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Ozbozz SV5963 Pink Cosmic Light Flashing Deck Scooter

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Manufacturer: Ozbozz / Type: Toy Ride-Ons - Scooter

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2013 02:18
      Very helpful



      Long lasting and fun toy for younger kids.

      Meet the "Cosmic light".... no, not a new hybrid illegal plant that is frequently grown in attics with hydroponics, but a scooter. A very pink scooter. It does also come in blue, nothing like a bit of gender stereotyping is there?

      This is a sturdy metal three wheeled scooter for younger kids (the manufacturer recommends it be used from 3 years plus), from OzBozz. This monstrosity first came to my attention on kids tv channel TinyPop, when my eyes were drawn to the TV by a very annoying advert featuring small children shouting "Cosmic light" at every opportunity. I scowled, grumbled and vowed not to buy it. Ever.

      Unfortunately, my Daughter (then 2) had also seen the annoying advert and requested it for Christmas. I spent a few weeks in a dithery state akin to purgatory- "I can't, it is too pink and too hideous" vs " She would LOVE it and it would be great for balance and exercise"....

      Eventually (as she often does), Sprog won. I bought it from Tesco Direct for £24.99.


      In terms of "Cosmicness", this scooter is up there with Jerry Garcia, ie very. It features a fairly wide opaque plastic foot-board which covers (way too many) brightly coloured LED lights, which flash annoyingly when the little button underneath is turned on. Of course it functions perfectly well without the light show but my daughter was entranced by it and soon learned to turn it on (as quickly as I turned it off when she wasn't looking). The width of the foot-board is great for smaller kids as it gives them more surface area with which to balance themselves, especially if it is their first scooter which can feel a bit wobbly after a ride on toy with four wheels. The lights are multicoloured and flash randomly, there are plenty of them which makes for an impressive spectacle. At dusk in Autumn, you could see this thing coming from a long way off.


      This scooter has been part of the household for 1.5 years and is still intact! The wheels still turn and are strong, the lights still work (despite being left out in the rain more times than I can remember), and the rubbery hand rests on the end of the handlebars are still in good condition. Obviously my daughter is young and perhaps does not thrash it as much as an older child, but this is one tough old scooter which just keeps on keeping on. There are generic replacement hand grips available to buy should then need replacing, and to be honest this is the only part of the scooter which seems vulnerable to damage.

      Ignoring the pinkness of the details, the scooter itself has a lot of nice shiny metal that is like chrome. It has stayed shiny and smart despite the rain and mud. The fixtures are all very solid and my Daughter cannot fold it down herself, so no fear of squished fingers and screams. We have only folded it a couple of times, and that was to take it in the car. Otherwise it stays up and is used regularly.

      USING IT:

      The scooter comes in a garish pink cardboard box with instructions. It needs minimum assembly, you simply click the parts together and tighten a bolt. Then it is ready to use. It took me around 5 minutes if that.

      My Daughter did wibble a bit at first but soon learned to balance her body so that she could stay on the thing. Then she had to learn to propel herself. This took practice as she was small, but she got it and then started to learn how to use the brake. This is more tricky as the brake is at the end of the foot-board which is a stretch for little legs. We have found that the brake is not essential for the kind of whizzing about that my child does, but certainly in older kids who may take it on pavements etc, the braking would be an essential skill to learn.

      The scooter folds down into a very easy to carry size. This also means that it takes up little storage space. It is lightweight, even with being made from thick Aluminium tubing, and despite the portability it is very stable and sturdy. The whole design of the scooter has been thought through well and this has stood up to a lot of battering and toppling.

      I find that it gets in the way when in the house as it is easy to knock over. I have cursed it often, attempting not to break my neck as I fell over it. Despite this, when ridden by an over-excited child, it manages to be very balanced. After 1.5 years of use, there is some wear to the wheels which are a tough polyurethane on the outer "tyre", but nothing that hinders the movement of the scooter or the smoothness of the ride. My Daughter still uses it and at the moment it is being ridden around the back garden. Although more challenging on a grassy surface than concrete, it is still useable.


      Owning this scooter is an excellent way to encourage movement and exercise in young children. It teaches them balance and the ability to steer with their body, and is great fun of course. The use of a scooter will build leg and arm strength and encourage the spine to flex and stay supple. Toddlers often lack coordination and although this is perfectly "normal", a scooter will help a smaller child to learn how to manage their body in the world around them. It is also very useful in teaching them how to avoid walls, the dog and your Mother's foot...

      There are no down sides to owning this scooter unless you really cannot tolerate the ghastly pinkness and flashing lights. It is a well built toy and good value for money. The scooter has also grown with her as it features an adjustable handlebar height. There are three settings which you adjust via pressing in the circular "blobs" in the metal tube, and then raising the bar up. It then clicks to the next setting and secures in place. I can see this lasting until my daughter is around 6 or 7 due to the adjustable height feature.


