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Peppa Pig Children's Play Tent

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Brand: Argos / Type: Palyhouse / Tents

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    4 Reviews
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      09.06.2013 21:14
      Very helpful



      A pretty tent for Peppa fans

      What is this product?
      This review is for the Peppa Pig pop up play tent, suitable for ages 2 upawards currently retailing at around £20 in Argos and similar. The is made of light weight canvas and the size is around 10ocm tall and 100cm wide. The tent now on sale is slightly different to the one shown here and to that reviewed by others. It now comes with just one pole which fits along the line of the top of the tent to hold it rigid. It has a roll up door and round peek a boo window at the top. The roof of the tent and outline of each side is bright pink, the base colour of the tent is yellow and on two sides it features the various members of the Pig family.

      What do I like about this product?
      My daughter recently received this tent as a present for her second birthday and it was an instant hit. We set it up in the conservatory and she instantly went in and had a great time peeking out of the window and shouting "boo!". She proceeded to take all of her toys in there and so on, she played for a good 30 minutes uninterrupted before moving on to something else. She can easily get in and out of the tent and there is plenty of room for her and her toys. We had some other kids round for a little party and I think we had 4 in it at one point, but the ideal number is 2 who could fit in comfortably with a few toys. As the tent is quite lightweight and not held down in any way, the children enjoyed rolling around in it and knocking it over. They had an absolute ball crawling out the window, the floor, etc. I quite like the bright design on this tent, however I would describe it as more girly than the earlier model shown here.

      What do I dislike about this product?
      The tent is very lightweight (some would say flimsy) which is fine for indoor use, but it does blow over very easily when used outside as it does not have its own floor. What it needs are a few little hooks so you can use tent pegs to hold it down - I am considering sewing some of my own in but I haven't gotten around to it yet as she seems happy playing with it inside. Also, the tent blowing off its occupants became quite a fun game to them! At £20 I consider this quite expensive for what it is, I probably wouldn't pay so much myself but, as I said, it was a gift. I think the higher price is for the Peppa Pig branding (which my daughter has pointed out but isn't fussed about) as cheaper non branded tents of similar quality are on sale too. I do like the design but, as I already said, it's a shame it is now quite girly (although, the boys who came to play loved it too!).

      Do I recommend this product?
      If you have a super Peppa Pig fan then yes this tent is for you, if you're not bothered about the branding, I would say go for a cheaper non character based tent. It is great and my daughter loves it, I just think it a little over priced.


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      21.04.2012 19:34
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An ok play tent just a shame it is so light.

      We have had play houses before but a lot of them have not lasted long as they either rip are poorly made or just too small for all my children to play in. My daughter is Peppa pig mad but my son also loves Peppa and it was actually his second word that he said so for his first birthday we decided to get him this play tent as we knew he would love it. We knew it was recommended from 2 years plus but as he was walking and it would be used under our supervision we thought there would be harm in him using it as there are no small parts.

      **The tent **
      It is lovely to look at and of course has a peppa pig theme running throughout it with George and Peppa making an appearance and mummy and daddy pig each side of the tent has a different scene which is great for a little variety and means the tent is very eye catching. Although most of the toys we have brought that are peppa pig branded are usually for my daughter this was actually purchased for my son and the colours of the tent make it very unisex where as a lot of the other peppa pig toys tend to be pink and girly this would make a fantastic gift for either a boy or a girl.

      There are lots of bright colours to grab little ones attention and also as there are things such as clouds ponds and trees throughout the tent it is lovely for my son to walk around and point out all the different things on the tent and show mummy what a big boy he is getting with his expanding vocabulary.

      When you receive the tent it is flat packed with the material section of the playhouse and then polls and rods that need put in to the seams of the material to make the play house shape. This is extremely easy to do and really only does take around 5 minutes maximum and even quicker once you have done it a few times.

      Although there is no quick solution to storage you can just dismantle the playhouse and again it only takes around 5 minutes. This means it then takes up no room at all and is back to a flat packed design as you first started you just need to be careful not to lose any pieces as the connecters are rather small and we chucked the box away not thinking when we first assembled it.

      **In play **
      To enter the tent there is a door that can be rolled up and fastened with a small Velcro fastening and this is a fair size to both allow entrance in and out but also let some light in to the tent. My children are able to roll the door up themselves so like to keep taking it down and putting it back up as they enter and leave the house.

