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Disney Pixar Cars 2 Skittles

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Brand: Disney

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    1 Review
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      08.01.2013 19:16
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      An average skittle set

      My son is cars mad, and as the second movie came out just days before his birthday a lot of the presents he received were car branded. To be honest I hadn't planned to buy these skittles as we have owned a number of different sets in the past, but it was a choice of paying £3.95 for delivery or paying the extra £1 to receive this skittle set with free delivery instead. They are only available from the Disney store as I believe they are exclusive to them.

      The skittles

      The skittle set comes with 6 soft pins and a soft ball to match. The outside of the skittles are a shiny thin layer of plastic that holds the soft cushion of the pins inside. The ball is also soft meaning the whole set is very light and great for younger children. The bright colours mixed with the characters from the film means my son recognised that these were Disney cars skittles straight away. They are based on the second film, so your child will only recognise the characters printed on these skittles if they are a fan of the second movie. The age recommendation is three years plus which I do agree with as they can be difficult to set up even for older children. My two year old son can chuck the ball at the skittles once it is set up, but he finds it impossible to set the whole thing up without knocking down the rest of the pins. There is nothing for younger children to hurt them self on, no choking hazard, and because the ball is soft I don't even need to worry about it hitting the wrong target.

      In use

      The skittles are a lot smaller than other sets that we own. I was surprised at the size of them when they arrived but this did not seem to bother my son. As the material is prone to creasing, and the shapes of the skittles are not solid it is difficult to set them at the floor. There has been some effort made to keep the bottom as flat as possible, but as there is only a small area to balance on the floor my children found it challenging to set all the pins in place. This means it takes a while to set the game up and prolongs the fun, but it can also become very frustrating for little one having to pick them up over and over.

      Outside the skittles were even worse. As you need an extremely flat piece of ground it limited the places that they could be played with. Then even on a warm day in July, the skittles were falling over with even the slightest bit of wind. My son decided to give up trying to play with them outside, and so they were put back inside while he occupied himself with something else. As the skittles are a lot smaller than other sets it also means they are a smaller target. There is still a wide enough area to aim at, and it is more challenging than other sets we have owned. My children actually loved this and it means each game is more interesting.

      What my 5 year old son loved is that there were a mix of characters on the skittles, rather than just a few of the better known ones. He thought it was amazing and began finding his cars that matched the skittles so he could learn how to read their name. Not a usual way to play with skittles but it still provided a lot of fun for my son. He also used them at the side of his race tracks, or to form road blocks so he definitely gets his use out of them. They also have numbers written on each pin so that they can be placed in order. This proved to be very important to my little girl, and she would not allow anyone to play if the numbers were not in the correct order.


      We purchased these for £5 from the Disney store website. There are different character options so if your child is not a fan of cars you should be able to find something to suit them. Usual price is £10 but they are often on sale. I would recommend these skittles but only for indoor use. They proved to be useless outside and are difficult to use inside but my son loves them and that is all that matters. All three of my eldest children like this set and they do use it a lot. It can become frustrating as the pins are difficult to stand up, but practise and persistence mean this set still receive a lot of use. I was a little worried as the stitching looked a little rubbish when we first received them, but they are as good as new and can even be wiped down.


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