a mutant with super powers.

      Frightened to return to Vanessa in fear of her reaction, after consulting his best friend Weasel (T.J. Miller), Wade begins the task of tracking down Ajax to get the cure. If he has superpowers he needs a superhero costume and name and so chooses to be ‘Deadpool’, the name of the game they play in Weasel’s mercenary bar. Officially a masked vigilante he ends up living with an old blind bird, Al (Lisa Alggams), someone who can not gaze upon his hideous face.

      After a highway showdown with Ajax and his heavily armed men, Deadpool is interrupted by Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand, who try to convince him to join the X-Men and be more responsible with his powers. When Ajax escapes again it may not be bad idea to join forces so he can get even with Ajax and get his girl back.


      With it’s no linear narrative and taboo of breaking the fourth wall (addressing the cinema audience knowingly during the film) this approach quickly tires. Two hours of it will not be everybody’s cup of tea. Its funny at first but he just won’t shut up and you just want to get back to the action, which there is not enough of, some of the bedroom scenes and romance stuff just wrong and certainly stalling the movie. I understand the girls want to see Ryan with his shirt off but it’s just out of context with the smug knowing feel of the film. But I suppose that’s the point as this is like no other comic book movie and like watching a stroppy teenager, a sort of Ant Man with sex, drugs and cynicism.

      It’s certainly original and the knowing in-jokes sending up the genre are fair enough although I would have liked them to be a little smarter. I don’t know anything about the Marvel character Deadpool and so I’m guessing he is known for this sarcastic approach in print. I’m also guessing that young teenage demographic going to see a stroppy superhero on screen on opening weekend is what really made this do so well and gather great word of mouth on social media. But for me it’s just too much of one thing and not enough of the other to be up there in what is the golden age of comic book movies.

      Visually it’s good and, like I said, amazing that they assembled this for just $58 million. The X-Men tie in was slightly odd and although the knowing concurrent joke on that did make me chuckle a lot of other stuff doesn’t stick.
      I believe all of the new characters have been sneaked into other Marvel movies in the background in the last ten years and are around in the same Marvel universe although Deadpool one of the newer penned ones at just 25-years-old. But the real plus with Marvel Vs DC is Marvel do go big on the humor and never take themselves too seriously and so their films always watchable on that aspect as well as the special effects whereas DC are all too serious and moody, Why Batman V Superman tanked.


      Imdb.com – 8.1/10.0 (550,324votes)
      Rottentomatos.com – 84% critic’s approval
      Metacritic.com – 65% critic’s approval


      ===Special Features===

      -Gag Reel-

      After 2 hours of smug jokes it was the other kind of gag reel.

      -Deadpool: Best of-

      Lots and lots and lots of short extras. They really went to town promoting this film for 6 months and it worked.


      Sydney Morning Herald –‘Irreverent and incorrigible, Deadpool pricks the pomposity of your average Hollywood comic book movie with a delicious laugh-out-loud script’.

      The Herald –‘Bloody and violent in all the right places and outrageously funny/filthy in all the wrong ones, too’.

      New Yorker –‘Watching the film is like sitting at dinner with a teen-ager who believes that, if he swears long and loudly enough, he will shock the grownups into accepting him as one of their own’.

      The New republic –‘Deadpool is obnoxious and puerile and infantile and has an irritating meta tone so snide that it's constantly in danger of nullifying the entire movie -- and I still got a pretty big kick out of it’.

      Independent –‘For all the creakiness of its plotting, this is a Marvel adaptation mercifully shorn of bombast. There is far more bite in its humor than in last year's Ant-Man. Reynolds plays the lead role in an enjoyably freewheeling fashion’.

      Bangkok Post –‘ From the very opening minutes of the film, it is made abundantly clear that Deadpool -- a character in the latest among Marvel's long slate of upcoming superhero films -- is not like any other superhero’

      ABC News Radio –‘ Its been years in the making but fans of Marvel's incendiary, foul-mouthed anti-hero superhero Deadpool are finally getting a film, and it's the movie they've always wanted/.



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    • More +
      24.06.2010 20:46
      Very helpful




      When I was a little girl, I used to look forward to visiting the conema in Merthyr Tydfil. Looking back it was a bit of a dive. Half the time you would have to wait while they fixed the tape. But I loved that intimate cinema, with the ice cream break in the middle of the film.

