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Mickey Mouse Bubbles Tubs

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Brand: Kressies / Type: Outdoor Game

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2013 22:29
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      Cheap fun for the garden

      Since he was quite young Jayden has loved the TV programme Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he would stop was he was doing as soon as he heard the theme tune and start to dance, well he thinks he dancing.  He has one or two Mickey Mouse club House items so when me and my Mum saw the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bubble Tubs whilst doing our weekly shop we had to get him some, although he is a little young to play with them alone we thought he would enjoy chasing the bubbles around the garden.  

      The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bubble Tub is basically a bright green plastic cylinder tub, it has a label wrapped around the whole thing, on the front of the label are the words "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bubbles" in multi coloured writing, next to this is the Disney name.  The rest of the front of the label is taken up with a picture of Mickey Mouse.

       The label around the back of the tube contains a small amount of product information which is basically a few warnings and also the age group that this product is suitable for, this is all then written in further languages.  The bubbles tub has a white plastic lid which can easily be screwed on and off of the tub, on top of the lid under a clear plastic cover is a small ball game where you have to roll the ball around a maze to get it to a certain point.  

      When the lid is removed attached to the underside is the wand which creates the bubbles, this is made from a red plastic, there is one small circle half way up the wand and a larger one at the bottom which creates two different sized bubbles.  The tub is filled with a transparent bubble solution, which basically has a mild soapy smell to it.  The solution is the consistency of water and easily creates a coating over the circles on the wand allowing you to create bubbles.

       It states that this product is not suitable for children under 3 years old, Jayden is just over a year old however this is not something he will be left alone with so we saw no reason why he should not be able to play with the bubbles.  He is too young to blow the bubbles himself, however he loves to chase the bubbles and run around after them if we blow the bubbles for him.  

      We purchased the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bubble tub from our local Tesco, the 60ml tub cost 50p which was very reasonably price in my opinion.  I did wonder how good the quality of the bubble solution would be, however this was not a problem, the quality was very good and it is very easy to create bubbles using the solution.  

      Jayden has had the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bubble Tub for a little while now and he loves it, whilst he cannot blow the bubbles himself he loves to chase them around the garden.  

      We too have been pleased with the quality of this item, the bubble solution is of an excellent quality and it is very easy to blow the bubbles, one dip in the tub also creates a large amount of bubbles in both sizes making it long lasting and in our opinion worth the money.

       What we also liked about these bubble tubs is that when the bubbles burst they do not leave a greasy mark as some bubble solutions can, they do leave a slight damp patch but nothing much meaning that we do not have to worry about them leaving marks on Jayden's clothes or ours.

       The ball game on the top of the tub is something more suited to older children, Jayden has not really looked at this only when he has picked the tub up and shook it to make the ball rattle.  

      Overall I would definitely recommend the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Bubble Tubs, they are cheap and a bit of fun in the garden.  


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