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Injusa Police Max Tri Bike 6V

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Injusa / childrens trike.

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2010 20:46
      Very helpful



      A brilliant bike with an unfortunately substandard charger.

      This bike is no longer available for sale new, which is a good thing, but was produced in large numbers and the bike itself is very well made, so many are still around second hand, or you may even have one yourself, in which case, please read on.

      We acquired this bike second hand about four years ago. It was an instant hit with my oldest son, who absolutely loved it. He was under two at the time. He still rode it occasionally until it was sadly consigned to the rubbish heap this summer. My two year old was heartbroken when this bike died, and we ended up buying him the Spiderman quad I reviewed a few weeks ago.

      The bike itself is very sturdy and well made. Although the plastic shield part over the handlebars feel off easily and eventually the mud flap as well, the bike itself was indestructible, and brought many hours of joy to my sons. It had a fairly good speed for an older rechargeable bike and was able to tackle grass and somewhat bumpy terrain as well.

      It did have one serious flaw though, that I have since learned was not unique to our bike. The charger supplied with this bike has a tendency to melt and burn. Ours was found out before a fire started, but the plastic part of the charger which connects to the battery melted completely leaving bare wire exposed that I suspect might be very very dangerous to touch. In searching for a replacement charger, i discovered ours was not the only one to melt or burn, and so must conclude this to be a very serious safety issue. In fact my main purpose for reviewing a product that is no longer made is to be certain if anyone has one, they are aware of the risks.

      Without the charger issue I would give this toy 5 stars. Because I believe this could cause a house fire or possible electrocution of a young child though, I must deduct 4 giving this the minimum 1 star allowed. If anyone has one I would advise that this never be left to charge over night or unsupervised and always be charged somewhere that little hands could not come in contact with the charger or wires. Replacement chargers are available, but in the neighbourhood of £40, it is questionable whether it would be worth buying a new charger or better to just buy a new bike. The charger in question is a large green charger with Injusa 6v clearly labeled on it.

      Sadly not recommended even though it was well loved.


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