      There are no windows in the tent which is a little disappointing as it means that it is a little darker in the tent than I would like and also my children like to look out while they are playing they did ask me where it had gone so they were also a little surprised but after a few minutes they had forgotten all about it and continued playing.

      The tent is a reasonable size it can fit my three children in easily and although there is not a lot of room to move it is still possible for them to play rather easily. It is rather flimsy and it falls this way and that if the children push the side of the tent but this is due to the fact there is nothing to way it down which resulted in the tent being rolled around the room with my children inside. Although my children loved rolling around in the tent of course I was very worried but they seemed to enjoy it even more. We found if there toys were sitting on the bottom of the tent it made a lot more steady and held it to floor it could still tip but would need more pressure so in general play it would sit up ok.

      It can be used in doors and out although to be honest with our typical Scottish weather it has had more use inside. The material is not very thick but at the same time it is well made enough to last a year's worth of play with my children. The tent is very light weight and I find my children drag it here there and everywhere to where they want to play. When we have used this outside we have not found it great to be honest it is flimsy when used in doors and outside it is even worse even if there is the slightest breeze mummy is left running down the garden chasing it in the end we got fed up and took it back inside. They have both quiet times in here winding down before bed but also decide to wrestle each other and jump around a lot. They take toys in and out and play shop with this tent they seem to have many different uses for it.

      **Summary **
      We think this is a great play tent it can be stored flat although you do have to dissemble it each time so ours tends to stay up a lot of the time as my children do use it a lot. It is recommended for 2 years plus which is a perfect age range in my opinion and my son who is nearly 5 loves it just as much as my son who turns 2 in may so it does last a while. We have had it since May last year and it has lasted well although I was a little worried that with vigorous play it would rip as the material is not very thick it has lasted perfectly there are no marks or any wear and tear.

      It can be wiped down with a wet cloth but as it is not water proof there are a few water tide marks but these are barley visible unless you are up close. All three of my children play with this tent on a regular basis and it is great fuel for their imagination I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of buying a play tent. We brought ours for around £15 when it was on special offer in Argos but looking around it retails for anything between £20 and £30 and is available at most large retailers.


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        19.04.2012 21:00
        Very helpful



        A cute little tent

        When my daughter was turning 3 she had moved her interest from Tweenies onto Peppa Pig amongst others and so alot of her presents were based around this character one of which was a wendy house of Peppa Pigs. We has decided we wanted a wendy house for her but it was just finding the right one in the end we found this one on Amazon and it cost around £20 at the time although it is now nearly £29.

        The tent is for children ages 2 and up and is made out of a soft feel canvas type material, the tent is just over a metre is length and just over 3/4 of a metre in depth and width. The tent is a rectangular shape with a triangular roof and is very easy to assemeble. When you take the tent out of it's packaging it simply pops up and then you have to place four white supports into place to keep it upright. The tent is mainly light blue in colour and on the front it has a picture of Daddy pig blowing a boat across a pond with the rest of the family looking on. On the roof there is the Peppa Pig logo and a cloud and then on the end with the door there is a picture of Peppa jumping around in the sunshine. The other end of the tent and the back is just plain blue which I thought was a shame as we would have liked to have the tent facing the opposite way in our daughters bedroom but that would have meant the picture was against her wardrobe.

        The opening for the tent is a rectangle cut in the fabric which rolls up and secures with a piece of velcro, the door isn't easy for a child to roll up and secure so needs an adult until they are a little older my daughter can now manage it at 4 years old. The tent is hardwearing, the supports are strong and the fabric seems to resist staining as it is still clean a year and a half later which with my daughter is doing very well. There is a hole in the roof which my sister got stuck in on my daughters birthday since she thought wearing the tent would be a good idea!

        When taking the tent down it is hard to work out how to manage to fold it back up again but we will deal with that when the time comes although removing the supports is very easy. My daughter enjoyed this tent for the first month of so and found it funny to hide in at bedtime but I wouldn't say it is worth nearly £30 unless you are sure your child will play in it alot although it is still up in her bedroom as she won't allow me to take it down - think i may have to deal with this when the christmas presents appear!


