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LA Sports Quad Skates

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Manufacturer: LA Sports / Type: Skates - Strap-on

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    1 Review
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      28.09.2010 21:35
      Very helpful



      A good basic skate.

      This is another set of beginners skates, but certainly a step up from my last review. They are available in sizes 29 -32, 33 -36, and 37 -40. Each skate is adjustable to make them last longer which I think is a brilliant idea, but to be honest, we have not tried adjusting them yet. We bought the size 33 -36 for my 5 year old son and this fits on the smallest adjustment still.

      These skates are worn without shoes ( as all real skates are) and have a nice well padded boot that my son finds very comfortable. There are many plastic boot skates that really cut into your feet and ankles, literally in some cases if your socks are not thick enough and I wanted to be sure to avoid this. The boot also tightens up easily with the strap, which does not come undone easily as some skates do and provides good ankle support. The boot is also well ventilated so the children do not get sweaty feet and smelly skates.

      Ours are grey as shown, but they are also available in pink. The ad in Smyths calls this the blue skate, but it also states the colour is grey, which it clearly is so I have no idea why it is called blue - maybe it is depressed!

      I paid £24.99 for these skates. They are the cheapest roller skates I was able to find. I personally would not care for these skates as the wheels do not have enough spin which means they are not as fast. A good wheel is essential to getting up any decent speed, and I did love to skate, both roller skates and on ice when young. The point of course was to go as fast as possible as long as you had room so as not to worry other skaters.

      A good wheel also makes falling more likely though and I think these skates are very good for young children who are learning to skate. The fact that the wheel doesn't roll quite so quickly also means they don't slide out from underneath you so easily. They are very popular in our estate and all the children love them. I do know many who have had the same skates for two summers now, and they seem to wear very well. The children do find them fast enough, but I suspect this is because they have never tried really good roller skates.

      They do of course work best on smooth surfaces. They do wonderfully on the soft rubbery surfaces in playgrounds or even tarmac with a smooth finish, but they can barely get moving on a rough or gravely footpath. This is true to some extent for all skates, but a better wheel will go better on rough ground and good roller blades are probably the best for use on rough pavement.

      For the price though, I am very happy with this skate. My son hasn't found skating very easy and most often prefers his bike ( after he just had to have skates!) but this is in no way the fault of the product. The fact that his younger brother caught on easier likely has not encouraged him either. He would not have wanted a faster skate anyway just yet, and I do think these skates are fine for most children, and ideal for less experienced skaters.

      If you are buying for an experienced skater looking for a good skate for roller rinks or for top speeds I would not buy this item. But just for a low price model for the children to play with, to skate about at the park or on the footpath I think it does deserve the full 5 stars.

      Skating does of course include some falls, so I would really advise starting out on a softer surface like a play area, and considering safety equipment. On the plus side though, it is brilliant exercise and a great way to lose weight and get fit.


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