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KidCool Trike with Adjustable Push Handle

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Brand: KidCool / Type: Children's trike with push handle / Suitable: up to 5 years

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2011 15:33
      Very helpful



      An excellent tricycle both my children have loved.

      When my oldest was only 2, we bought him a Thomas the tank tricycle. The wheels split in half and we got a new one, but the wheels split again. They are made of plastic and the seams which hold the two halves together just will not hold up to outdoor use. We then decided to look for a tricycle with proper wheels, which was easier said then done as cheap plastic fall apart wheels seem to be the most common at the moment, and the brand that makes Thomas the Tank makes many of the other tricycles as well.

      However, my husbands friend happened to work in a automotive and bicycle shop so we decided to drop in and see if they had tricycles as well. They had this one, but in yellow. It still had the black seat ( with little flame decals which my son was clearly impressed with, and the black basket ( which my husband immediately removed, thinking it made it look like a girls bike). They also had this in pink, and by the picture above I can see it was made in white as well.

      This tricycle is intended for use up until age 5. It does not give a minimum age, but my oldest was under 3 when bought this and my youngest started using with the push handle on a bit before he turned two. It does not have a seat belt though, so I would not recommend this for much younger than that. We did have one boy of 10 try to ride it, but he wasn't really getting anywhere. My oldest is 6, and could still go on it for a few minutes, but his knees are well up in the air. I would really say this would suit age 2-4.

      This tricycle has a 10" front wheel and is slightly larger than most of the other trikes we looked at. the seat is not adjustable, and I do not have exact measurements right now as once again my sons have absconded with the measuring tape. I would guess about 24".

      Both of my sons have really enjoyed this tricycle, and a number of neighbourhood children have had a go on it as well. It has had plenty of use, but for the most part it looks almost new. One of the flame stickers has peeled away a bit at one corner, and there is a bit of painted scraped where the push handle attached. The wheels are still in excellent condition and I'm sure this tricycle will do for many more children after my own boys have outgrown it.

      The one fault I found in this is the push handle. This attaches with a plastic clamp that will not tighten properly. The shop we bought this from was aware of the fact, and said they were all like that, but knocked the price down accordingly. My husband removed the clamp and wrapped the frame with several layers of duct tape which helped quite a bit, but this was still very awkward for parent to push and almost impossible to turn.

      Another issue is that this can tip if the boys try to make a turn at the bottom of the hill with much speed. I can't really say is a fault, as I think it is an issue with all tricycles. I don't really think they were built for downhill racing. Like most tricycles, this does not have brakes.

      I am not certain the exact price we paid, I believe it was about £40. It was certainly more than the Thomas trike, but well worth it as it has lasted so much longer. I am very well pleased with this tricycle and give it my full recommendation if you want a trike for a child to ride on their own. However if plan to push the trike around a great deal by the handle, I would look for another model.

      I also notice that this is not currently available at Amazon. I was able to find one shop selling these a few weeks ago, but the only sales I can see for these now is in bulk with £29.90 being the wholesale price. They do seem to become available from Amazon from time to time, but I would expect with such a high wholesale price they would sell for at least £60. I still think this price would be reasonable though, especially if you plan on having younger children it can be passed down to.

      I have taken 1 star off for the push handle, but I certainly could not find any fault in trike itself. My sons think this trike is brilliant though, and I am sure both of them would give it a full 5 stars.


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