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Intex 10 Ft Easy Set Swimming Pool

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Manufacturer: Intex / Type: Outdoor Play Equipment

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    4 Reviews
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      17.07.2013 21:41
      1 Comment




      I bought this pool today thanks to the beautiful British weather(!) and came straight home to set it up. (i only got out of it 10 minutes ago :P)

      It came in a large-ish cardboard box, complete with instructions, DVD, Filter and a puncture repair sheet.

      The pool was quite easy to set up although we never did manage to get all of the creases about of the ground sheet lol. But this was fine, of course.

      It took around 45 minutes to fill with two hoses. Initially when looking at the picture, i did not believe it would be 30 inches deep once filled, due to the sides being bubbled outwards. But believe me, it is DEEP! Definitely 30 inches.

      The top ring was easy to pump up and only took a few second with a foot pump which i bought from Agros. But i do believe it would still be quick to do by mouth.

      At 10ft it is huge, i could actually swim in it. OK, i was LEARNING to swim [embarrassed face]

      There really isn't much more i can say about the pool except that i love it even more than my car! This is by far the BEST thing i have ever spent my money on, it is well worth the price. If i were ever to put a hole in it (God forbid) i will be straight out buying another one.

      Pool party at my place Saturday night, you're all invited!

      Oh, thank you Intex for this absolutely, fantastic, fun, amazing, brilliant pool! Extremely happy customer, highly recommended. A*


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        22.03.2011 11:49
        Very helpful



        A great pool that will last you summer after summer!

        Okay, so since moving here, we haven't really had the chance to get this bad boy out as the garden was one big slope, not much use trying to put a pool up on that I can tell ya!
        We have been making do with smaller pools but they just haven't been the same.
        I first bought this pool whilst living at my old house, where we had a massive garden, split into 3 levels but all levels were flat.
        I used to set this up (yes me, with no help from hubby!) on the patio at the top of the garden as it was pretty much a sun trap and the water would get to a nice temperature.

        These are so simple and easy to set up, you simply inflate the top ring, flatten out the bottom to get rid of any wrinkles and put the hose pipe in. It's also necessary to get in when there are 2" of water to flatten the bottom out again.

        To be honest, I didn't really see much of a difference with the filter being switched on or off so we used to leave it off, so I can't really comment much in this, however we had no choice but to change the water every 2-3 days as the kids would drop bit's of food in the water and it would be so ewww!
        Maybe if I had banned the kids from the pool and just kept it for us adults then maybe the filter would have been of more use?

        The great thing about these pools, is that no matter what age you are you can enjoy it. Far from being stuck in a paddling pool you can actually have a lazy float around in one of these! The first one we had was a 12ft one and I was devastated when my next door neighbours dog decided to have a good old chew on it!
        I think the bigger the better with these type pools although obviously you have to get the size to suit your garden or wherever else you plan to put it.

        My boys went on holiday with my parents when we bought this pool, and we (me, hubby, my cousin and her hubby) were meant to go to the beach one Sunday.
        Hubby had set the pool up the day before to make sure it was all okay and ready for when the boys got back the following week. He hadn't however put it down and rather than go to the beach, we went to Asda, bought in a load of BBQ food and alcohol and had a little party in the garden before heading out on the town!
        I have to admit we were in one hell of a state, what with sunburnt knee's from sitting in the pool, burnt shoulders and lobster coloured faces. We drank way too much but had the most fantastic night ever that night! The pool held up against our drunken antics thankfully!

        When the boy's returned from their holiday they saw the new pool and were really excited. Bearing in mind they didn't get back until late in the afternoon, my eldest stripped down to his boxer shorts and cannon balled straight into the pool!
        My boys are quite rough and run down the garden and leap into the pool and we haven't had one break yet. At first they do seem to look a bit flimsy but it's surprising quite how tough they are!

        I paid around £40 for my 10ft intex pool from a discount warehouse a few miles away from where I live, I also got a free solar cover for the pool which is basically a blue circle of double layered bubble wrap that helps keep the heat in the pool and heat up the pool when it isn't in use. They are quite handy and I would recommend purchasing one of these to go with the pool.
        They are available on Amazon priced at from £40, but have a look around and you may get a bargain.