      The Cosmic Light needs 4 AA batteries if it is going to flash loudly and annoy you efficiently. Although some people have reported the battery life as being poor, we have not found this to be the case at all. I taught my daughter to turn them off when she was not playing with it and she did. The batteries lasted us for months. It would be best to use rechargeable batteries anyway as it will save you a lot of money.


      Ozbozz state that the Cosmic light is suitable for a minimum age of 3 and a maximum weight of 50kg.


      Grease the joint where you fold it down. Seriously. You will thank me :)


      * Easy to use fold and lock system
      * Height adjustable (3 settings)
      * Secured steering angle with ABEC bearings
      * Rear brake
      * Aluminium body, lightweight and durable
      * Multicoloured flashing deck
      * Chunky hand grips
      * Weight = 3.7 Kg
      * Product Dimensions - 90 x 12 x 68 cm
      * Age: 36 months - 6 years

      PRICE: This is currently £28.49 on Amazon with free delivery but is available slightly cheaper if you shop around.

      SUMMARY: 5 stars (but for God's sake please bring some other colours out)


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        21.07.2012 01:17
        Very helpful



        great scooter in general

        My daughter has always been older than her years and when she was very young all she wanted to do was go out and play with the older kids on the street who were all running around on their scooters everywhere. Scooters are a popular outdoor toy / great alternative to bikes and they have been "in fashion" for around 10 years or so... I will admit to owning a larger one as a teenager! For her fourth birthday I spotted this on the Amazon website was was instantly attracted to the girly features and the three wheels as opposed to the 2 wheeled ones you see for older children... The flashing lights also sold it to me!

        Assembling the scooter is almost non-existant - just literally click the bits together and tighten and bolts and the child is good to go! If I can do it everyone else can.

        The scooter is aimed at girls due to the pink theme it has going but if you look on Amazon there is a boys version as well. It is aimed at children aged 3-6 which is why it has 3 wheels as opposed to 2 ( one wheel at the front and two at the back ) which is much better for helping to balance the child. As like childrens bikes the scooter can easily be adjusted as the child grows - the stem can be moved up and down depending on the height of your child, it has a slip which makes it secure and when the stem is moved it clicks into little holes which are all the way down this pole. There is also another clip on the base of the scooter and the purpose of this second clip is to fold the base and the stem together for easy storage. The great thing to me is all the clips are quite firm and child proof so there is no chance in the child fiddling with the adjustments themselves and causing injury if the scooter was to collapse. Its very well made in this sense. Speaking of safety like all scooters this has a metal break which fits over the top of the back two wheels and when the scooter is in use and you want to slow down it is simply operated by pressing your foot down on it. Considering all the use the scooter has been through the wheels don't seem to have worn at all and the manual describes the wheels as being made out of a tough PU material - very much like rubber to me.

        As previous mentioned the scooter is made from aluminium so is mainly silver in colour but has thick hand grips on the handlebar which are especially great for smaller hands, a brake which covers the back two wheels, girly stickers to put on the scooter and the base which also lights up - all the features are pink as are the wheels.

        On to the flashing base - this is the main reason me and my daughter wanted this particular scooter as we hadn't seen any other child with a scooter like this - and of course my daughter thought she was the coolest child ever... There is tiny lights which show through the base and light up when you turn on a button under the scooter... To operate the lights you need to insert 4 AA batteries (which are not included) into the battery compartment under the scooter... One niggle with this to me is that the batteries only seemed to last a couple of weeks and in my opinion we didn't accidently leave this feature on overnight accidently or overuse.

        My verdict

        The scooter has done my daughter fine for the last 2+ years and has not had any damage other than general scratchs through wear and tear. Even the wheels have not worn down very much considering all the use its had. The only thing I can advise with this, being a metal aluminium scooter if it gets wet through the rain it does rust easily so always store in a dry and wet place - as well as the issue with the batteries not lasting long for the flashing lights feature.

        I am aware you can pick up aluminium scooters much cheaper than the Ozbozz range but to me this is a very safe scooter and my daughter has never had injury caused due to the scooter itself - and you can't put a price on safety which is why I recommend this over the cheaper ones. Be aware that it is still a scooter and for best peace of mind make sure your child still wears a helmet and arm/knee pads.

        The scooter is soon to be moved to my parents house rather than stay at my own as I have just ordered my little girl a new 2 wheel Ninja scooter in black and pink (review on this to follow) for a recent good school report as my daughter believes the three wheeled scooters to be a bit babyish now. To be fair on her the product is aimed at children up to 6 so I am not going to argue with her on this! This will be used occasionally from now on when she goes to visit her grandparents!

        Generally I would recommend this brand to anyone with kids in this range, they would love the flashing lights and if you look after it, it has the ability to last a long time. Ozbozz also do 2 wheeled scooters for older kids and all can be found on Amazon.


        At the time of writing this review you can get this scooter on Amazon for £24.99 + £2.95 delivery.


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