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Gelert Electric Pump

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Manufacturer: Gelert / Type: Pump

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2012 17:53
      Very helpful



      No more having to blow it up with your mouth... unless you like that sort of thing

      You know the feeling? It's one of those very rare hot days in the UK, the sun burning down on the ground, blistering the tarmac on the road, causing it to stick to the rubber tyres of the passing traffic.
      You're sat in you garden trying to catch a bit of the sun before it dips back into the clouds for the rest of the year.
      Sadly though, the kids are moaning about being too hot and are pestering you to get the inflatable pool out of the shed so that they can have a bit of a paddle to cool off.

      You try your hardest to ignore them but after three hours of 'Mum...dad... can we?...can you?...will you?' you decide to get the pool out, especially as you've remembered that this time round you don't have to inflate it using that foot pump that took you five hours to inflate last time it was sunny. This time you know that all the hard work of getting the pool up will be done for you as you bought one of those electric pumps that simply stick into what ever needs blowing up and fill it with the air it needs.

      And it is a certain electric pump that I am going to tell you about here, one which I was given a while back and have found it to be quite useful in situations such as inflating paddling pools, rubber dingy's, those inflatable beds and more.

      This electric pump is made by a company called Gelert, who, to be honest, I'd never heard of before setting eyes on this product, but, after a bit of a search on line I've discovered that Gelert specialise in such things as camping equipment and have been going for quite some time now, since 1975 in fact.

      Anyway, this Gelert electric pump is in fact more than a pump...
      What I mean by that is that it not only inflates such things as beds and pools, it also deflates them as well, taking a matter of minutes with no effort from the user at all, unlike the old fashioned foot pumps or, even worse, the hand pumps.

      It's not magical, nor is it packed with modern electronic surveillance equipment which takes the experience of a NASA agent to get going. In fact it's pretty basic looking, which is exactly what it is, basic, being a sturdy black plastic casing with an inlet valve and an outlet valve as well. The mains lead is a couple of meters long, but as there are many lengths of extension leads on the market a metre of mains lead is good enough for those jobs at the bottom of the garden.
      It sucks air in one valve and blows it out of the other, which is how it manages to inflate and deflate, you just push the adapter on which ever valve you need, be it inflate or deflate.

      The extra bonus of this one is that it comes with three different size adapters which covers most size holes, so there's very little that this won't inflate, or even deflate.

      Using it is a breeze, you just plug it into the mains, select the adaptor that fits what ever you're inflating/deflating, with all the adaptors simply slotting onto the valve outlets. Then flick the little switch to on, that's it, you'll be inflating or deflating in no time at all, and as you don't have to stand there holding the button to keep it going you can leave it to do its business, leaving you time to get on with other things.

      I can't tell you exactly how long it takes to pump things up a it's all down to what you're actually pumping up. But, for example, I can get a small swimming/paddling pool up in less than 9 minutes and a double size bed in about five minutes.
      And as there's no effort at all involved there's no chance of building up a sweat, which is a bonus indeed.

      The one downside is that it is noisy, very noisy indeed, sounding something like a jet fighter taking off an aircraft carrier in a hurricane. Only kidding, but it is loud, believe me, and I wouldn't recommend using it at night.

      In all, this is indeed great for things like paddling pools, dingys, airbeds in fact, anything that needs air pumped into it,

      It sells for the low price of around £10.00, which is great value indeed and is well worth having in the shed just in case you decide to get that inflatable paddling pool out next time we get that day of sunshine that we get each year.

      © Blissman70 2012


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