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New Holland TM175 Tractor with Front Loader

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Brand: New Holland / Type: Toy Ride-on

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    1 Review
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      12.04.2011 22:25
      Very helpful



      Shame we can't attach a lawn mower to this one.

      My mum and dad made it clear to me when my eldest was born that at some stage they would be buying him a tractor. My brother had one when he was small, as did all 3 of my nephews, so there was no way my little one was escaping this privilege in spite of my protests that we probably did not have enough room for it to be played with properly. Oh well.

      So, when he was 2, at the Christmas time, it was our turn to have a tractor. He had seen them before as he had seen his cousins, but this was a strange one as it was in a big box and had no wheels or seat. The body came with the pedals attached, but Daddy had to complete the assembly by adding the front and rear wheels, the steering wheel, the seat, the excavator and the stickers so that it looks as it does above.

      Our model looks entirely like the one above. It is about a metre in length with the excavator. It also has pins and tow bars on the rear and front, so you can accessorise your tractor. Ours came with a water pump, which adds another couple of feet to the length. Thankfully you can hitch and unhitch this water tank very easily by pulling out a black pin, otherwise we wouldn't be able to fit it inside the garden shed with all his other toys. You can also buy a trailer for your tractor if that works better for you.

      The tractor is pedal powered. At 2, my son was not able to pedal the tractor himself as his feet only just reached the pedals, and it was far too heavy for his muscles to move it. This meant about the first year of use it required Mummy or Daddy to push the tractor from behind. The next dilemna we found was that my son was also a bit lacking in steering skill, so we also had to steer as well as push to avoid crashing into trees. Thankfully now he can pedal and steer himself at the grand old age of 4 and a half, so the adult support is much less.

      Our next problem was when our youngest wanted a go too, but his legs could not reach the pedals before he was 2. We solved this by making him sit on the water tank so they could both use it at once. This worked fine till he worked out how to unpin the tank while it was moving, and nose dived onto the garden.

      My sons both love this tractor, as does every boy child who has visited our house. The girls who have visited seem to prefer the coupe car to the tractor. My son says his favourite part is the excavator section. It hooks around bars on either side of the front of the tractor, so it is easy for him to unhook it and lower it to ground level. He likes to fill it with leaves, bits of grass, flowers and pinecones as he goes round a loop of the garden. If i train him to then put it all in the green bin this would be very useful.

      The seat is really quite comfy to say that it is hard plastic. Some models don't have the back support on the seat, but i really like that feature on this model. It certainly was useful when i was looking for somewhere to put my hand to push it.

      I am pretty sure my parents paid over £100 for this. They have bought all of the boys tractors from the same local shop, and they appear to sell a lot of these toys. It is an attractive hard wearing toy, so i don't find this surprising. When my son was given this as a 2 year old he was obviously too small for it as he couldn't work it himself, but he did get a lot of enjoyment from it, equally as much as now. I find it more enjoyable for a 4 year old. In terms of age he can use it till, my son is about 3 and a half foot tall, and wears 4-5 trousers and i would say he is perfect size. It will last a few more years. My 7 year old nephew can still ride his, but he does find his knees are starting to get a bit in the way.

      My latest problem is that my parents feel that my youngest might also like a tractor, but i think that is a step too far. It is a great toy, but they can learn to share. Yes, good boys do deserve tractors. Any boy would be totally delighted with a ride on this one.


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