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Lightning Strike Scooter

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lightning Strike / Type: Child's scooter with light-up strips

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    2 Reviews
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      10.10.2011 13:38
      Very helpful



      A great looking scooter that will last

      ~~~~Reason for purchasing~~~~~

      My granddaughter was two years old in May and I wanted to buy her a scooter. I had seen little girls near where I live playing out in the evenings on their scooters and they always seemed to be having a lot of fun. Rather than trail around the shopping arcades I decided to look on Amazon. There were several designs to choose from including 'My First Scooter for Girls ' which was very pink with bright yellow wheels. I quite liked this one but thought she would soon grow out of it. As I wanted to buy her something that would last more than a year or two I decided to go with the Lightning Strike Scooter in pink.

      ~~~~Manufacturer's warning~~~~~

      Now, I know the manufacturer stipulates that this scooter isn't suitable for children under 3 years old but I knew that I would be the one supervising my granddaughter so I wasn't too worried about the warning. I wasn't about to let her scoot off into the distance on her own.

      ~~~~Packaging and assembly~~~~~

      Well packed in polystyrene in its own strong cardboard box with instructions and guarantee. Assembly took about 5 minutes. The scooter was folded in two. My husband just released the folding lock and that's all there was too it.

      ~~~~Basic Description~~~~~

      This is the pink version: a two wheeled scooter made from a medium weight steel like material. The scooter isn't too heavy for my granddaughter to lift on her own. It has a fold and lock system to enable the scooter to be folded up and stored away. This system is too difficult for a child under 5 to activate. In fact I struggled and had to get my husband to do it. The wheels are made from polyurethane and have a good flowing action. The steering has ABEC bearings (Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee) which gives it its easy action and feels safe when turning corners. The height of the steering angle can be adjusted to three different heights. I have adjusted my granddaughter's scooter to the first level as she is tall and the level of the steering on arrival was too low. There is a rear brake which works and comes with a spare parts warranty.

      ~~~~~Fancy Bits~~~~~~~~

      Now for the fun part of the design and the main reason I chose this particular scooter. On the steering column and the footplate are graphics emblazoned in purple, pink and dazzling yellow. Basically, it just says LIGHTNING STRIKE with images of lightning. Around the edges of the footplate are light rods which when a child steps on the footplate it lights up and flashes bright pink. This is a really cool design and makes the scooter look quite trendy. Only problem with this function it takes 4 x AA batteries which didn't come with the scooter and could work out costly if you have to keep replacing the batteries. The scooter still looks cool without the flashing lights I might add. Finally the hand grips are made from soft black sponge with a pink circular plastic edging. This certainly makes gripping on to the handlebars more comfortable for small children and Grandmas.

      Please note there is also a blue version of this scooter which is exactly the same design except the lights on the footplate are blue.

      ~~~~~Like and use~~~~~~~~

      When we first showed our granddaughter the scooter she said, 'Whhhhhhoooooow' and had a big smile on her face. Her grandfather asked her if she would like to ride on it and she said, 'NO!' so we didn't push her to play with her new toy - we just left it standing upright in the hallway. She kept going into the hall to admire it and eventually brought it into the living room and stood on it. At this stage I wheeled her round the room with both her feet on the footplate and her hands gripping the handlebars. At first she didn't have the confidence to scoot on her own even though she knew how to do it.

      That same afternoon we took the scooter outside and chauffeured my granddaughter around the flat block. She thought this was a lot of fun and didn't really want to take one foot of the plate and try it on her own. Obviously she didn't have the balance so I guess she was too young for the scooter. This is why the manufacturer states 3 years and over.

      Now she is two years and 5 months old and is much more confident on the scooter and uses it on her own Of course, I am always next to her just in case she loses her balance. She enjoys riding it and loves going down hill - this is where the action is really smooth and the scooter seems to run really well.

      ~~~~Summing up~~~~~

      I'm glad I purchased this Lightning Strike Scooter from Amazon. It looks attractive especially with the flashing lights, is strong and well made and the steering column is safe. The locking and folding away system is a good idea as you don't always want a scooter standing in your hallway or living room. I also like the fact that the steering column can be adjusted to the child's height. I paid £17.99 for my scooter with free postage due to an additional item being added to the order making the total up to £25. This is a good price for a scooter that will last for at least another 4 or 5 years. I feel I made the right choice even if it the scooter was a little too sophisticated for my granddaughter in the beginning. She soon got the hang of it.


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        17.03.2011 13:05
        Very helpful



        Cool scooter for over 5s

        We own two of these scooters, which we bought from Toys R Us. You can buy a blue, red or pink version. Prices vary from around £16 to £20 online: they are available from sellers on Amazon and from Argos as well.

        It's from maker, Ozzbozz. It's a sturdy two-wheeled scooter for ages 5 and up, weight up to 50kg (around 7 and a half stone).

        It has an adjustable handle-bar, robust foot-plate, 120mm PU wheels and it can fold away for storage. The scooter comes ready-made, so it's just a matter of changing the height of the handle-bar to suit your child. This is very simple to do: you twist the screw fastening to loosen, pull the bar up to the height required and tighten it again. Folding it is likewise a simple matter, although the children find the mechanism quite stiff. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as a previous folding scooter we had (different make) became prone to collapse, which was frustrating for my daughter if not downright dangerous!

        The scooter also has a rear brake, that looks like a metal mud-guard, which you step on to slow or stop.

        The look of the scooter is quite cool, according to the children. It's in a shiny silver-colour metal. The comfortable handgrips are black, with ends in the colour you've chosen your scooter in. The lower part of the handle and footplate have decorative stickers with "Lightning Strike" plus lightning flash symbol on them. There are also some safety rules on a separate sticker.

        What makes it stand out from bog-standard scooters are the light-up strips that flash away along the base. These are bright and colourful, although in the full sun don't show up as well. In the evenings or in shady spots, they look great, however.

        The lights run on 4 AA batteries, which are housed underneath the foot-plate. You access the battery compartment with a screw-driver. Unfortunately the on/off switch is also beneath the foot-plate, so the child has to turn it over to start them off. This is a bit annoying. Obviously the downside of having the lights is finding them left on long after the children have gone to play with something else and regularly having to replace the batteries.

        The children really love their scooters and have had a lot of use out of them over the past two years. They've become very adept with them and charge up and down, screeching joyfully (you perhaps wouldn't want to be our neigbours). At the moment our two scooters look a bit battered & rusty, through much use and because they've been forgotten in the rain too many times, but they are still structurally sound and fully functional.

        I'd recommend them: the quality is good, they've lasted well and they're reasonably priced. They're not suitable for stunts, but for general scootering about are great fun. Ideal for primary school aged children.

        Product details (as available from Argos):

        * 2 x 120mm PU wheels.
        * Easy folding and lock system.
        * Rear brake.
        * Complete with multi-finish lighting system indented into the scooter deck.
        * Weight restriction 50kg.
        * Size when folded (H)17, (W)11.5, (L)61cm.
        * Styles may vary.
        * Supplied fully assembled.
        * Size (H)75, (W)33, (D)66cm.
        * Batteries required: 4 x AA (not included).
        * For ages 5 years and over.


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