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Little Tikes Cosy Cab Black Taxi

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Brand: Little Tikes / Type: Outdoor Play Equipment

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    1 Review
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      08.01.2012 21:27
      Very helpful



      Endless driving fun for your child after hours of parental stress trying to build it

      My little nephew loves all cars but is obsessed by 2 types police cars and black taxis. For Christmas
      this year my sister in law had decided to buy him a Little Tikes Cosy Coupe as he loves playing in
      the one at his child minders house.We originally went shopping for the police car version of this
      but couldn't find one anywhere locally then after searching online we were delighted to find a black
      taxi version we never knew existed! The black taxi coupe is exclusive to the Early Learning Centre
      which is why we'd never seen it before when we were looking for the police car.

      My nephews obsession with black taxis meant this was the perfect present for him. Both his daddy
      and his uncle are cabbies and he loves getting taken out in the cabs and both his dad and my
      boyfriend let him sit with them in the front of the cab on the driveway and pretend to drive it and
      pick up fares. He also regularly embarrasses his mum in town by shouting daddy at every random
      passing black cab. This often leaves her trying to explain that his dads a cabby to bemused passers
      by and the many worried looking taxi drivers who've just been called daddy by a random little boy passing the taxi rank.

      The Cosy Coupes Taxi is black with a taxi sign on top, a big smiley face on the front and checkered
      stickers on the side with Cosy Cabs written on them and a No1 sticker acts as the cab number. The wheels are sturdy enough for outdoor use and the front wheels turn 360 degrees allowing the child
      to steer the car unlike many push along toys which have fixed directional wheels. The cab also comes
      with a foot board and a handle so parents can push the child along in it or remove the foot board and
      let them push it along it by themselves.

      The door opens and closes and the fuel cap opens so mini drivers can get ripped off at the pumps
      just like dad. There are back and front reflectors to act as lights and Cosy coupes have obviously
      done their research and not bothered with rear indicators as everybody knows taxi drivers don't
      use them anyway. The most important part of a taxi has also been included though so there's a
      working horn so you can let everyone else on the road/garden know they are in the wrong
      and get them out of your way.

      There is some quite a bit of self assembly required with this a quick look when it arrived told us a screwdriver and hammer were required this also told us girls to disappear for the afternoon while it
      was built up on Christmas eve. I've no idea how long this actually took his daddy and my boyfriend to
      build but when we came back over 4 hours later they were just putting the finishing touches to the
      taxi and had successfully put the pedals and wheels on my nieces new bike.

      I should point out this is probably not the normal required time to do this but my boyfriend and
      his brother by their own admission have the combined technical ability of a Teletubby with it's arms
      cut off and rather a lot of beers seemed to have been consumed during the build process. This
      probably means it take most people about an hour to build the coupe. Basically you have the main
      plastic shell and all the other bits including the roof,wheels, axles, and even the stickers have to be
      put on by you. Most of the pieces snap into each other and are then fixed in place by a screw to keep them there but my other half assures me although the instructions are reasonably clear to follow some
      of the pieces are really fiddly to fit.

      My little nephew was delighted when he unwrapped this on Christmas morning and happily spent
      most of the day playing in it only leaving for short periods to play with his other presents before
      once again returning to his taxi! He probably would have eaten his Christmas dinner in it given
      half the chance and even managed to fall asleep in it on boxing day.

      While he is more than happy pushing the cab around the garden my nephew also loves being
      pushed along in this with the foot board in for trips to the local shops and would never be in his
      buggy if he was given the choice. From an adult point of view it's okay to push for a quick trip
      down to the shops but I wouldn't really want to push it for a day out the wheels make
      it a slightly awkward to steer and it's not the easiest thing to get down and up steep kerbs.

      His dad has now added the finishing touches to the cab so it now has a working meter in the form of
      a stick on digital clock,a cash box with some pennies in it like dad has and a walkie talkie for a radio
      so we can hide in the warmth of the kitchen and talk to him and give him fares over the radio .
      At 21 months my nephew is the prefect age for this and is now happily zooming around the garden
      picking up his teddys for fares and like a true cabby usually taking them the longest route possible
      to their destination while talking the hind legs of a donkey so they don't notice.

      The Cab looks great and like most of the Little Tikes toys the Cosy Cab is well made and should
      easily last a few years. The tough plastic body can withstand even the most reckless mini cabby
      and the cab is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. My nephew has already bashed this into a wall,
      a swing and probably a few other things when we've not noticed and so far there's not a mark on it
      and nothing has fallen off. The only downside I can see in the car is the stickers will probably fade
      or wear off long before the car gives up.

      The suggested age range for the cab is 18 months to 5 years and for pushing it along by themselves
      this is probably about right. For use with the parent handle and foot board I think it would be fine
      from around 12 months as my friends son has the Cosy Coupe at 12 months and loves being
      pushed along with the foot board in place so he can't slip down or get his legs trapped.

      The Cosy Cab costs £49.99 from the Early Learning Centre with £4.95 delivery charge or delivery
      within 4 days or £7.95 for next working day delivery.

      To all the taxi drivers who may read this review I apologise for using every taxi driver stereotype
      possible to take the mickey in this review! I know only too well how hard taxi drivers work I live with
      one and listen to the endless stories and moans at the end of every shift since he went back to driving
      cabs a few months ago so I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to wind him up by writing this.

      Thanks for reading x


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  • Product Details

    Exclusive to ELC The Cosy Cab is designed for all young ?cabbies?. For 30 years children have been taking adventure and imagination on the road with one of the original ride on toys – the Cozy Coupe. Now we have the Black Cosy Cab for the budding taxi driver.The Black Cosy Cab is designed with a removable platform and parent grab handle for toddler safety. With a high back seat, storage in the rear, an ignition and an open and close petrol cap. Rolls on rugged durable tyres and the front wheel spins 360 degrees. Quick facts:•Foot to floor ride on•Removable foot platform so that it can be a push along•High back seat•Open and close doorGreat for your child?s development:Children grow so quickly, so many Little Tikes toys provide multiple play functions which children can follow as they grow. So get up and grow with Little Tikes products.What you need to knowLittle Tikes design with your children?s safety in mind and make to a superior quality standard proving years of fun. In order to develop toys that last, we have chosen Rotomoulding as a manufacturing process. The technology of this means we can develop products with double walls. Because of this double strength, the toys last longer, protected from heat or cold much more effectively when played on outside, and are simply more resistant to sudden impacts. Size: Length 82.5cm x Width 40.6cm x Depth 77.5cm. Maximum child weight: 23kg Self-assembly: Requires a hammer and screwdriver. Age range: From 2 years.

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