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Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Water Park

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Brand: Little Tikes / Type: Sand & Water Toys

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    1 Review
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      25.06.2013 22:01
      Very helpful



      A great sand and water table

      I was looking for a new sand and water table for my son's birthday. We have had a few basic tables for my eldest son, but nothing big like this one. I love Little Tikes for outdoor toys, and most of the toys in our garden are from the same brand. I just find them to be well made and durable and they last throughout all of my children. They offer a large range of sand and water tables, but this one jumped out as it has two sides to it so it could be used for both at the same time. At £60 it is fairly expensive, but all of the others from the same brand were a similar price. With the set you receive the table itself, 2 figurines, 2 water rings and a double sanded sand toy with a rake and a scoop. These accessories mixed with the table and all of the activities such as water/sand wheels, a double sided chute and diving boards make it look very exciting.

      Setting the table up was very easy and all the pieces just click firmly into place. It takes a while adding all the accessories and making sure they are connected correctly, but once in place they do not move or break away at all. All the pieces can be removed to be cleaned which is a godsend and it only took around 15 minutes to assemble. The table itself has some weight to it so there is no need to worry about it being knocked over by strong winds, but it is not so heavy that it is a pain to move around when needed. Once built it sits sturdy on the floor and is stable enough for younger children to use while propping themselves up on it.

      In play

      Sand and water is always a hit with any child I have ever come across. This table with all the extras is perfect for feeding their imagination and making play more enjoyable. There is enough variation added to this table through the accessories to make my children excited, despite previously having a basic sand and water table since they were little. It has received hours of play and honestly my children are still as animated while playing with this toy as they have been from the very first day they laid eyes on it. When they have friends over it is one of the first garden toys they head for.

      The table is a great height. It is tall enough that it can be comfortably played with by toddlers and it was purchased for my two year old son. My eldest son who is soon to be 6 can also play with it perfectly without the need for bending down or stretching. That mixed with the high durability means it is perfect for lasting your child throughout the years, rather than something that will be used for just one summer. We love the simple things like the water side has a swirls theme and the sand side has a beach theme built into the table. Also having a plug for the water side makes it very convenient to empty the table. You can drain the water without having to sort the sand side out first which we have found useful. The plug does intrude a little into the base of the water table, but it is resistant enough that they cannot pull it out themselves.

      It is not perfect and there do seem to be a few design flaws. The characters are nice and chunky, so that they are great for smaller hands to hold, but this means they can be difficult to pass down the water chute. The gap for the characters to pass down is very snug, and they need to be put down with care rather than just thrown down which my children were a little disappointed about. They tend to be very excited mid play and the ability to just aim and release the figures would have been great. After playing with this table for 10 minutes they figured out what needed to be done and they seemed to forget about this, but it is a design flaw on behalf of Little Tikes. Also the TV advert made it seem like the characters could be sprung from the diving boards and it seemed as though they actually worked. What we have found is there is no movement at all once fixed to the table, so the characters fall into the water rather than diving as suggested. They are there for pretend play rather than actually bending, but again my children do not seem to mind they just use it as a plank instead. Other than that the water wheel and sand wheel work perfectly and the table generally performs well with no flaws.

      It is large enough to be used by more than one child. My three eldest children can all play comfortably at the same time, and because of all the different accessories and features there is enough to keep them all happy. The accessories with this table are great and my children really love them. There are enough toys for two or three children to play with, which stops any arguments. They are also made of durable plastic and have made this table a lot more interesting. The little figures can be used with the diving board, water chute and the water rings mean they can float around in the water. Then you have a sand wheel and water slide in the centre of the table which although very simple seem to really appeal to my children.

      As with all Little Tikes toys the durability of this table is fantastic. The large chunky plastic means it can withstand any bangs and knocks it receives, and despite being in the garden for over a year there is only the slight discolouring to the water side. The sand side is still perfect and I think this is due to the cover that is provided when you purchase it. As it is a sand and water table of course this is going to result in gloopy sand. It is a little bit of a pain to clean, but no more so than other sand and water tables we have owned. The advantage to this one is there is a plug on the water side so you can drain the water, without having to wrestle with it while it is still full. The outside can be hosed down and it comes up as good as new.

      I was a little disappointed when I realised there was only a cover for the sand side of the table. One of the reasons I chose this table was the ability to put the cover on when it is not being used. While the sand is the most important side to cover, I still would have liked to be able to keep the water side covered too. It just means that the water side has started to weather a little more than the sand. You do need to remove the sand wheel to be able to add the cover, but this only takes a few seconds and is very easy to remove and place back for play.

      This sand and water table can be purchased from all leading toy stores. We purchased ours from Amazon on sale at £40 but I would have been happy to pay the full retail of £60. My children really adore this activity table, and it has received many hours of play. It is a great size which suits our larger family, and the durability is fantastic. The accessories add a lot of extra variation to the set keeping it new and different. They can also be stored inside the table when it is not in use so there is no fear of losing the pieces. Even with the small niggles we have come across; we believe it still deserves 5 stars for how much my children enjoy playing with it.


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance The sand and water table is great for social play between a group of children as they can race characters down the twin waterslides, Features and benefits for Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Water Park The sand and water table is great for social play between a group of children as they can race characters down the twin waterslides, launch characters into floating inner tubes, pour water and watch the dump bucket randomly soak either character and play with the sand spinner and 2-in-1 shovel/rake on the sand beach.The Sandy Lagoon Water Park has built-in plug for easy clean up.

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