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Vue Cinema (Newcastle-under-Lyme)

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4 Reviews

Multiplex cinema chain. Address: High Street / Newcastle-under-Lyme / ST5 1PT / Telephone: 08712 240 240

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    4 Reviews
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      04.04.2010 11:18
      Very helpful
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      Definately recommended 5/5

      Vue Cinema in Newcastle- under- Lyme used to be a Warner Bros Cinema until a few years ago, this is the only cinema I visit in the area, we also have an Odeon but I find this cinema so much better! It's easily accesible, only a 5 minute walk away from the bus station and there's a three storey car park which is pretty big attached to the cinema charging £1 an hour, limited at £4.

      In the entrance to the cinema there is a Subway and Pizza Hut, so whether you want to grab something quick before your film or sit down for a meal after your film there's something for you. Also, if you take your cinema ticket to Pizza Hut you can get buy one get one free on take out pizza's which is good to know.

      The choice of food at Vue is really something else, they have a huge pick and mix section with at least 60 different types of sweets, obviously popcorn, drinks, chocolate, candyfloss and crisps but they also now have nachos served hot and many of these can be bought in conjunction with eachother for a lower price. The food is still expensive though but as you're in Newcastle under Lyme centre there's plenty of other places you can go to get some treats. There's a 99p Stores literally 2 minutes away which have taken advantage of being next to the cinema and stock all the cinema goodies you'd expect for a very low price me and my friends always stock up on food and drink there and put it into our bags before we go into the cinema.

      The ticket prices are pretty expensive but then it always is expensive to go to the cinema and Vue have plenty of offers on. They participate in Orange Wednesday's which is 2 for the price of 1 cinema tickets for people with an orange phone. An adult ticket at peak time (Sat and Sun and after 5pm on Fri) is £6.95. Mon to Thurs after 5pm and before 5pm on a Fri it's £6.25 for an adult. Mon- Thurs before 5pm it's only £5.20 so it does benefit you if you try to go in the day. They also do child, senior, student, family and teen tickets for people between 13- 18.
      They do Kids AM tickets, children can see a film on a Sat or Sun morning for 95p in school holidays.
      There's also a cheap Tuesday card, for free membership you can see any film all day Tuesday for £3.85.
      Senior Citizens can see selected films on Monday afternoon for £3 with free tea and biscuits
      If you're 16 or 17 and have a student card it'll be more expensive than if you have a teen ticket so you might as well get a teen instead.

      A member of staff pointed this out to me, which leads me on to my next point, how friendly the staff are. They're always willing to help and are very cheery unlike some cinema's I've been to where the staff just seem to grunt at you. The cleaner's at Vue are also very good and they're always waiting to come in and clean when your film's finishing so it's nice and clean for the next screening. There's 8 screens so they must have a good cleaning team! The toilets are also always clean, and there's plenty of cubicles and sinks so it isn't crowded even at busy times.

      The screens themselves sit around 200- 300 people with about 10 rows of non- tiered and the rest being tiered. The seats are very comfy, I have been known to fall asleep whilst not enjoying a film! The only thing I would say is that it can sometimes be a little cold, but my friend's never seem to notice it as much as me. They've recently introduced VIP seating at Vue, 2 rows in the centre of the cinema have deep leather chairs that look really comfy they're only £1.25 to upgrade and you get more leg room so I might try this out sometime soon.

      Overall, I'd definately recommend Vue in Newcastle- under- Lyme, it's comfey, the staff are friendly and it's clean. It may be a little expensive but there's plenty of discounted rates available and you can't beat a good trip to the cinema!


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        25.11.2009 21:21
        Very helpful



        Go and See If You Live Close

        Me and my boyfriend have been coming to this cinema for quite some time now, so I thought I would tell you all about it!


        Obviously on an orange Wednesday it is half price so this would be about £3.00 each which is great! On a normal day for a 2D film it is £6.80 for an adult, £5.10 for a child, £5.45 for a teen, £5.10 for a senior and £20.40 for a family! Then for a 3D film it is £2.00 extra and also for an over 18's screening (usually later at night when they serve alcohol) it is £1.00 extra!


        There are eight screens at this cinema:

        Screen 1 : 242 seats .

        Screen 2 : 236 seats.

        Screen 3 : 272 seats.

        Screen 4 : 319 seats.

        Screen 5 : 373 seats.

        Screen 6 : 206 seats.

        Screen 7 : 198 seats.

        Screen 8 : 241 seats

        There is also an arcade section inside the cinema, food and drinks are available, pick 'n' mix sweets, toilets and a Ben n Jerry's ice cream section!!


