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Sizzlin Cool Bubble Lawnmower

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Manufacturer: Sizzlin Cool / Type: Outdoor Play Equipment

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2012 22:58
      Very helpful



      Dont buy it, better models for less money on the market

      When Lauren was younger and my other half used to cut the grass, she used to try and copy but unfortunately, we didn't have a pretend lawn mower so she used to get her toy Dyson out and run up and down the grass with it.

      I had not really done any research on this but when I was shopping in Toys R Us, my partner spotted it and we decided to buy.

      *The product:*

      The product comes flatly packed and to assemble, you just fold out the handle and then click this into the base.

      The handle is grey plastic which is attached to a bright yellow base, on the base there are four chunky orange wheels. There is a clear plastic lid on the top of the lawnmower to you can see how much bubble solution is left in.

      The top of the lawnmower handle if about 46cm high which made it ideal for Lauren to push. This is advertised as being suitable from ages two and upwards.

      On the top of the handle, there is a little clip where the bottle of bubble solution supplied with the lawnmower can be kept (you are supplied with a 118ml bottle).

      The unique feature of this lawnmower is that it blows bubbles as you push along, to activate this, you pour the bubble solution into the yellow base (there is a screw top lid to keep little hands from opening it). On the top of the handle there is a switch which you hold down as you push and bubbles blow out the side.

      *Price and availability*:

      The RRP is £19.99. It on special offer at the time I purchased from Toys R Us for £15.

      It is available on line and in store, I have also spotted this is available at Amazon for the same price.

      The lawnmower requires 2 x AA batteries which are included.

      *My opinion*:

      Normally I don't buy a product without researching it and the price online, this was an impulse buy and I really regretted it in the end.

      When we first got home, Lauren was really excited and wanted to 'cut the grass' immediately. My partner quickly assembled and poured in the bubble solution and outside we went.

      We showed Lauren how to operate the bubbles by pressing the button however although it was really easy for an adult to operate, Lauren really struggled. The top bar of the handle is quite chunky and her little hands struggled to wrap completely around and depress the button which was on the underside of the bar.

      The next problem was getting the bubble out, when we first tried, they didn't come out straight away, but we put this down to just getting the fluid through the system. After about 10 minutes of us pressing the button, still nothing was happening but by this time, Lauren was getting frustrated so we let he run up and down the garden with it.

      Later that evening when she was in bed, we decided to investigate a bit further as to why the bubble weren't coming out. The motor was making a noise so we knew there wasn't a problem with the batteries, it was then that we spotted that all the bubble fluid had leaked out.

      We filled it back up and tried again, I then spotted that as we depressed the button, the bubble fluid just leaked out the side until all the fluid had gone.

      We took this back to Toys R Us a few days later and changed for another one but when we get it home, we had the same problem. In the end, we took it back for a full refund.

      There are cheaper versions available on the market, you are simply paying more money for the bubble blowing aspect which doesn't actually work.

      Although the base was quite chunky, I felt the handle was quite flimsy and I wouldn't really want a give to Lauren at an older age as I think it could break easily.

      I would not recommend this product, it was a complete waste of money.

      Review may also be on other sites under the same username.

      Thanks for reading.


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