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Tesco Packaway Sand & Water Playtable

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Tesco / Type: Water Toys

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    3 Reviews
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      09.07.2013 22:32
      Very helpful
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      A nice sand/water table for less regular use

      My son is two years old and loves to play in the garden. He particularly loves water and is fast developing an enjoyment of sand play too. At home, we have a fabulous Little Tikes water table but at his grandparents, he has this little sand and water table from Tesco.

      This cost £15 at full price but is currently (July 2013) part of the outdoor sale event in Tesco so is half price. The table itself is small and basic, as you would probably expect for the price. It is probably big enough to fit two or three (depending on size of the children!) toddlers around it at one time. It is also a good height for toddlers to stand at and play comfortably. It is recommended for children aged 3-4 years but I find it a perfect height for my two year old sin.

      The table is, as pictured, split into two parts - a yellow tray for sand and a blue one for water. The sand tray holds a bag of play sand nicely and has a little room for play - just enough to build a sandcastle etc. It is not particularly deep though so my son can get frustrated when digging as he hits the bottom of the tray quite quickly. Equally, the water tray is of the same size and has a funnel attachment and water wheel that water can be poured through. The table comes with a lid to keep it dry and protected from the rain, wind etc. It is also quite sturdy and stands well on flat ground. It is lightweight though so can be easily moved by excited toddlers!

      With the table there are also some lovely accessories. There is a spade and fork for digging with and various shaped moulds - fish, a house, crab and aeroplane. These can be used with both sand and water alike. My son loves using these to pour water from one mould to another - developing his co-ordination.

      I would say that this is a basic table but it does keep my son occupied for a lot of time - he will return to it frequently during an afternoon of garden play. It doesn't hold his attention for as long as some of the more 'complex' tables do but he always enjoys playing with it and gets excited when it comes out. For that reason, I think that it is perfect for use at places he visits regularly (such as his grandparents) rather than for everyday use at home.


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        21.04.2011 11:46
        Very helpful



        Can be used indoors but make sure you have a waterproof mat on the floor!

        My son loves playing with water and so last Easter we decided to buy him this sand and water table to help keep him entertained during the Easter holidays.

        The sand and water table came in a large box and there were assembly instructions on the back of the box which had 9 pictures, I found it very easy to put the table together and it only took a few minutes which is a good thing as I had a very excited little boy who could not wait to play with the water!

        The table is made out of a strong sturdy plastic, it has four chunky grey legs and basically you have to fit the legs to the base which is easy to do. The table has two basins one is yellow which we use for the sand whilst the other side is blue and is used for the water.

        Each side has a plug to make pouring the water away a lot easier though this does have a downside as my son has a lot of fun `accidentally` pulling the plug out which has resulted in water and sand going on the kitchen floor!

        With the table are two lids which are red in colour they neatly fit together on top of the table.


        With the table you get :-

        1.Blue plastic spade which is a reasonable size
        3.Various moulds such as a house and seahorse
        4.Water funnel

        This is a packaway table which is ideal if you have very little space in the garden or want to put it away for the winter, we have tried this and all the parts fit neatly inside.

        One of the first things we noticed about the table was after 8 weeks of being outdoors the red lid had started to fade and by the end of the summer it had completed faded.

        I also remember removing the lid one morning to find rain water and slugs inside the table! Not sure how the slugs got in as the lid fits together really well on the table.

        The table is quite low and my son is tall for his age but last year when he was 4 he could easily play with this table standing up.

        **One year On**

        Over the last few weeks my son has been wanting to play with the sand table so last week as the weather was so nice I decided to give the table a very good clean and was very surprised at how well it had survived the winter especially as we had a lot of rain over winter, the sand needed replacing as it had some moss or something growing over it but otherwise the table was in good condition.

        My son has grown so much since the summer that the only way he can now play with this table is by sitting on a chair or kneeling which does not bother him at all, he really enjoys playing with the water and getting himself wet!

        **Room To Play?**

        There are a couple of downsides to this table one of them being there is not enough room to play with the sand and water at the same time. Yes my son can build himself a small sandcastle and there is room for him to use one of the sand moulds that came with the table but what tends to happen is the sand lands up in the water which creates a very big mess and is a nightmare to clean up!

        The other problem is when water is poured in the water funnel the wheel does not turn because it is very stiff which makes it a useless item really.

        We paid £15 in a sale for this table and even though it does have some problems I would say that it was well worth the money as my son has so much fun. I have to say though I would not pay £30 for this product as there are much better sand and water tables available.

        Age 3 +

        Product Depth 18.5 cm
        Product Height 51 cm
        Product Width 61.5 cm

        Price £30 - Tesco


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          21.03.2011 21:53
          Very helpful



          Nice sand and water table

          At the end of the summer last year we decided now we had a bigger garden we would buy a sand and water table for the children. While shopping we came across this sand and water table at half price for just £15 regular retail being £30. It caught our attention because it was bright and colourful red and blue so perfect for our little boy and little girl.

          The play table comes flat packed and need putting together. The main body of the play table needs to be attached to the 4 legs provided.They slide into place until you hear a click . Then the water wheel needs attached to the top of the table and this again slides into a molded place for it until it clicks into place. To set it up fully takes all of 5 minutes and it is so easy to do there is no need for instructions although they are provided. The play table is a fair size big enough for 2-3 children to easily play together.

          On the main base of the play table there are two basins one side for water play and the other for sand play. Separating them with a water wheel. The whole unit is very sturdy even with 2 boisterous toddlers playing with it it has held up really well. They durable plastic it is made from makes sure it is safe and stable.

          With the table comes a bag of toys for play within the table these include spades and moulds for the sand. Also there is jugs to play with the water side. All of these are also made out of durable plastic and are a nice added bonus to the purchase. Also one of the main reasons we brought the table is the easy storage of the table you can remove the legs add them to the top of the play table and then put the lid provided on and that's it a sealed box water tight and read to be stored until brighter weather arrives. As all parts of the play table are concealed easily under the lid there is no fear of loosing any parts. It has holes each side which makes it easier for transporting around.

          The only downside for me is that it has weathered a lot since we have had it and that was only the end of last summer. It has not been exposed a lot to the weather yet the colouring has nearly completely faded on it. Also the water wheel gets clogged up so easy I know that it is only intended for water but young children are going to experiment and unfortunately it is a pain to unblock

          This sand and water table is suitable for 3 years plus and is at waist level of my 3 year old and stomach level for my 2 year old. They both find it the right height to play with and they both are able to use the water wheel and other toys provided for independent play. Sand and water are not provided and need to be brought to accompany this play table. I would recommend this table it has lasted well just a shame about the colour coming away so easily.


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