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Postman Pat Space Hopper

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Brand: Gosh

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    2 Reviews
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      01.07.2013 23:57
      Very helpful



      I like this space hopper very much and so do my daughters

      WHAT IS IT?

      A bouncy space hopper that is for small children instead of adults.  It has got a picture of Postman Pat on the front with his cat Jess.   


      The space hopper is available in red only and that is not a surprise because Postman Pat always makes me think of the colour red. The drawing of Postman Pat is bright and fun and very large on the front of the space hopper, I like it very much and so do my children.  The handle is very good I think because it is one handle only that is in a loop for children to hold on, that is better than 2 handles because children can let go of them too easy when they are bouncing.


      I have had this space hopper for my children for 4 years and it has been played with a lot by all of my children. My middle daughter has used it the most and it was her favourite outdoor toy for quite a long time.  It has scratched on the bottom but the rubber is very thick so there are no holes in it and it is still full of air, they are cosmetic scratches and the same thing has happened on Postman Pats glasses.   I sometimes have to pump some more air into it but that is not very often and it does not lose much air.


      I like this and think it is very good quality because it works very well still even though my children do not play gently with their outdoor toys. It is a good toy for helping your children to be active and so I am glad that it is so tough because they can play as hard as they want to without breaking the space hopper.  It bounces quite high and does not just splat down onto the ground, it will bounce on grass and harder surfaces but I try to make my children use it on the grass in case they fall off. 

      My baby daughter is only one year but she laughs when she watches her big sisters bouncing on it because they are a bit too big for it now and look funny with their long legs.  I sat my daughter on it today when we was in the garden and she liked to bounce but did not want me to keep holding on to her, I could not let her go because she is so small but she wanted me to I know.  The space hopper is for children from 3 years old to 7 years old but I think that it is very small to fit a 7 year old properly, my middle daughter is 7 and she has not been able to sit properly on it for a year but she was 3 when she started to use it and that age is right I think.

      It does not come with a pump but my husband gave me one of his cycling pumps and that fitted so that I could blow it up without having to use my mouth. I use the same pump when I have to replace some air that has been lost but that only happens the most when the space hopper has been stored and not used.


      The Postman Pat space hopper costs £7 on www.amazon.co.uk

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      25.03.2013 11:41
      Very helpful



      boing boing!

      ~Postman Pat Space Hopper~

      This is a character version of classic toy. For those who do not know what a space hopper is, it is a big rubber ball with handles. The idea is that you sit on it, hold on tight and bounce around.

      This particular space hopper is suitable for children over the age of three. It arrives with you in a colourful cardboard box and needs to be inflated either with a pump or by mouth. This space hopper measures 45cm in diameter and can be used inside or outside. It is red and features a large illustration of Pat himself and Jess the Cat with the slogan 'Let's Go Deliver'!.

      ~Price and Availability~

      At present, I can only find this space hopper on Amazon UK. It is priced at £7.75 with £2.78 postage.

      ~Our Thoughts~

      My fiance is a postman and our four year son adores Postman Pat - you can understand the connection. Anyway, for my sons fourth birthday last May, he received some lovely presents. A few people were thinking alike as he received two space hoppers - a regular one and a Postman Pat one. One may question why anyone really needs two space hoppers but they have came in handy for weekly visits from my sister and nephew (also four) - now they can have space hopper races!

      This particular space hopper was a big hit with Boo. My sister chose this for him after he fell in love with the space hoppers at the local play area. Our space hoppers are mainly played with indoors as we do not have a garden but we have taken then out with us to play with elsewhere. To be honest, with my son taking after me with his clumsy nature, I feel safer with him playing on grass or padded carpet than on pavements or near stones.

      In the box, the space hopper was deflated. We don't own a pump of any kind so it was left to my sister to blow this up at the birthday party. This space hopper has a long, plastic valve which is very secure when in place. The hopper is fairly easy and quick to blow up but you need to be quick to slot the valve in or the air starts flowing out rather quickly. Once the valve in slotted in, the space hopper is ready to use.

      In terms of quality, this space hopper is really good. It is made from good quality rubber and is a good size but not quite as large as our 'regular' space hopper. It is bright and colourful which makes it appealing to young children. The lllustration on the front is cool and Boo really likes it. This is an official Postman Pat product so the characters do look exactly as they would in the show. With nearly a years worth of regular use, the illustration has started to fade in parts but this doesn't make the hopper any less appealing to my son.

      The difference between this and a regular space hopper is the handle. Most space hoppers have two little handles but this version has one big, complete handle. I was worried at first that perhaps my son wouldn't be able to 'work' the space hopper. At first, he was a little unsure of the handle design but he soon got used to it. He has grown quite a bit since his last birthday but can still comfortably bounce around with this space hopper. It works best on flat surfaces and with a little help from Boo, it bounces off the ground - not too high but you can see your childs feet lifting off the ground. It is a very fun toy to play with an uses up some extra energy which can always be a positive thing with children!

      My son is now very confident when playing with his space hopper though he does prefer his two handled space hopper which is more traditional in design. He can hold on perfectly well and always enjoys the bounce that this hopper offers. He has toppled off it a few times if he has simply bounced too much and got a bit tired but hasn't ever hurt himself. It isn't a practical toy to transport when fully inflated but easily deflates and flattens for to take to his grandparents house. When used outside, this toy is even more fun as there is more space to bounce around. Unfortuantely, Mummy is too big to play with this toy..so not fair!


      It is important to supervise your child whilst playing with a space hopper. Whilst the rubber is thick, really sharp objects are likely to cause damage to the space hopper so care must be taken. Boo has bounced onto twigs before and these haven't caused any damage to the space hopper. This space hopper is easy to wipe over with a baby wipe if it becomes dirty in anyway. Boo has gotten a lot of use from this space hopper over the past 10 months. I have had to blow it up a little perhaps three times over the course of this time so it is an easy to keep toy. We just leave ours inflated in the toy room.

      Boo has asked me to recommend this space hopper. He loves it mainly because it is Postman Pat but also because it is very fun to play with. It would get five stars if it had the classic two handle design as the one handle design is a little more difficult to get used to at first. It is a well price, durable toy and one which I think every child should own as it is a classic. I can't see it lasting much longer as my son is growing very quickly and looks very big on it but we will pass it on for another child to play with.

      Thanks for reading :)


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