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Little Tikes Jungle Climber

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Little Tikes / Outdoor jungle climber / Cargo net / Multi-level platforms / Wavy slide / Suitable for ages 3-8 years.

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    3 Reviews
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      11.08.2011 19:06
      Very helpful



      Great but could end up with a A&E trip!!!

      As you all know by now I do love a bargain and I am addicted to eBay!! So while yet again trawling through the usual tat looking for things to keep the kids occupied during the 'dreaded' summer holidays I came across one of these at the bargain price of £65 with the only problem being that it was slighted sun faded.
      The one I own is the older version older in terms of the colour, ours is all greys, blues, and yellows, but the design and features are exactly the same.

      If you decide you want to buy new instead, (the new colour design), they retail at around £234.99 in Argos although they can be purchased in various other shops and through the Little Tikes website, in all honesty I would never pay this much for what is basically a toy!!!

      The climber has an age range of 3 to 8 years, although I cannot really see an 8 year wanting to play on this and even if they did they would have problems getting through the 'archway' at the top of the slide!

      As far as outdoor toys go I do find this one a little on the large side! The dimensions are (H) 137, (W) 160, (D) 160cm. This actually takes up half of the bottom part of the garden.

      In all fairness this climber has a long list of features they include.....
      Long bumpy slide.
      Cargo netting wall for climbing skills.
      Ground level openings connect one play area with another.
      Secret entrance.
      Multi-level climber with 2 platforms and long wavy slide.
      They are also little 'paw prints' on the step parts with little holes in that they can talk through.

      ***LITTLE TIKES***
      This is a brief history of the company taken from the website.

      The Little Tikes Company, founded in 1970, is a multi-national manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, innovative children's products. In November of 2006, Little Tikes became a part of MGA Entertainment. MGA Entertainment is a leader in the revolution of family entertainment.
      Little Tikes'® headquarters and largest manufacturing facility are located in Hudson, Ohio. The company also has a number of locations outside the United States, including several manufacturing and distribution centres in Europe and Asia.
      Little Tikes products are known for providing durable, imaginative and active fun. Products are manufactured in a wide variety of categories for young children, including infant toys, activity centres, musical toys, popular sports, play trucks, ride-on toys, sandboxes, activity gyms and outdoor play, sand and water play, climbing frames, slides, playhouses, pre-school development, role-play toys, creative arts and children's furniture.

      Little Tikes' goal is to create and supply innovative products to customers and consumers around the world. To reach that goal, Little Tikes' associates' actions are guided by the principles of Customer Satisfaction, Teamwork, Innovation, Marketing and Continuous Improvement.

      ***MY EXPERIENCE***
      I don't know what I was expecting when The Mr came and dropped it off. I need not have worried because as usual the high standard of the Little Tikes production shone through.

      As with most of their products the pieces are slotted together, these pieces are made from strong, highly durable plastic, without the need of a screw driver. As it was second hand it was slightly easier to put together that a new version as these can sometimes be very difficult to get in and need a good whack!! In the end it took around 30 minutes to put together and move into place. One thing not in the feature list is that the legs are shaped like tree trunks, minor I know, but I thought it was a nice touch.

      As my eldest was still in school when it arrived we had put it up for his arrival home, I can honestly say I have never seen him so excited, my little girl was dancing around the room with him!

      As the item was second there were signs of sun fading but this was all the body of the climber was still sturdy.

      There are two things about this I am not keen on....
      1) There is a drop off the end of the slide of about a foot, so unless on grass it hurts!! We have ours on the patio and have placed the foam flooring tiles underneath so there are no sore bottoms!!!
      2) Even though this is from age 2 there are no safety ropes (etc) around the top part where you get to the slide meaning I am constantly having to watch them as I do want to be visiting A&E as it is quite high and my daughter does not seem to have any co-ordination at the moment! Again this would no be such a big deal (although still a deal) if we had grass but our whole garden is patio.

      As I said before the climber has a lot of features heres what my lot think of the main ones.......

      *Cargo net*
      My son seems to enjoy this a lot although my daughter's legs are not long enough! The net is 3 squares high and 6 squares long covering around half of the base. Our's was quite worn when we bought it, but it was easily replaced as they are available from the website.

      *Secret entrance*
      This is a revolving door that leads to the section under the slide and cargo net. They do like this and use it to play hide and seek.

      This definitely gets 3 stars from me as even though it was second hand it was still in great order with only minor sun fading, but I do think that the absence of safety features and the drop at the bottom of the slide are design faults. Don't get me wrong when my children are outside I watch constantly, but with this I do seem to be hovering around it and constantly telling them to be careful, it does make me jumpy.


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        17.10.2008 22:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Overall a great buy.

        My daughters have this Little Tykes Jungle Climber we brought it in June from Wilkinson. I think it cost us around £120 pound which I didn't think was bad. The jungle gym is made out of very hard plastic and slots together nicely making it secure. There is a slide for them to go down, a cargo net to climb, a climbing frame that leads you to the slide and underneath is a little den where my girls normally hide.

        We found putting this gym together very hard we followed the instructions but you had to hold the pieces at certain angles so they slot together. I admit it took me and my husband ages to do. But in the end it fitted together securely I haven't taken it a part yet and could imagine it being quite difficult.