        They do take quite some time to fill but that is only to be expected with a pool of this size, it does also seem a bit wasteful when emptying the pool but I used to take a few buckets out for the plants etc.


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          07.06.2010 16:58
          Very helpful



          Be prepared to be splashed

          About six or seven years ago that I decided to purchase an Easy Set swimming pool. It was a year when The U.K. had a very hot summer. I don't have a massive garden but felt that this would be something to provide plenty of family fun and would cool us down at the same time. I bought my family's pool online as they weren't as easy to buy then. Now they are easily available and have gone down considerably in price. I paid around one hundred pounds then, but now these pools can be purchased for around the thirty pounds for an eight foot pool, and around fifty for a ten foot. I believe if you shop around you will get a good deal.

          If you are undecided on which size to choose I would suggest that you measure out a piece of string to the diameter, e.g. 8', 10' or whichever you are considering and then go around this in, your garden, in a circle to help to visualise how much space the pool's circumference will take up.

          These type of pools are available from www.Woolworths.co.uk at reasonable prices, Toy'rus, Argos, T.J. Hughes, Poundstretcher and numerous online outlets.

          The 8' pool (8' diameter) is the size that I chose owing to my husband complaining that our garden wasn't big enough for a larger pool, but I believe this was a mistake and would recommend for optimum fun to go for a 10 foot or, if you have room, a 12 or even 15 foot pool. The bigger the size the more they cost but, I think, if you enjoy summer days in the garden then you'll get your money's worth with one of these type of pools. Providing, of course, the weather is kind.

          With the eight foot pool three of us have sat in it, just cooling down and having an ice cold drink. Ours is 31" in depth which is adequate but they get deeper with larger diameter pools. If you decide on a 12' pool you will be able to swim a few strokes and more so with a 15'. A 15 foot pool does require a large garden as you need space to move around the pool.

          These are great for children and they could even learn to swim in these, but I would be very careful with young children, as these look like a paddling pool but are much deeper and difficult for little ones to get out of. Adult supervision is vital. Remember also that because these pools need to be left up for a few days as, owing to the large amount of water used, and the time taken to fill, they aren't like paddling pools where you would empty every or every other night. Please consider whether you can ensure safety with this type of pool.

          Before we purchased ours, my husband laid patio slabs at the end of the garden to provide the flat even surface required. After a few uses we found this wasn't a great spot as our next door neighbour's trees overhung it and so, we had the problem of leaves falling into the pool as well as the tree giving too much shade and so not enough sun to heat the pool. Therefore, since we have just chosen different spots on the lawn. Bear in mind though that this pool when full is extremely heavy and won't do your grass much good. I don't mind too much as I figure the grass manages to grow back and it's best to have the sunniest spot possible for the pool.

          My set came with the pool, a filter pump (recommended to turn this on for an hour or two every day to filter out small pieces of debri), a ground sheet (to lay under the pool to provide extra protection for the pool), dvd and instruction booklet. The package is approximate 6.5 kg and this is heavy so it will take two people to carry to and from the car or to take inside, if delivered.

          I also purchased, separately, a solar cover which is a like a large sheet of bubble wrap, but this does help to warm up the pool. I also thought it worthwhile to buy a debris cover (night cover) to stop things getting in at night and to keep the pool clean. The debris cover has a drawstring so fits snugly around the rim of the pool.

          I was lucky enough that my (much wealthier than me!) cousin was having a permanent pool built in her garden so she gave me her old pool heater. This attaches alongside the filter pump and takes cold water out and warm back into the pool. It makes quite a difference to the water temperature but on a really hot day it isn't needed.

          The pool is of reinforced plastic/vinyl type material. It is strong. We've had toys and plastic chairs in the pool and it's still fine. Our dog has also jumped in and furiously swam to the other side and it's stood that test too.

