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Smyths 3 Stages Swing

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Brand: Smyths / Type: Convertable plastic swing

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2011 17:54
      Very helpful



      Inspite of problems I would buy these again.

      When my oldest was a baby we had a single swing with a baby seat, but as outgrew that, I bought a second hand swing set for the front garden. Finally thinking we would not end up having a second child, I got rid of the old baby swing and several other baby items. About 2 weeks later I fell pregnant again - I always say getting rid of your baby stuff is the best way to have another child!

      So when the youngest was about 7 months old and the weather was warming up, I sent my husband to buy a baby swing for him. Of course the swing pictures above looks completely inappropriate for a baby, but that is because it is shown after being converted for an older child. We ended up with two of these, because it was a much nicer swing then our old ones and my husband did not want to buy for one child and not the other.

      This swing is meant to be converted into 3 stages.

      Stage 1
      You use the supplied high orange plastic back rest and removable yellow T - bar which goes across the front. This basically makes the swing very similar to the baby swings in most parks, except for having a higher back rest. According to Smyths website this is suitable for ages 6 - 36 months, but my son only used the full set for ages 7 months - about 20 months. The front piece attaches very easily with one large yellow plastic nut. It can be removed with one hand if needed, but I usually just left it on, and was able to take the child in and out with little difficulty.

      Stage 2
      You remove the front piece, but leave the back rest on. My son wanted the front bit off very young so he could climb on and off himself. However the back was still useful for a bit as it kept him from falling over backwards - which he did a few times on his brother swing. By about 24 months though, he wanted the back off most of the time too , so now both swings are used in stage 3. While he was in the in between stages though - I found the back could be removed or replaced in seconds so he could switch it back and forth as often as he liked.

      Stage 3
      This stage is as shown just the plastic seat which says it is for 5 years and older. In fact I could still sit on this, although I think I look very silly. Both children usually use the swing in this position now, but we still have the other bits for the odd time the youngest wants to put them back on. It takes less then a minute to convert this back to stage 1. It is wider then most plastic swing seats and provides a nice comfortable seat. I also like the plastic over the ropes which the child can hang onto.

      Both of my boys have always loved these swings, as do all the neighbour children who come over and play. We have had a few children over who will go to any extreme to destroy things, but so far these have proven unbreakable. They have faded a bit, as plastic toys usually do when left out , but the swings themselves are in excellent condition.

      I do have one problem with these though. For all that the swing itself very well made and looks set to last a lifetime - the ropes are not. The first swing we bought did not come with the small metal clips which attach the rope to the metal clips on the swing set frame. My husband just put the ropes directly on the frame - resulting in the rope wearing through within days. Smyths did replace the swing, and thankfully I noticed the rope wearing so the child was not hurt. Both swing have been set up correctly now, but there is very definite wear to the rope anyway, which does not seem the best quality. I expect we will have to buy new rope at some point and thread it back through, which will be a nightmare. For this reason I am knocking off one star. However my sons love these and all the children say they are the most comfortable swings ever.


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