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Fliker 5 Green and Black Scooter

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Manufacturer: Fliker / Type: Scooter

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2012 17:04
      Very helpful



      A purchase I am very happy with, and my son is even happier.

      A few years ago this type of scooter was the current fad, and everyone had them. Fads come and go and these are not quite the rage they once were, but they remain a popular toy, and rightly so as they are good exercise an so much fun.

      We had bought my son a Vtriker a couple of years back, and he really loved it so much. Unfortunately, it is held together by a bit of plastic that breaks easily, and although my son was hurt when his scooter broke - his tears were for the Vtriker not the injuries. I did not really want to buy another Vtriker after finding out that this was a common fault, as these scooters can reach some speeds and the possibility of very serious injury exists, so I began looking about for a safer alternative. What I settled on was the Fliker line, as they have all metal where the top part joins to the legs of the scooter, making this appear very unlikely to break.

      When we went to Smyths Toy stores to choose a scooter, the salesman recommended a smaller model, as this was for my son's Christmas gift, shortly before his 7th birthday. The recommended age on this scooter is 10+ and this would suit an adult even. He wanted this one though, mainly because it was green, but also because it said on the box that it could reach speeds of 25 kilometres an hour, and he thought this would be the fastest of the scooters available. It was the most expensive model, naturally, but I really don't mind paying a bit extra for the larger one as it will take much longer to outgrow. We did try this out in store, and he has had no problems with this in regard to size, so I'm glad we did choose the biggest model, but he just barely fits this one. My youngest, at almost 4, is really not able to use this, but we do still have a smaller scooter for him. My sons friend at age 6 can barely manage this. I would not recommend this for a child much younger than 7. There is no maximum age, although it mightn't be advisable to zip down the street on this at 82, but there is maximum weight recommendation at 100 kg 0r 220 pounds. I expect most children will be well under this. This company also makes a wide range of scooters, so if this one is too large for your child, there is sure to be another model that will suit.

      My son didn't get a great deal of use from this at Christmas, although he did brave the cold to get it out for a short while. With slightly better weather now though, this has really come into it's own, and my son does really love this. I can't say exactly how fast this goes, but it does pick up some speed going downhill. I'm glad it has a front brake just in case, and this does remain stable even at high speeds. He has not managed to crash this yet, despite taking it up the biggest hills he can find. This works very well going downhill or on a flat surface where you swing your body back and forth to build up speed. You do not need to ever push along with one foot like with older scooters. This is meant to be an excellent form of exercise as well, and it does target the waist area. It is difficult to use going uphill though, and with a steep hill, the children end up walking this up. While a smooth pavement is ideal for this, it will work on very rough tarmac. Obviously this will not work on grass or gravel.

      The main issue I have with this scooter is size. It does take up quite a bit of room if it is indoors. They do advertise that this folds flat easily, and it does fold flat, but you have to unscrew the bolts, and my husband is concerned that unscrewing it to fold it and then tightening it up enough may eventually strip the joints. Either that or he is too lazy to do it all the time. I wouldn't be happy for my son to be loosening and tightening bolts all the time though, in case he doesn't tighten the screws well enough and it collapses while he is riding it, so this stays in the upright position. If I turn the wheels in, this is still roughly 35" long, 26" wide, and 43" tall. While I do wish I could fold the legs together to make this easier to store, I still prefer the build of this scooter as I believe it is much safer. The metal construction at the where the legs join the handle is what prevents this from folding like the VTriker, but it also prevents it from snapping at this junction as well - and safety is well worth a bit of inconvenience.

      This scooter is currently on sale at Smyths for £84.99, which I believe is the price we paid before Christmas. The Fliker 1 sells for £59.99, but the Fliker 3 is currently on offer at £54.99. These do come flat packed and require assembly, but my husband says this took under 10 minutes and posed no difficulties. I was not home at the time so can not use my usual difficulting rating based on swear words during assembly.

      My son says we have to give this 5 stars as it is the fastest scooter ever. I may whinge a bit about it taking up so much space, but he does love this, I have every reason to believe it will last for several years, and it is very good exercise as well, so I'll give this 5 stars as well.

      The manufacturer does recommend the use of a helmet and safety equipment with this, and I think it goes without saying that parents need to insure this is used where the child will not be endangered by traffic - or pose a danger to pedestrians. I do hate things like this zipping out in front of our car - this can be dangerous if used carelessly.


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