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Victorinox 09023 Outrider

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Manufacturer: Victorinox / Type: Multitool

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2012 15:35
      Very helpful



      Good value, high quality swiss army knife

      - The Knife -

      Over the years I have owner a large range of swiss army knifes used for travelling, garening and as a general tool around the house. I have owned the tiny little ones which are great for trimming nails and several of the larger versions. In my opinion this model is by far the most useful and doesn't overcomplicate with tools you don't need.


      The main blade is a large locking blade about 11cm in length. The lock means that the knife stays in position when you inevitably slip trying to cut something too thick. Although it isn't perfect as a locking blade and there is still a chance of the blade closing, the lock is an essential safety feature which makes using the blade far easier.

      Possibly the most used attachment on my knife is the corkscrew. I keep the knife in the kitchen draw so it's ideal when I want wine and can't find my proper corkscrew. There is no lever to pull a cork out of a bottle but a good tug does the job easily.

      A can opener is a vital component for travelling, as ring pull type cans are rarely availbale when backpacking. There is a certain knack to using this type of can opener, but I'm confident I could beat a regular tin opener!

      The scissors are useful for cutting thread, nails or smaller items. They use a small springy strip of metal to open after making a cut so are not suitable for strong cutting as this metal can bend.

      The Nail File and Toothpick are slotted into the plastic sides of the knife. In my case these are incredibly easy to loose and the plastic toothpick is never very appealing to use.

      The woodsaw is useful for cutting larger things where the knife cannot be used. It will blunt eventually, but has lasted me and often been usefull for getting through small tree branches.

      The one item I don't think I have ever used is the reamer/wire stripper (apart from as a small pokey implement, for which it is perfect). I am sure it is a good reamer, but have yet to find myself in a situation where a good ream is required.

      Another addition is the keyring allowing the knife to be secured to your keys or belt. Very useful if like me you find it impossible to keep track of your posessions.

      In my opinion, the above included features are more than adequate and they are of a decent size on this knife to make them useable. Other swiss army knifes include magnifying glasses, pens and suchlike. I think these are less useful and make the knife bulkier than necessary. This Outrider is an ideal compromise between functionality and size.

      The Outrider is made by Victorinox who are the well known swiss army knife brand (and easily the best). The knife is well made and has aged well. The tools all pull out easily and have shown no deterioration. I'd advise keeping the knife clean and oiling ocassionally to avoid corrosion in the long term.

      The knife is made from stainless steel and plastic, making it lightweight and durable.

      The Outrider is available on amazon for £26.32 which is very good value for a top quality swiss army knife. I believe I paid more like £30 which I thought was more than reasonable.

      A compact, lightweight, high quality swiss army knife. It contains all the essential tools and none of the gimmicky add ons. Well priced and good value.

      Remember if getting a swiss army knife for travelling to put it in hold luggage. I've lost a few of the small ones by leaving them in my pocket!


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  • Product Details

    A Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is a combination of solid hand tool and inventive creativity. A characteristic feature of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is its multi-functionality, which makes it indispensible for many of life's situations. All Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are made from first class stainless steel and are guaranteed against any defects in material and workmanship.

    The Outrider Swiss Army Knife has a large locking blade, a corkscrew, a can opener with a small 3 mm screwdriver, a bottle opener with an automatic locking screwdriver and wire stripper, a reamer/punch tool, a keyring, tweezers, a toothpick and a woodsaw.

    These locking knives are extremely robust and lightweight, and are specially developed for the police, fire service and army. The lockable screwdriver is particularly sturdy and well-suited to opening containers etc. The corkscrew is also suitable for loosening knots and storing the mini screwdriver.

    Size: 111 mm /4.3/8in long.

    Colour: red.