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Little Tikes Sit and Roll Fire Truck

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Brand: Little Tikes / Type: Outdoor Play Equipment

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    2 Reviews
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      09.05.2012 09:26
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      hours of enjoyment for your little one

      For Christmas I did not know what to get my nephew he had so many toys I wanted to get him something a little different as he had so many toys that were for when he was a baby I wanted to find something to encourage him to gain coordination as he grows.

      This is when I was looking around on Kiddicare and came across a Little Tikes Sit N Roll Fire Truck. It was under £20 at £18.95, which I thought was a great price especially as I always thought that the Little Tikes brand was always on the pricey side, but I was wrong.

      Little Tikes Sit N Roll Fire Truck is great as it can be used inside as well as out and this is small enough that it can be stored away with ease whilst also being light weight and easy to lift and move.

      The Little Tikes Sit N Roll Fire Truck has a durable red hollow plastic body with blue wheels, it is suitable for children aged 1 to 2 years. It is 30cm high, 50cm wide and has a diameter of 22cm.

      This fire truck needs to be assembled when taken out of the box, although all it needs is the handle bar and the wheels attached. I found it a little hard to assemble as there was a slight problem with the plastic mould the hole to insert the handlebars in was not big enough, so it took me extra time to increase the hole and then get it to all go together.

      You then have to stick the stickers onto the plastic mould to transform it to a fire engine, I found that some fell off after a few minutes and others over time started to peel off in the corners which my nephew then pulled off. Fortunately these were only for show and do not take away from the fire truck working. I finally got it all assembled in the end but it was far more complicated than anticipated as I thought that it would come ready assembled, just goes to show I should read the details more carefully before purchasing.

      This was the first time my nephew has used anything like this and he was a little reluctant at first, he liked to push it across the room or eat the rubber on the handlebar to comfort his teeth. After a while he sat on it but could not work out to use his feet to make it move and now after five months he whizzes around on it without a care in the world. He used this in the garden as well as at home.

      This is so lightweight and compact you can take it with you anywhere it takes up far less room than a pushchair in the boot of your car and allows your child to have hours of fun.

      I would overall give this four out of five stars and this is only due to the problems assembling the unit as the problem with the mould and that the stickers did not stay on the truck for long. But other than that a sturdy little truck that would give any child hours of fun whilst playing and burning that energy.


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        29.04.2012 17:03
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        A nice toy for the time it can be used

        While my older two children have the cosy coupe cars from little tikes we felt as my son was too young we would purchase something for him to ride along with them so when we came across this ride along engine we thought it would be perfect.

        Well with the truck you actually receive the stickers and wheels that you need to put on yourself. Although this is not too much of a problem I do find when you add the stickers yourself they tend to come off the toy a lot quicker than if they are pre added in the factory.
        Assembly seems fairly simple at first you just have to add the wheels to the bottom of the fire engine this is a little difficult as the poles to attach the wheels seem really short and when we first put the wheels on although they clicked they just fell straight off again. The second time I pushed until I almost thought I was going to break it and then heard a louder click and this seemed to do the job.
        The stickers are fairly easy to apply and following the instruction you can see where they are supposed to go although to be honest with a little common sense you can easily apply these without the instructions. I found the instructions a little of a puzzle but again most of it were just common sense so it was fairly easy to build the fire engine without them.

        **The toy **
        Like all little tikes toys it is made out of thick durable plastic it is bright in colour attracting little one to it straight away and the stickers add all the little details you would expect on a fire engine and although they are of course not interactive my little boy loved them. It is only designed for children 1 years to 2 years which is really noticeable in the toy design it has a raised back so that it holds little one in easily and it is low to the floor so they can easily put their feet on the ground.
        The handles are easy to grip for little one and there is a smiley face put on the front with the stickers that need to be applied along with ladders and buttons running down the side that give the toy a little bit more to look at and explore for young children.
        I did find that at around 19 months my son seemed to be getting a little too big for it and found it difficult to sit in the seat properly which is good cause it gives a little more support to younger children but it means the life span of play is limited for each child.
        Overall it feels and looks very sturdy although made of plastic it is made to the highest standard and does not look cheap or poorly made at all even though we picked it for just £20 which I thought was great it is well made and very durable which is perfect when it is being used by young children as it is sure to receive some rough play.

        **In play **
        The fire engine is nice and light which means it can easily be pushed around by little one even when they are just on their feet and learning how to make the ride on move. This can be a flaw in design when they are a little older and more confident as I found that it could tip over very easily while my son was using it as it is so light the slightest bit of weight change on either side causes it to topple over.

        The wheels are nice and large and perfect for use indoors and out they do not scratch the wooden flooring which I do worry about when my children use ride on toys inside but these are nice and soft and no way they could cause any damage. It can also be used out doors with ease the wheel go forward and back easily and although they can tend to stick going round corners as long as the child is not trying to race on the fire engine this is not to bad and they do ease up with each use they get.

        The height off the floor is perfect for a young child they can easily move their legs back and forth to make the fire engine move around easily and as it is light it is fairly easy for them to get the toy to move. As they get to about 19 months I found his legs became shorter and shorter on space making it less comfortable to ride as he did not have enough space for free movement although this does not stop him from still trying to ride it and he can get it to move along he just looks too big for it and a little squished.


        Usually with little tikes toys there are very few of these but unfortunately there are a few with this fire engine firstly it could be a little heavier meaning it could both be stored outside with the other outdoor toys without having to chase it across the garden each time the wind blows and it would also make it a little more steady for children while in use.

        Secondly the stickers have begun to peel off and this began happening only a month after we got it while it had only been used in doors. I find this happens each time we are presented with stickers to apply our self they just do not seem to have the same shelf life as those added by the factory and although they are not a major part of the toy I do feel this makes it look a little old and over loved.

        Finally the life of the toy my son was around 14 months old before he actually figured out how to move around on the toy and make it move and as he began to grow out of it around 19 months I feel it has a very small play life for each child and although he can still use it now he looks uncomfortable and he rarely chooses this toy to play with anymore and he is only 23 months old so it was very short lived.


        This is a great unisex toy it is bright in colour and can be used for both boys and girls and it retails at around £20 which is a small amount compared to other little tikes toys. We brought ours from Tesco but it is available in very Amazon and lots of other major stores. We did love this toy but it has a few problems that left us a little disappointed but nothing too major for me to advise against buying.
        You can also buy a rocking toy version of this toy which if I had known before I would have purchased instead as it would have both appealed to us more and made the toy last a little longer.

        It is great for developing little ones fine motor skills while providing fun play at the same time. I would recommend this toy for younger children as it is great fun works well and can be used in doors and out just do not expect to get years of use out of it like other products by the company.


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      • Product Details

        Little firefighters will love this bright fire truck.The durable plastic body is sized appropriately for infants and toddlers for ride on fun.Perfect for small, indoor play spaces as well as outdoors. Age range: From 12 months.

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