        My girls are three and they love climbing around on it. I was quite surprised at how much they use it as so it is definitely a good buy. My girls also like the bright colours of the plastic s it is fresh and not dull like some climbing frames can be. When my girls are climbing around I don't really worry that they will hurt themselves as it is very safe. There's just one bit above the cargo net that I'm not sure on as it is a bit where they crawl through a little arch and it is quite near the edge, so I worry when they crawl through the gap they may fall off the side. But they know to be careful there so they are fine . I especially like this climber as there's so much for your child to do on it and it will keep them entertained for hours.


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          14.07.2008 23:54
          Very helpful



          Safe adventures for children

          I loved this toy so much! My parents bought this toy but unfortunately not for me as I was too old but that didn't stop me trying! It truly is a great toy made by a company who have made quite a lot of climbing frames for a variety of ages.

          ~~~What does it have to offer?~~~
          This jungle gym has a lot to offer, firstly it is very brightly coloured which makes it more exciting for children. However the colours are not as bright as other Little Tikes outdoor climbing frames as this one is slightly dull which means it is not such an eyesore in your back garden!

          ~~~Where can it be used?~~~
          This product can be used inside or outside. However it is quite big as it is about 6 ft wide and 6ft high but it can be dismantled. However if this jungle gym is outside it should be placed on grass so that if your child falls they will not hurt themselves too much. There is a den underneath the jungle gym which the children can crawl through, therefore grass is a good idea to stop them grazing themselves.

          ~~~How easy is it to put up?~~~
          Putting this jungle gym together and taking it down is very hard and you need someone strong to lodge the pieces in. Although the actual pieces are not heavy, lodging them together is quite hard work. The theory is very easy though and it is obvious where every piece should go especially since they have number on! The same problem occurs when trying to take the jungle gym down. However once it is up it is very sturdy which lets parents know their child is safe and that it will not break or collapse. The child also feels more confident as the jungle gym does not shake allowing them to have more fun. Your child will not be able to tip it over as it is very sturdy. I do not recommend dismantling this jungle gym every year, either bring it in or leave it outside until next summer.

          ~~~What does it look like?~~~
          There are three walls which are green (which has palm tree leaves on), grey (which are rocks and have dinosaur bones on) and yellow (this is supposed to be like a hut), these three walls form the tripod on which the main jungle gym forms on. Between each of the walls there is an activity. Between the green and yellow wall there are two platforms (yellow representing bamboo shoots and grey platform which has dinosaur footprints on!) which allow children to climb up onto a high platform. There is a hole in the yellow side where the children climb through onto the red platform. From here they can go through the hole in the grey wall and down the bumpy blue slide (which is about 4 ft long). Underneath the red platform there is a den which has netting on the outside. There are two ways into this den, firstly from underneath the slide where there is a hole in the grey side. Secondly there is a purple flap (which is quite big), this allows children to climb through and also get into the den. The purple flap is situated underneath the grey platform and the yellow side. (These are the standard colours however there is another activity gym made by the same company which is exactly the same but different colours which are bolder and brighter). See pictures below to see what the jungle gym looks like.

          ~~~How safe is it and can I leave them on their own?~~~
          This jungle gym is quite safe as it is stable so it will not collapse and your child will not be able to knock it over. However the platforms are quite high (3 ft) and there are no railings to keep them on so they could fall off if they got too near to the edge. However you should never leave your child unattended and with a parent there watching over them they are unlikely to fall. But I do recommend someone is with them at all times.

          ~~~How much does it cost?~~~
          It costs just under £130 so is quite expensive. However you probably won't have to buy your child another climbing frame as this is very long lasting and will last for a long time. I think it is worth it because otherwise you would have to buy your child several climbing frames over time which would probably be more expensive. You can also buy it at John Lewis. Of course there is always ebay for new and second hand jungle gyms.

          ~~~Can I play on it?!?~~~
          This product is recommended for children between the ages of 3-8 years however it is strong enough to hold children older than that easily. There is a child-limit of 4 children (70 pounds each) however from my own experiences it can hold more than that. Personally I have been on it whilst playing with my younger sister and nieces and nephews and it easily withstood my weight.

          ~~~How should I clean it?~~~
          This product is very easy to clean, if it outside you could just use a hose pipe for quick cleaning. If it is inside (or outside) you can use a cloth just to clean it. Inside this will just get rid of any dust which may collect.

          ~~~Should I buy it?~~~
          Overall I do recommend this product because it is great fun for children of a variety of ages (adults too!). It is quite safe and very sturdy and will help build your child's confidence especially in climbing, allowing your child to be more bold. Every child I have spoken to loves this activity gym and really enjoys playing on it. Although it is quite expensive it lasts a long time so it is definitely worth it. If you are going to buy it then the next difficulty is getting it into the car, it does fit in some cars but not into all so check before purchasing but most shops offer delivery for a small fee.

          *Thank you for reading.*


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        • Product Details

          The climber is constructed using roto-moulded double walled plastic to give extra strength and durability and, unlike most plastics, will not crease if bent.

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