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Wolverhampton Airport The Flight Centre (Stourbridge)

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Address: Bobbington / Stourbridge / West Midlands / DY7 5DY / UK

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2008 22:20
      Very helpful




      A couple of years ago, I went through a really bad time and suffered badly with anxiety. Thinking this would never go away I woke up one morning and decided to change my life do something that I alway wanted to do. To be honest I couldn't really think of anything that I really wanted to do and then something jumped into my mind, I wanted to fly.

      I have always loved aeroplanes, just being a passenger in one had always been enough for me. I just loved the feeling of taking off, the noise the engines made when the jets kicked and the speed that they set off along the runaway get left my heart pumping and I really used to get a buzz off that.

      Doing a little bit of research of what was available I came across the Flight Centre at WOlverhampton Business Airport. I had been in contact with many flight schools but this one took my fancy and me a male friend who had been helping me through my tough time decided to take the plunge and book a flying lesson.

      The Flight Centre offers many courses to become a qualified pilot and also offers flying lessons. Based at Wolverhampton Business Airport, formerly Halfpenny Green Airport, the school has three runaways and has unrestricted air spaces. it is ideal for anyone wanting to take a flying lesson, or as a gift for someone, or even if you fancy taking this as your chosen career path, they also offer commercial pilot training.

      On the morning of our lesson, I was so excited I could hardly wait. My mate Lee picked me up and off we went. I had no idea what to expect and with him being a bloke I just automatically assumed that he was going to be good at this and I was going to make myself look stupid. We arrived at the airport and their is a small building with a couple of small aeroplanes knockinga round. As we went in, we checked in and were told to have a seat in the waiting area, we were a little early and sitting their waiting gave me plenty of time for the butterflies to kick in.

      We were both then called into a little room and introduced to our instructor pilots. We went through a short briefing which consisting of safety information and generally a little bit of insight on how to fly a plane and within 5 minutes, that was it...those words..... let's go!!! My stomach was in knots and I could hardly believe I was doing it.

      We were both taken outside and two planes were ready for use to jump into. The planes we were going to fly were PA28 Warriors. These are four seater planes and you are allowed to have someone sat in the back as a passenger. I was asked if I wanted to take off first or second and I chose second. I wanted to see Lee go first. Haha.. I had got heels on too, as always and trying to climb onto the wing of the plane to get inside was somewhat funny.

      I was guided through information of the plane and how to use the controls and how to speak to my co-pilot mid flight. He then switched the engine on and the propellors started to go round, no going back no that was it. The PA28 Warriors are dual controlled and you can swap over control of the plane at any time, you have two pedal in the footwell, one for turning left and one for turning right. We started to move towards to the runaway, the pilot telling me what to do when taxi-ing. He then handed contol over to me and I found it really difficult as I am used to driving a car and started to use the pedals similar to how I would drive, instead of the them going left and right. Eventually I got the hang of it and we started to move closer to the main runaway. The pilot takes off for you and until you are up in the air at a certain level, he will then hand over to you. To be honest it is really easy and I loved every second of it. The lesson lasted for an hour and we flew around, he even did a loop which I didn't like because the gravity is nasty as squashes your face. Haha. After an in the air, and being told that what i had done in my first lesson was the equivalent to people on there fourth, I was higly impressed and had found something that I enjoyed and was good at. he even let me part land the plane, which was so scary knowing that i was in full control right until the very last minute.

      Lessons cost in the region of £150 per hour, and I have had a few since and I am seriously considering when work settles down taking this up fulltimes and going for my pilots license which takes in the region of 45 hours training. I treasure my initial certificate that I got and to be honest it changed my life because that was the one thing that I could think of for months on end.

      If you have ever thought about doing this I would definitely recommend the Flight Centre. They were so friendly, patient and in general very nice people. Absolutely Fantastic!!!


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      Established flight training organisation with qualified instructors.

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