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Ladybird Helmet and Protection Set

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Brand: Ladybird / Type: Outdoor Play Equipment - Helmet & Protection Set

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2011 20:02
      Very helpful



      So cute!

      To follow from my previous ladybird roller skates review is the ladybird helmet and protection set. The purpose of me buying this set was because I would not have let my daughter use roller skates without it but also because it is matching to the skates that I bought and I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to make my daughter look like an all in one cute ladybird.

      The set is not specifically designed to only go with the roller skates, they would work just the same with a bike or a scooter etc. and we have used them whilst doing these things but the main purpose we bought them for was to complete the ladybird set.

      The ladybird protection set comes complete with a helmet, two elbow pads and two knee pads. All of which are decorated in a ladybird theme with a red and black colour scheme. The set costs £24 which I think is a rather reasonable price for a full set of safety equipment.

      The set, as I am aware is only available to buy at littlewoods.com, but the price is reasonable enough for this kind of online shop. They come packaged in a compact box, on the front of which is the ladybird logo and a picture showing the contents of the box. Inside the box you are presented with the items themselves, a safety leaflet and instructions on how to wear and safely fasten each of the protective items. The set is suggested to be used from aged 3 years and above but as my daughter is 3 now I don't think they will last longer than 4 years so there is not a huge gap for them to be worn.

      The helmet looks and feels like your average helmet the difference being the unusual ladybird design which gives it its uniqueness. I find that the helmet has a snuggly fit on my daughters head, it's not loose in any areas so it sits firmly on the head without wobbling which is a problem I have found with other helmets. On the inside of the helmet there are several sponge strips to add extra comfort and safety, these are detachable and can be moved around to comfortably fit all children. It also has a plastic mechanism to tighten or loosen enabling a better fit. I find the helmet to look comfortable as it is a perfect fit and my daughter has never complained about it being uncomfortable. A strap to fit under the neck ensures that the helmet stays in place with a fasten clip.

      Knee and elbow pads
      The knee and elbow pads have the same design as the helmet, all being decorated in a ladybird theme. The red and black colours are tastefully done and I find they don't look over the top or too bright. Both the knee and elbow pads are small in size as they are really only designed for 3 year olds however since my daughter is three I find they fit her small knees and elbows perfectly. Both sets of pads are excellent quality having three different protective layers, firstly there is the plastic which is the main part then lined on the inside is a thick fabric to keep the skin comfortable and on the outer side of the plastic there is a thick, large bubble of plastic to take the effect of the trips or falls. My daughter has fallen over many of times whilst in her skates and these pads have prevented her knees and elbows from getting scratched or bruised. To attach the pads to the knees and elbows there are two elasticated Velcro straps that go around the backs of the legs or inner arm, as they are elasticated you can find a comfortable balance and ensure that they won't slip or fall off.

      Overall I think that this is the perfect little set for any type of sport activity. Because they are designed specifically for younger children the fit is perfect, it's very comfortable for my daughter and it is also a lot safer as there is no chance of any of the items falling off or not working properly because of a bad fit. The only downside would be that the fit is so specific, it's very unlikely that they will fit a child over four years old which really only gives a year of wear but as the price is very reasonable for such a set it's not overly disappointing. I have found all of the set to be of excellent quality, although the helmet has never met any damage I feel confident that if it did it would protect my daughters head well. The pads however have come face to face with the patio several times and apart from the odd scratch on the outer plastic bubble (although this is clear plastic so the scratches go mostly unnoticeable) there has been no problem with the quality, they continue to work superbly well. Cleaning is also no issue because of the plastic design, a small wipe down is all that's required.

      I would definitely recommend this set, I have found it to be so useful for many activity's, it is excellent quality, and the price is very reasonable - plus it's so cute!


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