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Jumpking Bouncy Castle

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Manufacturer: JumpKing / Type: Outdoor Play Equipment

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2012 21:38
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      My girls are bouncing

      I take my Grandma shopping every week and generally she finds little items to buy my two daughters however a few months ago we walked into the front doors of Asda to find this bouncy castle straight in front of us and she immediately asked me to put it in her trolley.

      The bouncy castle had originally been £89.99 but they had put it on offer at £79.99 although the price never went back up and it remained at the front of the store for about 6 weeks. I have only ever seen this bouncy castle for sale in Asda and even looking online it doesn't seem like it is available anywhere else.

      The bouncy castle came packaged in a tough cardboard box and it wasn't too hard to get into with a pair of scissors although of course you need to be careful you don't cut the actual castle. On the side of the box there is a picture of the bouncy castle and then the following information,

      Age Range 3+
      Brand JumpKing
      Material Oxford PVC Laminated & Oxford Polyester
      Dimension (Height) 152.4cm
      Dimension (Width) 182.88cm
      Dimension (Depth) 183.5 cm

      Inside the box there is a the bouncy castle which is rolled up and packaged in a tough plastic feel bag with a zip fastening, the bag for the castle is really strong which is a good job as when rolled up the bouncy castle is really quite heavy. You get the pump for blowing the bouncy castle up with it too which I think is great as it means there is no extra cost and you are all set to go.

      The bouncy castle takes about a minute to set up, you unrolled it out on the ground and it is square in shape, from the back of the square there is a chute which is elasticated at the end and this goes over the blower. There are two ties to fasten around the end of the blower and if you don't fasten these the chute comes off and the bouncy castle deflates which I found out the first time I tried to put these up for the girls much to their dismay. Once connected you need to turn the blower on and it will inflate and be fully inflated within about a minute and then you have to leave it connected to the blower to keep the castle up.

      The castle once up is square in shape, it is bright red, yellow and blue in colour so id unisex, it has netting around all three sides and then netting at the front with a zip down the middle so that you can zip the children in. Where the zip is to secure the children into the bouncy castle there are also two black clips at the bottom to make sure they can't slip underneath. When the zip is open the children has a little slide to use to get off the bouncy castle although it is only small both my girls love going down. There are 4 pegs which come with the castle to secure it to the ground although I find it quite hard to use them and have to try and put my full weight on them to get them into the ground.

      The bouncy castle is supposed to be for ages 3 and up but my 2 year old uses it and to be honest she was only 1 when she first started using it and she loves it. We never leave the girls together unattended on the bouncy castle simply because they fight and would injure each other but Sophie who is 5 is capable of playing unsupervised on it and of course it's great exercise for children.

      When we first put this up Sophie was up in her bedroom which looks out into the back garden, we connected the blower and shouted her to look out of her window as we turned the blower on. I think it took a few seconds for her to register what was going up in the garden and then she ran, I had to remind her to walk down the stairs otherwise I could see her coming head first down she was that excited.

      Both girls love this bouncy castle, Emily hadn't really worked out how to jump when they first started playing with it and it was funny to watch her bend her knees to bounce rather than actually jump, she found it really funny to sit down and let Sophie jump around her bouncing her up and down. Sophie has always loved bouncy castles so through the summer she asked for this out near enough every day so it has had loads of play already.

      The bouncy castle is really strong, the girls like to play running from side to side and when they first did this I had visions of the castle tipping over but it stays upright no problem, the netting is really strong and very fine net so it keeps the girls safe. The girls have had major fights and the bouncy castle and there is no damage and you can feel the material it is made from is really thick.

      When you have finished playing with the castle you simply turn off the blower and untie the castle from it, if you let the majority of the air ease out itself and then roll the castle from the slide at the front you get rid of the rest of the air. I find it quite hard to get the castle back into it's bag so I tend to leave my husband to do that but that is just because it is heavy and if I had to do it I would manage it.

      Both my girls are thrilled with this bouncy castle, it isn't massive so I wouldn't allow more than 2 children on it at once but it is plenty big enough for my girls. This was really good value they have had loads of play out of it and they both never want to come back inside when it's out. I would recommend this bouncy castle I rate it 5 stars from 5.


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