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ELC Weeride Balance Bike - Red

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Manufacturer: ELC / Type: Outdoor Play Equipment

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2012 00:26
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      Great first bike for toddlers

      One of the rights of passage for any child is riding a bike without stabilizer wheels and I can still remember my dad sneakily taking them off while I was out with my mum and my horror at finding my bike with only two wheels and the inevitable fall offs that followed. Our little nephew who's now 6 really struggled last year when it came to learning to ride without the stabilizer wheels. Although he was fine when they were on it took him ages to learn to ride without them and it really upset him that he couldn't do it when his friends could and he started to avoid even going near his bike. After yet another trip to the park with his dad to try again they seen a little boy in the park at 3 and a half riding his bike without stabilizers. My boyfriends brother asked the dad how they had got him off stabilizers so early and was surprised to find the boy has never had stabilizers on the bike. The answer according to the dad was a balance bike which he'd bought when his little boy was two. When my boyfriends brother told us about this we decided it would be a great idea for his younger sons 2nd birthday if we chipped in with my boyfriends other brother and sister bought him this between us rather than buying separate presents. After looking at a few different balance bikes we decided to buy the Weeride as it had more features and was more adjustable than the wooden bikes we were considering before finding this The balance bikes have no pedals or chain on them so the child just pushes along with their feet the same way as they did on a sit on push along toy with 4 wheels. The child feels secure despite having only 2 wheels as their feet can always be in contact with the ground and they learn the basics of balancing and steering the bike without having to pedal at the same time. Most kids will start to gain confidence and speed pushing along then start to lift their feet so by the time they get a pedal bike all they really have to master is the pedal part as they have already got the rest sorted. The Weeride has a tubular frame and the step through bar is low so it's easy for toddlers to get on or off and it comes with a padded saddle which is adjustable to suit your childs height and mountain bike style handle bars with padded grips. There's also a set of mudguards which is really handy since there seems to be an invisible force that attracts 2 year olds to muddy puddles. The bike we bought has a white frame with blue handlebars seat and wheel rims rather than the red one shown in the picture and there's also a girls version available which is pink and purple. The bike needed some assembly/adjustments such as straightening and tightening the bars when it arrived but it was apparently simple to do and ready to go in around ten minutes. The recommended age for this bike is 18 months upwards and it sits roughly 12.5 inches high from ground to seat with the seat at the lowest setting. According to Weeride the bike weighs 3.75 kg which although not too heavy it's still going to be enough to hurt a little one if it lands on them. One of the things we liked about this was the fact it had 10"air/foam filled tyres while solid tyres might not get punctures you feel every bump or stone you go over so air tyres are a better choice especially with the pavements round here. The bike also has a rear brake which means toddlers can get used to using a real brake like they will with a pedal bike but as there's no front brake there's no danger of pulling too hard and ending up face planting the pavement either. We were slightly worried after we ordered this online as we then found some pictures which show the bike with a front brake instead of a rear. Thankfully the Weeride arrived with a rear brake so I'm guessing the front brake may have been on a previous version of the bike Our nephew Jamie loved his new bike and like most younger siblings he wants to do everything his brother does so he got the hang of this very easily and by the end of day one was happily push riding it round the garden. Within a few weeks he was already trying to lift both his feet of the ground when he had got the bike moving mostly due to wanting to copy his brother who pedals fast then sticks his legs out to freewheel along. The only part of this bike my nephew didn't quite get the hang of to start with was using the brake. His big brother spent ages trying to teach him to use the brake instead of using his feet to stop which was funny to watch as he couldn't get the hang of it and would use his feet to stop then pull the brake on after he'd stopped. I'm amazed at how fast my nephew can get this to go he likes aiming it down the slight hill at the local park and showing you how fast he can go with his feet off the ground. He does get a little bit too confident at times and his speed skills are still better than his ability to stop which has led a couple of minor accidents mainly involving the hedge at the bottom of the park but thankfully nothing has been injured apart from his pride. The bike has lasted quite well considering it's been in the hands of a 2 year old. After over a year of use there's only only a few scuffs to the paintwork and some wear on the saddle and ends of the handlebar grips where it's been chucked down or leaned against walls. Jamie's now had the bike for just over a year and his dad is planning to get him his first real bike this summer. He intends to take the stabilizer wheels off before he gives him the bike in the hope that riding it will come to him naturally due to the time he has spent riding the balance bike. After watching him over the last year with the Weeride I've seen Jamies balance and coordination improve through riding this bike so I'm pretty sure he's going to have very few problems when it comes to riding a pedal bike in the summer. I think the Weeride bikes are a great way to get your child started out on 2 wheels. From what I can remember the bike cost us around £55 when we bought it but our friends have just bought the same bike for their daughter and it only cost £45 including postage to buy it direct from the Weeride website at www.weeride.co.uk.


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      This brightly coloured balance bike with a two-tone seat features an easy step through frame, brakes for extra safety, mudguards, safe non-slip hand grips and puncture proof tyresWeighs 3.75 kgs. Age range: 2 - 4 years.