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Marks and Spencer Easter Egg Hunt Kit

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Brand: Marks and Spencer

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2012 15:12
      Very helpful



      A great kit for Eater egg hunts fun to use and lasts very well

      This Easter egg hunt kit from Marks and Spencer's was an impulse buy a couple of years ago and the product seems to come out as part of each Easter promotion by Marks and Spencer and is definitely worth looking out for.

      The kit is very simply designed there are 9 yellow eggs that open up and allow you to put a gift in each one. The size of the eggs is around 70 cm tall. There are also various laminated signs with arrows pointing the way to find an egg.

      Each Easter I dust of the eggs from the attic and my husband takes our 4 year old out to the park whilst I hide the eggs around the house if its wet or outside and in if it is a nice day.

      The eggs themselves feel a little flimsy but this doesn't actually translate in to them being easily broken and they are surprisingly sturdy. The latch on them to open them is very simple to operate and my son has always even from around 2 years old been able to open them with easy when he has found them to get his prize. They just click in and out of their shell to reveal to halves joined together. The size of the eggs is large enough I have found for either several little mini eggs or a little chick. I have also used the eggs to put in other non-sweet or chocolate related items such as a few marbles, or a small animal or dinosaur from Scheilch to add to his collection. In a lot of ways this is the central appeal to both me and my son in that the eggs can hold various small treats that delight him as he opens them and reduces some of the chocolate frenzy that can become Easter day.

      The eggs are a nice distinctive egg shape and are very easy to hide and find given they are bright yellow. Given that they are made from plastic they are also very easy to wipe clean afterwards to remove say some soil from them if they have been in the garden and the outside of the egg keeps the contents nice and dry inside.

      The signs whilst we have used them are less used in our house mainly as my son can't read the words "this way" printed on them though he does know that the arrow points in the direction to hunt. The signs can again be wiped clean but are I think a little flimsy and they do need to be jammed into the ground or propped up on furniture to stop them falling over easily. I do think older children would get more benefit from the signs but this never stops us enjoying our egg hunt.

      The eggs are a reasonable buy at £6 from Marks and Spencer but it is a great item I think to pick up in the end of season sales for half price or less as it is something that can be used again and again. My son loves his Easter egg hunt kit and he loves trying to find all the eggs on the day. Often once he has found all the eggs and claimed his booty he them likes to re hide them for me and my husband to find admittedly with nothing in but he loves the hide and seek of the eggs and the fun it brings. A definite 5 stars from me for the sheer joy it brings and how well-made it is despite the eggs looking a bit flimsy it doesn't translate into them being broken.


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