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Little Tikes Log Cabin

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Brand: Little Tikes / Type: Playhouse / Tents

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    2 Reviews
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      29.08.2012 22:14
      Very helpful



      All Little Tikes toys last years and years this is no exception

      I bought this Little Tikes Log Cabin about 8 years ago, it was the exact same model that is still sold today. I remember at the time it being about £300, but I only bought one because it was on sale for £150 in Toys R Us- they still stock them but I think at the very expensive price of £389.

      This came flat packed in a large box. All the bits you need are in the box including screws, screw caps and full instructions. The cabin has to be fully self assembled, it looked difficult but turned out to be quite easy (it took two of us). The walls just sort of slot together, but the rest has to be screwed into place.

      The cabin itself is made from durable plastic, all the components are plastic including the window shutters, door and indoor accessories. It is styled to look like a Log Cabin (the walls are dark brown and log shaped) with a red stable door and yellow shutters around the windows. There aren't any sharp edges. Once up the cabin looks great, it stands at 150cm high, is 145cm in length and 122cm wide so is a good size and a young child can easily stand up in it. There is enough room for two small fold away chairs. Inside there is a fake log fire (well a picture of a fire on the wall!) a fold out table, wall shelves and a phone. The door opens and closes snugly as do the shutters. The fold up table is also sturdy, and has lasted being put up and down without breaking or becoming loose. The Log Cabin has been outside for almost 10 years in all weathers and in direct sunlight. There is no damage from this only slight fading of the roof. The window shutters, door and table are still in good condition and still shut tight. This is a very sturdy house, during the very heavy winds we had a few years ago, it actually got picked up and thrown back down but this didn't dent it or even mark it.

      My kids had loads of use out of this house, much more than the previous toy house they had, I think because it was bigger. Sadly for the last few years it has been used as a 'shed' to store other outdoor toys.

      I would recommend this as I would any Little Tikes product. I want to give it 5 stars but will give it 4 because of the cost.


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        08.04.2011 22:55
        Very helpful
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        It may be made of plastic but the kids will think it's a log cabin

        Whilst sorting my garden out the other week, ready for the forthcoming usual two weeks of sunshine in the UK, I came across many things stuffed at the bottom of the garden, hidden behind the 'big shed'.
        One of the many things I came across was a few sections of plastic 'wall' which I instantly recognised as a rather nice little 'playhouse' my children used to play in many years ago.
        This particular playhouse, so I recall, was in fact a log cabin effect house from a company called Little Tikes, (which I'm guessing you've heard of), and as I 'fished' out all the pieces I remembered just how my kids loved playing in it and realised just how long it had been stuck behind the shed. Then I realised just how much it cost and thought that if all the pieces were there I could try and sell it on as my kids had out grown it.

        So I set about checking if all the pieces were there and, when I realised that they were, including the actual screws and washers, I put the 'cabin' back together, recalling how to do so as I went along.

        I remembered back to when I first got this and how it came in a flat pack form, so you have to put it together yourself, but this is not as difficult as it sounds, which was lucky as this time around I didn't have the instructions to hand.


        * Two apex sides. (both having a window cut out)
        * A back part, (with a window)
        * A front part, (with a door and a window cut out)
        * Two green roofing sections
        * A small red chimney (which attached to one of the roof sections.

        ** AND FOR THE INSIDE...

        * A plastic table which attaches to the wall

        ** PLUS...

        * Four screws
        * Four washers


        It is made from blow-moulded plastic, which will last almost forever, even in the harshest of weathers.
        It's size is a rather impressive 1220mm deep x 1450mm long (4ft x 5ft) and 1450mm to the apex on the gable end.
        And the entire unit, when constructed, weighs in at a wind stopping 64.2 kg, which means it won't blow away on the wind.

        It is suitable for children aged 2 years and above, although the above part does depend a lot on how tall the child is.


        This is easy to do, being a simple matter of slotting the front and rear walls over the side wall 'L' brackets, then sliding the front and rear walls upwards, locking the four walls into place.
        This does take a little bit of effort but, due to the sturdiness of the plastic, you can get away with using a bit of brute force without damaging anything.
        Then you simple put the green roof panels on the top and use the four screws/washers to hold it into place.
        That's it, all you now have to do is find somewhere to place it.

