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Rolly Kid Water Tanker

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Brand: Rolly / Type: Attachment for kids tractor

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    1 Review
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      12.04.2011 22:37
      Very helpful



      Stop watering your feet please boys, they are growing too quickly.

      My mum and dad bought a ride on tractor for my son a couple of years ago, and decided as we were just starting up a vegetable patch that we might find it fun to have a water tank to attach to the back of my sons tractor. He could feel helpful and water the veggies that we were growing. A great idea for my eldest son, but the idea is not a great one for my littlest son if i am honest as he is more tempted to squirt at us than at any thirsty plants.

      The idea is a simple one. The tank attaches to the rear of the tractor. The tank is on 2 wheels, and has a pointy section at the front with a hole in. The tractor has a towbar section, which is basically two bits that stick out with holes in, and a black pin that is slightly longer than this. Line the holes up, insert the pin, and the tank is ready to be towed along on the back of the tractor.

      The tank holds between one and two litres of water. Not a massive amount, but enough to get quite wet if that is your intention. Also enough to make it quite heavy to tow around if you are pedalling the tractor. I have found that my boys tend to tow this around manually, rather than use the tractor, or tow it empty. Otherwise, they find it hard in the first place to get the tractor moving and this makes it even heavier to pedal along.

      To fill the tank, you need to remove the pump section from the top of the tank. The hole is not that big, but my boys seem able to both line this up under the tap on the water butt and then fill it up. I have to watch the littlest son though, as he is inclined to leave the tap on to make a muddy puddle to jump in, leaving me with no water.

      To get water back out of the tank, the child needs to pump up and down on the yellow handle, and this squirts water out of the house. For one small child this is quite hard to get yourself co-ordinated to do both tasks at once. Also, as you'd expect, as you get near the bottom, there is not enough water left in the tank to build up the pressure to squirt it out the hose.

      I think the idea my parents had of them watering my plants was a nice one in theory but in practice, the tank does not work well enough to do this. My kids certainly enjoy mucking around with it, but their feet are more likely to be the things getting watered. I will give it 4 stars as the kids love it and would choose to play with it, but just don't expect it to be useful as it is only a toy.


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