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        22.09.2011 08:43
        Very helpful



        A Peppa and George themed tent for your little ones

        Once my boys got to the 18 month mark, they seemed obsessed by making everything into a tent. Our dining table could be found with a sheet over and they even started pushing our side tables together to create a tent! I decided because of our poor summer weather and the fact my expensive tablecloths were being thrown around I would look for a play tent for them which could be used for indoor play during the oncoming winter. After a search around at the options available we opted for the Peppa Pig Play Tent.

        ***Peppa Pig Play Tent***
        The Peppa Pig Play Tent is a fabric play tent / wendy house with a Peppa Pig theme including Peppa Pig and George. The tent is mainly a bright blue colour with a yellow trim. The tent is also has green around the bottom (for grass) and has the Peppa Pig characters on it, who are feeding ducks at a pond.

        The tent is 89cm long and 70cm wide and the highest point of the roof (in the centre) is 105cm. The tent has no windows but has a door on the side which lifts up and can be rolled up for easier access. The roof of the tent is pitched like a traditional Wendy house and there is a cut out section in the roof in the shape of a cloud.

        The play tent is outlined to be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It also folds and dismantles for easy compact storage.

        The tent is described to be suitable for children over 2 years old and requires direct adult supervision according to the toys instructions.

        The Peppa Pig Play Tent is manufactured by Worlds Apart. A number of retailers sell this tent which includes Amazon, Argos, Toys R Us and Smyths. The price varies however selling prices tend to be around £20-£25. We actually purchased this whilst on special offer in July 2011 for £16.99 from Argos. After browsing a range of children's play tents this is actually very good value as Mothercare were selling this style play tent for up to £60! Other similar sized and character themed play tents from Smyths and Toys R Us however were in the region of £25-£30.

        ***Playing with it***
        Mr Lools and I have learnt our lesson when it comes to assembling children's toys and now always assemble new toys when the boys are napping as complex assembly is made harder when you have two toddlers attempting to play / or help. We were pleased to find that the Peppa Pig Play tent was very simple to assemble and even on the first attempt the tent was set up in less than 5 minutes.

        The Tent comes as one piece of fabric which is folded up but has a pop up type composition. This gives the basic shape of the tent but requires support rods to be put inside of it to give it stability. You are given 10 white rods, 5 with connectors 5 without. You slot the rods without connectors to the ones with connectors to give you 5 longer rods which make up the support frame. These support rods fit inside tent in special hidden pockets which run the length of the tent(89cm) on the base on each side (2) on the side at the top of the tent wall (2) and one that supports the very top of the pitched roof.

        We do not own a lot of Peppa Pig branded toys mainly as I feel the majority are quite girly but I feel that the play tent is definitely unisex and both boys and girls would like it. Although the tent is mainly blue it is not too boyish, and the Peppa Pig characters do not make the tent too girly.

        As soon as my boys woke from their nap they came down into the living room to see their tent. I can only describe their faces as beaming which was a lovely sight. Both of my boys actually pointed to the Peppa character on the front of the tent and made sorting noises which I found extremely cute and clever they recognise she is a pig. They first started playing in the tent at 3.30pm in the afternoon and apart from a small break for their evening meal they had to be dragged from the tent at 6.30pm ready for bath time. This was not just the initial excitement of a new toy. The tent is a firm favourite and they will play in the tent for hours and hours. None of our other toys have this appeal, even our bouncy castle they get bored of and Mr Lools describes the play tent as the best £17 he has ever spent!

        The majority of use of this tent has been indoors (manly due to the lack of summer this year) and the tent is perfect for use inside. My boys have spent hours taking their teddies in and out of the tent and seem to play really imaginatively, chatting to each other (and their friends) and letting each other in and out of the door. They do quite like this tent for "quiet time" and I often find when they are getting tired they take cushions inside of the tent and lie on these. As a parent I find this a great toy for keeping my boys out of mischief and confined to one place rather than trying to climb on furniture or other mischievous activities.

        The door to the tent is very easy for a young toddler to open as it is a simple flap which can be shut by fixing a Velcro tab at the bottom of the door and on the bottom of the tent. Toddlers can simply walk into the door and it moves out of the way. What I like about the design of the door is the whole cut out for the "door" is close to the base of the tent. As a result at the bottom of the door there is only a thin fabric strip around the base of the tent which means children are less likely to trip as they walk in and out of the tent door. My mum bought a similar style tent from another brand for her house and she no longer will let the boys play in this tent as there has been too many occasions when they have fell in or out of the tent because this strip of fabric is a little too high.