          To install you must flatten out the groundsheet, lay the pool as evenly as possible and then (a necessity) attach and turn on an electric pump/inflater. The top ring will quickly fill with air and then place the garden hose into the pool and, as the water level rises the pool rises with it. It does take an hour or two to fill as a large capacity of water is required. Of course, larger pools take longer to fill.

          I also bought a chemical starter kit as the pool should be chemically treated to keep the water clean. This seemed complicated at first but you soon get the hang of it. Dip strips are included to test the water, and there are also other methods available such as, a floater which can be adjusted to dispense tablets.

          You can buy a net to skim out leaves from the top of the pool, and invest in a pool vacuum. I would only bother with a vacuum (suction pump) if I had a 15' pool or larger.

          If you decided on a large pool a ladder can be purchased. Prices vary but they can be found on EBay, Amazon, Toyrus etc. I wouldn't pay more than £30.00.

          This blue pool looks lovely on a hot day in the garden, next to the garden chairs.


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            10.12.2009 12:37
            Very helpful



            Great Fun, but have a strong back and a strong wallet.

            So here is a step by step guide of how to prepare, use, operate and enjoy said pool. I now have 4 years of experience under my easy set pool management belt. That translates to installing it and de-installing it a total of 8 times. By the end of this review, hopefully you will appreciate this makes me some kind of guru.

            I naively thought this was a big kids (or indeed adults) paddling pool. When it arrived, I realised just how wrong I was. This is a serious bit of kit. In the title of the product where it says 10ft in diameter as its key dimension, it literally does mean 10ft diameter! Now of course I know what 10ft looks like, but here's a tip, IMAGINE in your head what 10ft looks like, then in reality add about 50%. You will probably come close to the actual size of this thing. "10ft wide" in reality is a LOT bigger than that "yeah it's only 10ft wide" in your head. For a while I was toying for the 15ft one. Thank goodness for budgetary constraints!

            Step 1: Recovery
            You will need to get over the shock of the size of it. It will be useful to get in depth discussion, counselling and opinion from your neighbour, partner, postman, anybody willing to listen...

            Step 2: Preparation.
            Although it is sold as a simple concept; 'easy set'. I think that it refers to the fact that it is indeed maybe an easier alternative to digging 50 tonnes of soil out of the garden and laying foundations, waterproofing and tiling a permanent swimming pool. But according to my definition of easy, it notches up a couple of notches above easy. Easy for me would be to flick a switch and Bam! It is ready to go. This is not quite the case: You will need a level garden, you will need a huge amount of old carpet or ground sheet to put down on said garden to protect from punctures, before you then lay your pool on top, and you will need to say a loving farewell to the grass underneath; you wont be seeing that again! Within 10 days of installing, the grass was as dead as a dead thing.

            Step 3: Installation.
            Firstly there is an inflatable ring that runs around the top lip of the pool. This is about 20cm in diameter. It effectively floats as the water rises, drawing up the sides of the pool. Of course this ring arrives un-inflated. It is recommended in the instructions you buy an electrical pump. "Ha!" I thought. "I don't need an electrical pump." 100 exhausting puffs later with absolutely zero to show for it (remember this ring is also 10ft in diameter) and I had a rethink. Not wanting to pay for or wait for a electric pump, I entered the garage and created mastery the A-team would have been proud of. My Halfords free standing bicycle pump, if you unscrewed the end, fitted the nozzle of the ring perfectly (about 2.5 cm in diameter). Ok so it took a good couple of thousand pumps, but it's only the upper ring around the top that needs pumping up and being a bit of a scrooge I personally think that's a waste of money for a electric pump. But it's your call. Just don't try to do it by lung power alone. Installation time could well be extended by several hours, and you could well collapse. Once the top ring pumped upped and primed. I found the stopper needed a ring of masking tape around to be a perfect fit.

            Step 4: Filling
            Ok so we now we are ready for water - put about an inch in, and try to pull out any wrinkles in the bottom you can. It is harder than it looks, but once you have all the water on top of the wrinkles, there is absolutely no chance of getting them out. It would be helpful to get a second person here to pull the other side. Now is also a good time to not forget to install the pump - literally put filter in, and connect hoses. Now it is wrinkle free, and pump (still switched off) is attached, it starts to get simple. Turn on tap, put hose in pool and wait.... And wait.... And wait.... And wait.... It took the best part of 4-5 hours to fill up. That's about 1,000 gallons. Won't somebody think of the water bill?!

