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Nerf Super Soaker Electrostorm

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Manufacturer: Nerf / Type: Outdoor Toys

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    2 Reviews
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      14.11.2012 10:52



      Get one of the pump action cheaper models.

      Summer time and the water fights begin. Who has the best gun?
      I thought the NERF gun would be the best due to the foam bullet firing guns they make... I was wrong the Nerf Super Soaker Electrostorm is not the best. The gun is a small hand held pistol that you fill from below the barrel at the front of the gun, just remove the cap and pour in the water (you wont get allot in there).
      To fire the gun just pull the trigger and it will fire blasts of water up to 25ft, I say blast but all it does is fire a fine (weedy) shot of water out, if you hold the trigger down it will fire a constant blast of this fine weedy water and is not at all impressive and will take ages to get anyone wet.
      Compared to the cheap standard pump action water pistols that fire huge amounts of water with one pull of the pump I am going to have to say this gun is NOT good to the point of saying it was a waste of money, it costs between £6 and £12 and then you still have to buy 4 x AA batteries.
      Was not happy and would not recommend this product, stick to the giant pump action guns and don't be impressed with the design or it being fully automatic because you will be disappointed and the kids will argue over the water pistols...Not good.


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      07.06.2012 16:58
      Very helpful



      OK - but not as good as older models.

      I didn't pay for these so I suppose I shouldn't be to be fussy. I had a pair of Nerf Supersoaker High Tide, guns which performed pretty poorly. When I contacted the company - they said they would send a replacement - but were out of stock - and asked if I would accept another model. I wasn't too fussed which ones we had and agreed. I never even thought of the fact that they have battery operated water guns - Just what I don't need - more batteries.

      This gun currently sells for £7.49 with Amazon. It is a study well made toy, but very , very small. It only holds 4 ounces of water. This is fired out with a fair amount of force, but it most certainly does not fire 25 feet as advertised. I found you could hit a target about 8 ft - 10 ft away, and in all honesty, this is perfectly adequate for us. I don't really need to be 25 feet from a target. This is affected by battery type, and you may get less power with a weaker battery. We used 4 new AA Duracell batteries, which I consider to be one of the best for toys that need a bit more juice. This does add to the cost of the toy, though, and the cost of using it. We have had these for about a month, and the batteries are still going fine, but these toys are very rarely used as my sons prefer their pound shop water guns. We did replace part of the water with vinegar last week and made "Angry Dad" - which my sons found absolutely hilarious - and to be honest I have a bit of smirk thinking about it.

      For the most part, these are well made toys that have survived being dropped in a pool, and do not look prone to breakage. personally, I hate battery powered water guns - sooner or later the battery compartment ends up wet and they are ruined, but so far these are working quite well. I hate having to buy extra batteries as well. But my sons do like the extra power of the batteries and would love a larger battery powered gun. These do not seem to leak when aid down with water in them or when the children are running about with them, water only comes out when it is meant to.

      The problem with this is simply that with only 4 ounces of water, pumped out at fairly high speeds, this is empty in seconds. My sons found that they were spending almost all their time running in and out of the house to refill this. Of course this meant quite a bit of mess with wet children running in and out - but I'm not terribly fussed with mess. I have all hard floors and it cleans up easily. But they quickly got tired of spending almost all their time refilling and just went back to their pound shop guns. I would point out that these do not have the quick refill water clips that some Nerf toys have, so you have no options for a quick refill. They must be filled from a water tap or hose pipe.

      I've asked my sons for their ratings on this. My oldest says he would give this 3 stars. He says it is a bit good because it shoots much further than the old Nerf gun, and a bit further than the pound store gun, but it does not go half as far as his Water Warriors Barricade. (This is an off the wall brand I found at a boot sale for 50 p and by far the best water gun we have owned, with a simple pump action which easily reaches 15 feet or more. In fact I have searched online for another one and I can not seem to find them in the UK). He says this is bad though because it runs out of water so fast. My three your old was less articulate than usual when I asked his opinion of this - giving a simple "mehh". When questioned further though he said he wants to keep it ( I ask him sometimes if he still wants toys to know which ones are outgrown and ready to move on). he likes it, but he likes the other guns better. He says he likes this one better when I put vinegar in it though. In case you are wondering their Dad did deserve it - getting to competitive in a water fight - I simply evened the odds :)

      I've gone back and forth on the rating on this. In the end I am settling on 3, just as my son did. It has some advantages. It is well made, doesn't leak and does work reasonably well. It also has some big disadvantages - it requires batteries , does not live up to advertising claims and runs out of water far too quickly. If a very short burst of water for a quick splash is enough for you, by all means buy this. If having to refuel after a few seconds will be an issue, give this one a miss. I have read on reviews many people use these to scare neighbours cats from their gardens, in which case, I am sure the short burst if more than adequate, but for a good old fashioned water fight, sadly it just is not up to par. How I wish Nerf could just give us a good pump action pressurised device. I am not a fan of everything going electronic - for once i would like to see "Batteries Not Required". Nerf has made wonderful high quality toys for many years - maybe it is time they quit "improving " things and went back to good old basic models that worked.


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