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Intex 8 Ft Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool

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2 Reviews

Brand: Intex / Type: Water Toys / 244 cm wall to wall diameter / ready for water in 10 minutes.

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    2 Reviews
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      05.04.2011 03:27
      Very helpful
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      Overall A Really Good Buy.

      Last Summer I bought an Intex 8ft Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool from my local Netto. It was well priced at 49.99 - Including a filter system! I was 8 months pregnant at the time, the weather was scorching hot and I could just imagine myself being able to laze and cool off in it so it was more an impulse buy!!

      When I got the pool home it took me all of 15 minutes to read the instructions and blow the outer ring up. What took me the longest after that was working out where I would put the thing!!! I am not very good at judging measurements and tried to fit the pool into my back yard - which is not as big as I pictured in my mind when buying the pool!!! It is flat ground though which is one of the reccomendations in the instructions to keep the water evenly distributed and the sides up.
      In the end I just managed to fit the pool in (sort of triangle shaped!!) with cushions around the inflated top ring to stop it catching on any of the walls and bursting!

      As soon as that was done I was all ready to jump on in, but first had to fill it. Once the ring is inflated, a hose should be put in the centre of the pool to allow the water to gradually fill it, lifting the ring up with the level of the water until there is enough in it for it to stand freely - an easy task.....or so I thought! The water pressure in my house is not that great so I thought that it might take around 2 hours......how wrong was I, 9 hours later, freezing my big baby bump off in the night air - it was only half full. I resigned to the fact that I would have to complete the rest the next day - which took another 6 hours!!!! 15 hours in total for me and 3 hours total for my sister who also had bought one as she was pregnent too and needed some refreshment. In my opinion, 3 hours to fill a 2500 litre pool is a bit much, especially if you have children waiting to get in, maybe another hose would help.

      I had two fabulous days in it all to myself, until my children arrived back after staying with grandparents, promptly jumped in - fully clothed I might add and took over the entire pool!! I left them to it and within 10 minutes it started to deflate, one of them (and I still don't know which one) had bitten a hole in the top ring and it was rapidly lowering, allowing the water to start and spill over the edge!!!

      I am afraid that is as far as my personal experience with the pool goes as not long after my baby was born so we were too busy to use the puncture repair kit that came with it to fix the pool and we just boxed it back up ready for this year - I am determined that it will stay up for the whole summer this time and I have bought some accessories to go with it because even though I didn't have much time using the pool, I found that it seemed to attract every insect within a mile radius overnight so I have purchaced a pool cover off e-bay for 9.99 which I hope will keep them out overnight as the pump just doesnt seem to catch may of them in the filter.
      Also I have been tols that it is advisable to look into getting a Water Treatment Aid to keep the water fresh throught the duration that the pool is up, which I most definately will do as I cannot cope with having to keep refilling the pool, not at 15 hours a time!!!

      Overall (with a limited experience) I think that the pool is great value for the price and size, it would quite easily fit two adults and 3-4 children thus providing a very happy entertaining summer for all.

      I would recommend this pool to all and also would recommend not only investing in the extras that I mentioned but also in a good few puncture repair kits - JUST IN CASE!!

      This Pool is available on Amazon for 49.99 and Includes Filter Pump.


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        20.08.2009 18:26
        Very helpful



        Good fun but has a few disadvantages.

        I purchased an 8 foot easy set pool in June. My pool holds roughly 2500 litres of water.

        The pool must be positioned on totally flat ground to ensure the weight of the water is distributed evenly and prevent the walls of the pool giving way. This was a slight problem for me as practically my entire garden is on a slight slope.

        After finding what seemed to be the flattest part of my garden I began setting the pool up. It was very simple to set up, just simply inflate the top ring and fill with water. It took around 3 hours to fill using a standard garden hose (2 hoses would have come in very useful!)

        The pool is great fun to use, for both kids and adults! The 8 foot version can comfortably fit 5 or more adults, and even more kids. The depth of my pool is 60cm fully filled - so just over half a metre. Younger children may find this pool a little deep but under supervision it would be great for learning to swim.

        It is a nice size pool, its big enough, but not so big that it takes over your entire garden.

        This pool will provide hours of fun on those hot summer days.

        There are some downsides to it though...

        When I bought this pool I assumed it was just a case of filling it with water and leaving it out for the summer. A pool of this size is too large to keep emptying and refilling every week. So if you plan to leave this pool up for the duration of the summer you will need to invest in some water treatment. I learnt this the hard way after having the pool out for a week and the water turning green!
        I then had to empty the pool totally and scrub all the algae off before I could refill it and add some treatment. I purchased the chlorine free treatment called 'Aquablanc Plus' from tesco for around £25 which has been working well for 1 month now.

        I experienced problems with mosquito larvae as I didn't have a pool cover. When I purchase the pool I bought it on its own. Many packages were available which came with covers, ladders, filters etc. I had great difficulty finding a pool cover separately and I eventually found one from tesco direct for £3.97. Since I have been using the cover and the water treatment I haven't had any trouble with mosquitoes.

        My final complaint is the temperature of the pool water, even on sunny days the water is very cold and sometimes unbearable but maybe I'm just a wimp! Heaters are available for this type of pool for around £60 but to use the heater you need the filter which again is more expense.

        Overall these pools are great fun but you should consider all the extras you will need, I'd say buy a set with most of the extras like a cover and filter because in the long run it will save you money.


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