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Step2 Par 3 Mini Golf Course

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Brand: Step2 / Type: Kids Sport Equipment / Play golf set

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    1 Review
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      06.01.2011 15:19
      Very helpful



      A really wonderful toy I would completely recommend, the best golf toy we own.

      Two summers ago my oldest son was the victim of a rather serious attack in which he was hit with a golf ball fired from a duck caddy while playing in the front garden. As a result, some less then pleasant people have taken it on themselves to frequently leave large numbers of golf balls in the garden - I am not certain if it meant to be gloating or a threat, but with an unlimited supply of golf balls - the boys may as well take up golfing!

      Having plenty of balls, and a couple of clubs from a boot sale, we have collected bits and pieces to play crazy golf in the garden when we have the weather, and both children have really taken to it. I can not say either looks like the next Tiger Woods, but they certainly have fun. So when I saw this at Amazon, I had to have it. This is just one of the items are Dooyoo vouchers paid for this Christmas, but it certainly was a hit with both boys, and now stands as the very best golfing toy we own, and we have bought a few.

      This is fairly large, but you can leave out bits of track to shorten it if need be. We did have to leave some bits out to make this fit in the front room, but still had all three holes set up. We can fit the whole set in the landing, and it's heavy and slightly raised bases will make this absolutely perfect for the front garden.


      Two very well made child's sized putters, without a doubt the best ones we have. The closest I can find sell for £7.99 each, but do not approach the quality of these in my opinion. These are metal, and look to me just like a proper putter, except scaled down.

      Two plastic golf balls. Decent quality for plastic. My sons do prefer the real thing, but plastic is a better option for indoors.

      Three greens, or holes, each one different. My sons call the first the whirlpool, as the ball circles round and round, then there is the zig zag green, and the final green which offers two approaches to the hole.

      Three numbered flags.

      Three spinning obstacles, a duck, a clown and a windmill, plus one tunnel.

      Three curved tracks, three straight tracks, and one straight track with a slope at the end called the starting plate.

      SET UP

      This was literally a snap, all the parts snap together in seconds, and are easy enough for a child to fit. They also take apart just as quickly so the entire set up period is roughly two minutes or less once the stickers are placed on the obstacles and flags.


      While this was bought for the two year old as the oldest was getting wii games, both boys have really loved this toy. My five year old says it is better than Pirate Golf at the Ice Bowl. We did have to take it down as we wanted to keep the youngest off his feet for a few days as he has a broken foot, but since he seems to be getting around much better, and keeps asking and asking for it, we have set it back up. In addition to games of golf, this has also been turned into a race track for Hotwheels cars. This has really given the children quite a bit of fun while cooped up indoors, and I can't wait to be able to use it outside.

      I paid £40 for this and see it has now gone up to £44.74. This does seem quite expensive, but when I consider that it is meant to cost me £6 for the two to play pirate golf, and in fact i have been paying £8, only just noticing that under fours are advertised as cheaper on their website each time, and a game only lasts about 20 minutes, this is not such a bad deal. My sons have already had hours and hours of fun with this and I expect will have even more fun in the summer. Considering the quality of the putters, and that this seems to be especially well made I do consider the price fair enough. I would expect this toy to last until my boys outgrow it, and then last through several more children as well.

      My son says this is the best ever, and one of the things that amde this the best Christams ever. He would certainly give it 5 stars. My two year constantly asks for it and says he likes it a whole lot. Even my husband wass happy with this one, well amde and easy to set up, and I find it brilliant. This is getting 5 stars from the whole family only because we can not give it ten. I honestly can not think of one thing to fault this on.


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