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Le Toy Van Trike and Trailer

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Brand: Le Toy Van / Type: Toy Ride-ons

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    2 Reviews
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      17.03.2011 18:39
      Very helpful




      I really love wooden toys so when one of my daughters wanted a dolls house last year for her birthday i wanted a wooden one but had to be colourful, bright, working doors and windows etc this is when i first discovered le toy van products. As i bought the dolls house and was so impressed by it i asked my daughters father to buy the le toy van trike and trailer from him for her birthday as it looked so cute.

      Le toy van products are children's wooden toys but hand painted there is a huge verity from dolls houses, play farm sets, castles and wooden animals.
      I buy most of the le toy van toys online from amazon because its cheaper than the toys shops that stock them and this is where the trike and trailer come from. Le toy van trike and trailer cost £55.00 from amazon but have seen them reduce the price since down to £40.

      The trike and trailer come in a huge box flat packed. All the parts were in the box with instructions and an allon key. I didn't build the trike and trailer but my dad did and only took around 20 minutes. The instructions look easy with picture diagrams. The age is recommended for age 2 years and up.

      Unlike the picture we have the lilac coloured trike with purple trim, the colours are more of a pastel and not so bright in your face which is nice change.
      The trike is really small only 13 inches tall and 28 inches long with trailer on but it was very easy for my daughter to help herself on off the trike and her feet were flat on the floor when she sat on the seat.
      The only part of the trike and trailer not wooden is the wheels, these are narrow with black rubber tires, the wheel trims are hard plastic.
      The main seat area is pine wood, it has a small part on the back to stop the child sliding off the back of the seat and it has a few hearts cut out of the back rest making it look girly and pretty.
      I liked the handles being thin and round this made it easy for my daughter to hold on to.

      The trailer is easy to attach by lifting the end and putting it onto the peg on the back of the trike , i found this a good idea as the peg is big and chunky my daughter managed to do this herself and it does not fall off when attached.
      The same as the trike the trailer has thin narrow wheels. The trailer looks so small but again my daughter can fit baby annabel, a teddy, and a few snacks in there all at once although the contents got changed around a lot as she just liked to fill the trailer up and empty it shortly after again.

      A good thing with the rubber wheels is they have not marked the laminate flooring or carpets so i allow her to play with the trike indoors as well as out. The trike lives in the house as i didn't want it to get ruined in the rain however it has a varnish finish so i doubt that would happen anyways.

      What i like best about the trike and trailer is how basic and old fashioned it looks yet can provide days and days of fun for children. This is why i like le toy van toys because they are wooden and basic remind me of my childhood toys.
      I also find them very hard wearing so will last a very long time.

      My daughter really loves the trike and trailer, although she has other fancy ride on toys this seems to be her favourite. She can go really fast on it too. The handle bars turn 45 degrees and easy for her to steer even at speed.

      I would highly recommend the le toy van trike and trailer. I would also recommend anyone that is interested in wooden toys to check out the website as the toys are fablouse. www.letoyvan.com


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      27.02.2010 17:31
      Very helpful



      A lovely, well made toy that will last and last

      This is a very sweet little wooden trike and detachable trailer set which was a first birthday present to my son. He was a little young for it then, but he was using it long before his second birthday, so even though it says it is for ages 2+, you don't need to wait until then as long as you help them to hang on (it is safety tested from 2 years, so using it earlier than this is At Your Own Peril). We have it in blue (there are only two colour options), and the two-tone colours work the same as on the pink one in the product picture, with the darker blue on the wheels and the seat support and natural wood used for the seat and the trailer connector. The handlebars are light- and dark-blue stripes (these turn about forty five degrees each way for steering). The colours are pretty rather than bright, so it looks like an old-fashioned toy.

      The trike is 46cm long, and the trailer adds another 32cm when attached, so it is not particularly large. The seat is 22cm off the ground and the handlebars 31cm. It is entirely made of wood, which I like as it makes a nice change from having everything made of plastic. One of its more adorable features is the heart shapes; you can't really see it in the picture, but the seat is heart-shaped, and there are cut-out hearts on the seat back and the front and back of the trailer. These are great because they make it really easy to pick it up, even with the trailer attached. It might seem a bit strange to have heart shapes on the blue version, but I quite like it; it doesn't make the trike look particularly girly, but if you have a girl and are sick of everything being pink, it would make a nice alternative while not obviously looking like a boy's toy.

      It is very sturdy and has a nice chunky feel to it. The wheels have rubber treads on them to protect wooden floors. The back of the trike has a peg on it, which the trailer attaches to by means of a cut-out on the front; another peg then slots in horizontally to hold it in place. My son has used this toy a lot over the past year, but it is hardly showing any signs of wear at all, so the quality is self-evident.

      Downsides: it's a pig to put together, but you only have to do it once, so that's not so bad really. Some of the screws which hold the trailer together were a bit difficult to screw in fully, but I got there in the end. Also, as with any wood product like this, you have to tighten the screws every once in a while otherwise it develops the most almighty squeak, so make sure you hang on to the allen key (unless you have a lot of flatpack furniture, in which case you'll probably have a spare or ten!).

      It is quite expensive - about £45 - and is available from Fenwick/Bentalls, some John Lewis stores, Harrods, a lot of independent retailers and online from Amazon and other places as well. There is a list of stockists at www.letoyvan.com (you can also see the blue version of the trike here).

      Overall, I would say this is a lovely, old-fashioned toy which will get a lot of use but will last for years. It may be more of a birthday or Christmas present than an everyday purchase, but you'll certainly get your money's worth. Definitely recommended.


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    • Product Details

      This trike is made from solid wood with a pink painted finish, chunky wheels and rubber tyres. Includes trailer. Some home assembly required.

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