        The cinema is always very clean, the seats would get into a mess if rubbish was always left but cleaners come in after every screening which is great! The seats are also very comfy and you will not get back ache in them :) It's hard to cuddle my boyfriend though as there is an arm rest in the way :(

        Where is it located?

        Vue is located at:

        The Square, Market Arcade, High Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme
        ST5 1PT

        Under the same roof there is a Pizza Hut, Subway and a hairdressers where models are always required!! I have seen the same sign there for ages..Try It!

        Anyway, there is a link cash point inside the cinema but it charges you £! something for withdrawals so it is best to go out of the main exit, turn right and there are some cash points that are free!!

        This cinema shows the newest of films and has lots of screening until late at night. We recently went to see Twilight New Moon at 10.00pm on a Sunday and there were still people around, the cinema was actually quite full.

        There are 2 or 3 disabled bays in each screen so it makes it more accessible for everyone.

        There is a multi-storey car park that leads straight into the cinema. It charges £1.00 an hour but after £4.00 this a flat rate.

        Overall, this is a good quality cinema and I would recommend it to everyone who loves films!!! 5/5


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          17.01.2009 15:47




          VUE staff are all dressed in uniform and work hard, VUE offers food such as popcorn,nachos, and sweets which kids can pick up pick and mix as well, Inside their screens are pretty big and a lot of people do come here especially on Friday nights, The only bad thing I can say about VUE is the fact they do not offer much films as other big cinemas like UCI.

          Most of the staff are young but are too good with their jobs and do a good job of tidying up the mess left inside the cinema, all my visits here never been to the cinema being a mess at all, after each movie finishes cleaners clean up properly to make sure customers are very happy with their seating given to them. really can't think of any negatives, every visit I've made to the Kirkstall road VUE has been enjoyable and I can't wait to go back again and again!. I can recommend you take your family and visit a movie to this cinema.


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          26.11.2007 14:41
          Very helpful




          I am a massive fan of going to the cinema and when I find a nice cinema I do tend to stay around and carry on returning there to see all of my films. When I found Vue cinema in Newcastle then I was extremely pleased to find a cinema that is well looked after, clean and that the screens are fantastic so now I always go there. In fact I was there last night which is why I am typing this review up so I can share how good this cinema is to everybody.

          So first is location and this cinema is Newcastle Under Lyme. Newcastle is a sweet little town in Staffordshire and is quite sweet in terms of its nice architecture and shops. With good bus links Newcastle is a nice place to go and you can get there quite well if you are around the Stoke-on-Trent area. We live outside of Stafford but still choose to travel to this cinema even though it is over half an hour away.

          The cinema is in the centre of Newcastle and very easy to find. From the outside you will see a sign for it and there is even a pizza hut in there so if you are hungry then you can just grab something before or after the film. As you walk in there is a great picture on the walls in black and white. This shows lots of stars from films and has taken them years to complete and trust me it does look very impressive.

          The cinema is very clean looking with bright white walls and nice dark blue carpets. There are bins everywhere so you can dispose of your litter. There is a big parking area if you want to park and it does cost £1 per hour you are there. You get a token as you go in and pay at a pay station on your way out.

          The ticket booths are nice here and there is a rail going around so people can queue properly with no cutting in. Tickets are £6.20 each which is good considering you are in a good cinema. They do orange Wednesdays whish is good so buy one get one free. Then student discount gets you about £1.50 off which is not that bad.

          There are toilets with loads of them and they are well looked after which is great. Then there is a nice shop which sells your popcorn, drinks and snacks which always smells lovely. The prices are quite standard cinema prices so what you expect really but again there is a good queuing system and everywhere is nice and clean. In this area there are seats to wait on and film posters all around so you can see what's coming out. It all looks very posh to be honest.

          You get your tickets checked as you go through to the screens and if I am correct there are about nine screens there. Each screen is signposted clearly and you walk in and they are massive. The screens are huge and they have great surround sound. Also the best thing about this cinema is the seats as you go in and they are so tall that no matter how tall the person is in front you will still be able to see the screen. They are big seats and have cup holders and are so soft I will even describe them as comfortable which is unusual for cinema seats.

          Now lights will stay on until the trailers start before the film and the cinema does go very dark which of course is very good. Then the film is shown on the full screen and honestly it is so huge. The sound is always good and I have never had a problem with any film we have been to see.

          Now cinemas in my opinion are usually cold but this one is actually quite warm which is nice. Because you are at a nice cinema too, you don't usually get people making any noise while the film is on which is great as I have yelled at so many people for it.

          In conclusion this cinema is great. It has everything you need and always has the latest films on and showing times are usually evenly spread out during the day. We always go here and have done for quite a few years. We have found another nice cinema now but out of the two I would always choose Vue.

          Thanks for reading.



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