            Step 5: Playtime:
            Wait for the kids to come home from school! This IS for them - right? Smaller kids may need a step to get in to it as you aren't supposed to compress the inflatable ring at all. But it is big enough for a couple of adults & kids to have good fun in it. Suggestions for games = pool wrestling, Find the coin, Whirlpool. (Try to get as much water spinning around as you can and then float back and you have your own equivalent of a lazy river). You can even go swimming in it. Or my personal favourite; send kids to bed on a hot summer's night, get cold beer, relax under water.

            For £70 it really is worth the money. However. £50 doesn't even to begin to cover what you need.

            Step 6: Maintenance & Expense.
            If you go down the carpet route - you can probably get some for free, We did this the first year, but it looked a bit chavvy. And it smelt of wet carpet over winter, so went for a tarpaulin the next year: £10.
            You will also need a cover to stop bugs 'n leaves 'n stuff getting in (actually even with the cover you will still manage to get in): £10.
            You also need a pool cleaning kit compromising a net and suction device for the hose (to clean the top and bottom of pool respectively): £15.
            You will also need to find, from a pool shop or an e-pool shop, some basic pool chemicals. Again here was me thinking that it was a simple case of a chlorine tablet now and again. Wrong! I had to buy chlorine powder (weekly), a chemical to raise the PH of water to optimum level for chlorine to work (weekly as necessary) or if you live in area of opposite water acidity/alkalinity you will need a chemical to lower the PH of water (weekly as necessary), algae remover (fortnightly), a kind of flash out (cleans everything out) (monthly) + test strips: £30-£50.
            You do get a puncture repair kit with it... But I didn't actually get a puncture until year 3, by which time the measly stick of glue had gone off so had to Ebay some more: £5.
            In addition the filter will need to be regularly washed and replaced once a year: £10

            Plus whilst on the subject of money, 1,000 gallons of water + top ups isn't cheap and water companies aren't smart and will whack your monthly direct debit up expecting that is your monthly usage from now on. Also the electricity to run the pump for 4 hours a day over the summer (I confess I didn't run it for this long.. or every night. My bad, but it seems like overkill to. If you value your arms and lungs will you go for the electric pump £25-£40. Oh and don't forget a box or 2 of grass seed and compost to re-seed that lawn! £30.

            Suddenly that £70 pool fast becomes £250!

            Step 7: decommissioning.
            So it's Autumn. It's cold, miserable and your shorts have hibernated along with the desire to be outside in cold water. Now comes the herculean task of taking the pool down. It does have a stopper. You can connect a hose to the stopper, but the weight of the water in the pool does not exert enough pressure to force water through the hose at any speed. I found that undoing the filter hoses and stretching them to a nearby drain or flowerbed worked for the most. After that, resorting on bailing, and basically flooding the garden. It is a mammoth job. Especially that last 30 cm's of water. Once it's all out, dried and packed away, the job is not over as you now have a crop circle in your lawn. Only the centre of the circle, having been compressed by a tonne of water ithe grass has now turned to silage. And smells that way aswell. Yummy. Digging it over, raking, seeding is your next task, and let me tell you the enthusiasm of your swimming buddies to be involved with the pool has also hibernated.

            So do I recommend it? Yes. the kids love it. + the adults can have a bit of a laugh in it to. But, and it is a big but. Be prepared to put in a lot of hard work & money to set it up, keep it going and take down. In addition, and this is a 4 years down the line hindsight. This summer was fairly pants, the Summer before was double pants, the summer before that was triple pants. In a naff summer - nobody is out in the pool, dippings may stretch to 10- 20 in the season. That is a lot of effort and expense for not a lot of use. And so you are rather at mercy to the English summer which lets face it, is as dependable as a Labour government.

            Originally written for amazon.co.uk by myself. Reworked and reworded for use here.


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