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New Garden Villa Children's Playhouse

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Brand: Argos / Type: Outdoor Play Equipmennt - Children's Playhouse

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2011 09:50
      Very helpful



      A lovely garden toy

      After watching my daughter excitedly playing with the outdoor playhouse at nursery I realised that it was time to get her one of her own. After shopping around for (what seamed like) a very long time I came to the conclusion that there were just too many to choose from, the majority of them being ridiculously expensive. Coming to the conclusion that it was going to cost a lot of money regardless of which one I chose, I decided to go for the New garden villa children's playhouse which was £120 as it looked lovely and the quick deliveries with Argos meant that I was not going to have to wait so long for it to arrive.

      The playhouse comes packaged in several large boxes, all of which are relatively light to carry so there is no need to unpack the pieces at the front door because the delivery man didn't bother taking it into the house. (like I have had to do several times) I was easily able to take the parcel outside ready to assemble. Unless you have a double door leading outside it is best to assemble it outside as it is not likely to fit out of the door once assembled.

      The playhouse comes with adequate instructions, looking similar to the instructions you would get to assemble Lego, containing only pictures. I would say the house took around an hour to completely assemble, that includes working out what piece goes where as there are rather a lot of them. It took two people to assemble the house, I did try doing it solitary but it didn't really work so I would definitely suggest that you get a second person to help with this aspect.

      This playhouse is quite detailed in design, its not complex but again its not exactly simple. It's a villa style house but it also has an extension. It is brightly decorated making it even more attractive for children, the colours are very much unisex including green, orange and blue. The house consists of several features including 2 widows, only one of these has shutters however but the other does have potential to have them in place so you can chose which window to place the shutters. It has 2 swinging doors, these are not full length so they only cover the bottom half of the door frame but this allows you to be fully able to see inside the house at all times along with the 2 large, I wouldn't say windows as such but open spaces, this can be seen on the above picture anyway. I think the purpose of these is to be like a little serving hatch as there is a pretend cooker and wash basin within the house that is directly underneath the area where you are able to look out.

      The approximate measurements of the house are as follows;
      Height, 126cm
      Width, 156cm
      Depth, 102cm

      The house is rather large, but it is not overly large so it is suitable for smaller gardens. It doesn't have a base, which personally I would have preferred one as I wouldn't like to have it on the grass because that's the perfect way to bring about grass stains on little clothing. However we kept it on the patio for a rather long time and it is ideal keeping it here, my daughter still enjoyed playing in it and it didn't really make a difference. Now we have recently built a little outdoor play area with a bark base and I think it works miles better on the bark, there is no risk of scratching the base of the house on the concrete and also no scratching little knees either.

      My daughter is a big fan of this house, it is her favourite toy that she has and she loves playing with her friends when they come over, cooking, cleaning in the sink and general role play type games., and even if friends are in short supply she likes to take the dog inside to play, who on a hot day doesn't mind relaxing in the shade.

      Personally I would have liked the house to be a little bit taller, my daughter can just about get inside without having to crouch down, but I literally have to crawl in there and sit in a balled type shape in the corner which doesn't really allow me to be able to play with her effectively. Also I think it might become a problem for my daughter soon too and as she is only 3 ½ It not giving me good hopes that it is going to last an awful lot longer before she stops playing with it.

      All in all I do think that this is a good play house and it forms a lot of different role play ideas for my daughter which I think is very important for her age. She is able to enjoy outdoor play whilst I am reassured being able to see everything that she is doing. I would highly recommend it.


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