        With the flap door you also have the option of rolling it up so it is constantly open. Initially I rolled this up for my boys however they prefer the door to be down so they are hidden and the tent is more enclosed.

        My only criticism of the design of the tent is that unlike many play tents and Wendy houses it does not have a clear plastic section for a window. Meaning children can look out and in the tent. Personally my boys do not seem too concerned by this and they quite like to be fully enclosed, or if they do want to look out of the tent they pop their head out of the door but I know that other children may prefer the security of being able to see what is going on around them. The Peppa Pig play tent does have a cloud shaped cut out section of the roof which is handy for parents as you can peep inside and see what your children are doing in the tent!

        The size of the tent is satisfactory for two children to play in with ample room. In fact we have fit four toddlers inside of this tent. I have also sat inside the tent with my two boys and this was not too much of a squash. Obviously as an adult I could not stand up inside of the tent but because of the pitched roof the tent does feel quite roomy and my boys have no issue standing up inside of the tent.

        The tent also states it is suitable for outdoor use. We have only taken the tent out into the garden twice. On both occasions it was windy and the tent blew over. The cloth material the tent is made from is very light and flimsy therefore will blow over in mid to high winds. As the tent is so light even during indoor playtimes my boys often will tip the tent over (which at 20 months old they can do with one hand). This adds to their amusement and is often part of their game although because of the large size of the tent they find it quite hard to tip the tent back to its upright position and this is a job for mummy or daddy.

        Worlds Apart state the Peppa Pig Play Tent is suitable from 2 years old. I personally allowed my children to play with this tent from 18 months old as I do not feel it presents any danger to them. There are no small parts or anything I feel could harm them. I would have felt confident allowing my boys to play in this tent from 14 months old when they were sturdy and walking confidently but this is based on my own personal judgement as a parent. My friend's little boy who is 3 years old has the same tent and based upon how much he likes the tent I'm sure it will be suitable for another year at least.

        When I assemble the tent and I do feel I have to take care of the plastic support rods as my boys think it's a hilarious game when I'm putting the rods together to grab them and use them as weapons. Once the rods are placed inside the specific pockets inside the tent to support it the ends are shut with quite strong Velcro and it takes a fair amount of force to open the Velcro and then remove these rods therefore it is not likely a child under 2 years old could do this. I tend to be in the same room when my boys play in this tent therefore do supervise the use but have popped out of the room for 30 seconds as I do not feel it is one of their more "dangerous" toys. The material the tent is made from is a light cloth which has lots of little pin prick holes in it therefore I do not feel there is a suffocation risk if they did become trapped under the tent (which is unlikely as it is so light).

        Because of the light fabric material it does not make the tent as durable as it could be. My boys have splashed blackcurrant up the side of the tent and although I have wiped it the material has stained. The tent can be wiped but it does not have a waterproof or wipe clean interior or exterior therefore it is at risk of staining. The material is quite thin and although after 3 months of regular play we have no rips in the tent, we have owned a play tunnel made from this material which ripped therefore you do need to take care your child does not catch the tent with sharp objects.

        Unlike many other of our "pop up" or toys which claim they have "compact" storage I would actually say the Peppa Pig Play tent lives up to these claims. Disassembling the tent takes less than 5 minutes and once you remove the plastic rods and disconnect them from each other so they are only 40cm long you can then fold the material part to the tent. This is a case of folding into the centre so it measures around 60cm by 40cm and is less than 5cm thick. I can't quite get the tent back in the original box but the tent fits inside a large carrier bag with the support rods and fits in our toy cupboard very easily.

        I would definitely agree with Mr Lools that this is one of the best toy purchases that we have made for our boys. The boys get hours of enjoyment out of this tent and they play imaginatively whilst as a parent I get a rest as I know they are sat inside their tent rather than running in different directions causing mischief in my living room.

        The tent itself is well designed, bright colourful and the flap door makes it very easy for a child to get in and out of the door. I do feel that the design would be improved if the tent included a small clear window and on the base had loops to put tent pegs into in order to secure the tent to the ground for outdoor use when it is windy. But for less than £20 I think this is an excellent value for money toy.

        A tent that actually is easy to assemble, easy to store and will keep your little ones entertained for hours.


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