      Sadly for a number of years, Merthyr Tydfil didn't have a cinema. People didn't use the facility and it fell into disrepair. The grand cinema building became an eyesore.

      Over the last few years, Merthyr Tydfil has had a major revamp. It now boasts a retail park that hosts a number of excellent stores. But more recently, it has developed a leisure village. The old leisure centre has been knocked down and a state of the art leisure building has been erected, complete with a huge swimming complex. Next door to this leisure centre is the very impressive vue cinema.

      Vue cinema Merthyr is very state of the art. From the time you walk in you know you are in for a great experience. It offers both comfort and excellent entertainment. It's 8 screens showing all the latest movies.

      The first time I went to this cinema, I was suprised at it's vastness. It is also kept in the highest standard with all areas cleaned and monitored. The staff are all turned out in a smart uniform which somehow adds to the professional ambiance. I have been to this cinema a number of times, I have always noticed that the staff are very accomodating and helpful. They are also very efficient and manage to work very fast in order to keep the queing time to a minimum.

      The prices for the cinema viewings differ from £7 at peak times to a great £5.40 on off peak times. You can also take advantage of a family discount ticket which I believe is just over £24. It is worth visiting the website before visiting, as they occasionally have special rates. Also they have Orange Wednesdays where people can take advantage of the buy one get one free offer.

      Not only have you the great choice of films on offer, You also get to choose which type of seating you would like. For a small extra fee you can sit in the vip seats, these seats are leather and offer the utmost in comfort. However I have to admit, after seeing these seats I don't think they are very different to the normal seating apart from the leather material.

      If you are after a more informal evening, you may wish to choose the bean bag seating. This seating is right at the front of the cinema. Black leather bean bags which look cool and contemporary. I think this seating is aimed more for the teenage age bracket. I wouldn't fancy sitting on these bean bags for long.

      Another important factor, is that there is excellent disabled access. All cinemas are easily accesable. Every where in the cinema is wide and flat. The front of the cinema offers ample room for wheelchairs. I also love the way that the wheelchairs are not pushed into a corner, but incorporated onto the end of the first row. Which must make it a far more pleasurable experience for the wheelchair user.

      Not only does the cinema offer the customers the chance to see the latest films. There is also a kids club which runs on weekend mornings. It also runs every morning throughout school holidays. On these mornings, the cinema offers children and accompanying adults the chance to visit the cinema and watch a fairly recent film for 95p. The film shown are a few months old, but still new and modern. Ususally a film that was screened in the main cinema a couple of months previous.

      My daughter loves the kids club. Both her and her friends meet there and get to watch a movie and have a bit of independence all for 95p what a bargain!! What I would advise is that you book in advance for these films as it does become fully booked very quickly due to it's popularity.

      You can also pre book all other cinema tickets via the internet site. Or if you prefer you can book your tickets via the computerised machines in the cinemas foyer. This will save you the queing. However there are plenty of till area open if you wish to pay a cashier.

      One thing that lets this cinema down is the cost of the refreshments. I think that it is a complete rip off. I understand that in cinemas the prices of sweets and popcorn are inflated, but I think that the prices in Vue are crazy. I will not pay £5 for a small bucket of popcorn when I know I can get a huge bagfrom the local supermarket for a £1. Also I will not pay £3 for a bag of maltesers when I can again get these for a £1. So I always take a great big handbag with me and smuggle in enough provisions to keep the kids happy. I know this is not what your supposed to do but unless they lower their prices to a more acceptable level, this is what I will continue to do.

      Apart from the popcorn, Nachos, hotdogs,sweets and pop. They also have a Ben and Jerry's stall which again is very expensive. However well worth the parting of your cash as the icecream is divine.

      I have noted that there is a no nonsense approach in this cinema. I witnessed teens being asked to leave once for being rowdy, which I thought was very efficient as it didn't reproach on our viewing pleasure.

      All in all I am very impressed with Merthyr Tydfil's vue cinema. There are a couple of issues which could be improved. The cost of provisions for one. Another bug bear of mine is that it is always really cold within the cinema. I take a big cardigan with me as I am often freezing!! But apart from them little problems I am very pleased with our state of the art cinema.

      They have also just introduced a 3d cinema screen which is excellent and offers a whole new viewing experience. Well worth a try.


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