        ** You will need a cross headed screwdriver and possibly a wooden/rubber mallet, (or a bit of brute force).


        It is designed to look like a log cabin and to be honest the designers have done quite a good job with the end result.
        The plastic sides are 'rugged' looking and have the appearance of logs being stacked on top of one another, with parts of the side panels 'strutting' out slightly, (these are where the walls are joined together).
        The window cut out all have bright yellow 'flaps' which open and close with ease, and your children have no difficulties leaning or even climbing out of any of them due to there good sizes.
        As with the door itself, this is a nice bright red and cover half of the door gap, akin to a stable door, and opens/closes easily, clicking into a locking position when shut.
        The roof section are green with the design of tiles cascading downwards, with a lovely red chimney protruding from one of them, (front of back, it is you choice where you put that roof section).
        Inside there is a fold down table and a telephone, (the telephone is not connected before you ask), and a sticker image of a roaring log fire, this is to give the log cabin more of a realistic effect.

        Before you start to wonder why I haven't mention the base there isn't one. This comes bottomless which help in a way when you want to settle it down onto slightly uneven ground.
        What I did to compensate for the fact that there is no base, and the fact that I placed mine on a grassed area, to save the inside getting too muddy I bought some black rubber matting, I don't know what it's called but it's similar stuff to the rubber matting some parks use. It is like a mesh of thick rubber, allowing your kids feet to stay off the grass yet allowing the grass to continue to receive moisture.
        And if you do have this on a grassed area, I do actually recommend moving this house around your garden every so often to let the grass grow.

        On the inside there is a rather nice sticker image of a log fire, giving it that log cabin effect, although this was as interesting to my kids as watching a program about the general election would have been.
        The windows have bright yellow shutters with each one having a hand size hole for opening them up, making them easy to open and close.
        The door is a bright red colour and comes half way up the door frame, stable door style.

        But please note that the roof sections DO NOT join together so don't expect the inside to be water proof at all, this is probably the reason why there is no base for this cabin. This is not a problem as it is just a matter of not leaving anything in it that can be damaged by rain.

        ** MY OPINION...

        I remember when I first bought this, back when my kids were a lot younger, and smaller, they both played in this for hours at a time, giving my ears a little bit of peace and quite.
        They could both stand up in it with ease, although as they grew up they did have to bend down slightly, especially getting through the door. But even when they could no longer stand upright in it they still enjoyed simply sitting in it and having that pretend tea party.
        Children who are around the four foot mark, or shorter, will love playing in this and will have no trouble in standing upright.

        The walls may be made of plastic but, due to the fact that it is 'blow-moulded ' plastic, meaning that the plastic walls are hollow due to being filled with air when being made, they are soft enough to cause no damage if fallen into yet strong enough to with stand the impact itself.
        If constructed correctly the entire cabin feels solid and weighs enough so as not to budge if one or two of your cherubs bump into it. And it really does look like a wood cabin, sort of, even if it is made of plastic.

        As I said, my kids loved playing in this, having there tea parties, feeding there dolls and even just 'chilling' with a drink and a snack, although they did have to take a small chair in so they could sit down at the interior table. Speaking of the table, it is a good size, allowing for a couple of glasses, (plastic of course), and a plate or two, (again plastic, for safety reasons). It then fold away onto the wall so that there is plenty of space left inside the cabin itself, allowing your kids to play happily without feeling crammed.

        As for the actual price of this cabin, well, I remember paying a pretty penny for it when I bought it many years ago, and, after a quick check online, I see the prices haven't changed that much. The prices range from around a humble £300 to a eye watering £450, which does sound a little pricey but it will last for as long as your kids are little. And, it will probably be around for your kids kids in years to come.

        In all, a bit of a pricey 'hut' for the kids but as it will probably out last the house you are actually living in you can call it an investment for your kid and their kids and their kids and their kids..... You get the picture..


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        A durable pioneer homestead constructed of double-wall plastic to survive years on the backyard frontier.

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